The Career and Charity Undertakings of Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern is a well-known entrepreneur who owns JMH Development. The firm has majored in the construction of real estate property. He is highly experienced in the housing industry and currently acts as a managing partner at his company. Halpern’s first employer was Halpern Development, which is a firm that was founded by his father. He served the enterprise for several years and acquired some experience. In the 1990s, he founded JMH Development, and the company has been highly successful. The firm has managed to develop commercial and residential houses in cities like Manhattan, Westchester, and New York. JMH has majored in the reconstruction of old buildings into state-of-the-art buildings that are either rented or sold.

Jason Halpern at Aloft

JMH Development has been establishing buildings in leading commercial and tourist towns across the United States. It has completed several projects by teaming up with real estate giants. All the properties that the firm establishes are very modern, and they meet the demands of the market. JMH Development associates well with people of various regions, and this has bettered it reputations. Its work is considered highly significant.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

Halpern’s company is highly appreciated for the outstanding real estate projects that it conducts. The main buildings that it has established include Aloft South Beach hotel, which is highly luxurious. The hotel was constructed by transforming the Motel Ankara. JMH Development collaborated with Madden Real Estate Adventures, ADD, Inc., and Plaza Construction in completing Aloft South Beach. The hotel is based in Miami, and it has over 235 rooms. Another leading significant property that was established by the firm is a modern residential building that has 340 apartments. It was constructed by transforming an old warehouse that was located at 184 Kent Avenue. The company also established nine state-of-the-art townhouses by rebuilding the Townhouses of Cobble Hill. Mr. Halpern has attained success due to the passion that he has developed for his career.

Jason’s Family

Jason Halpern is a generous person. Various communities have been benefiting from the charity work that he conducts. He has been offering donations to support medical activities at the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center. The facility has the best doctors and machines that are used in conducting various emergency surgeries. It is regarded as a Level 1 Trauma Center and has been built at the Westchester Medical Center. Its staff has specialized in handling internal injuries, broken limbs, and pregnant women. Its theater rooms are well equipped and are used in conducting neurosurgery, open heart surgery, and orthopedic surgery. Jason Halpern has also been using his company in supporting charity undertaking. The firm has been assisting people in Egypt and Nepal to access clean water. It conducts the projects through nonprofit organizations that deal with water supply.

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