The Impact Of Comparative Law In The Constitutional Development Process

Getting a society to enjoy peace and unity is a process that takes more than just making effort to unite them. All the laws present have to be inclusive of every community and should promise to offer solutions to their challenges. In many cases, conflict occurs as a result of lack of willingness on the part of the government to work with every community. A preview into those communities where there are no laws to govern different units one will find out that there are many disagreements and conflict that comes from the lack of definite rules to guide every person and organ.


According to, this is why every government that is keen on preventing and eliminating conflict pays a lot of attention to the constitutional development process to ensure all the laws that are drafted reflect the needs of the community and offer a sense of togetherness. To come up with good laws calls for a lot of research and trials before a script is signed to govern a community. These are long processes and to make it more reliable, professionals use comparative law, which offers quick and reliable solutions.


Through comparative law, experts are sent to various regions to study the laws used in those places then they can use the information to draft new laws in their places of origin. Borrowing ideas eases the difficult process of having to research and spend a lot of time looking for ideas that can be integrated into the constitution. Several successful nations today use comparative law to power constitutional development, China being one of the leaders in this category.  Based on


About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a key force in the world of legal education and his effort has led to the development of unique and useful governance systems for various nations. As a professor, Sujit Choudhry has used his influence in the law fraternity to push for the development of comparative law as a specialty in the constitutional development process. He has helped governments from various parts of the world to come up with laws that are unique and geared towards fostering unity and peace.


As part of his effort to support the world, Sujit Choudhry worked with several non-governmental foundations while supporting effort to offer several countries ideas for constitutional development. Some of the nations that benefited through this process include Jordan, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Jordan and South Africa, which got a chance to draft a unique and highly reliable constitution.

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