The Best of CEOs in 2016 – Troy McQuagge Wins Gold in One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards

It takes remarkable effort to be named the best CEO amongst thousands of some of the best leaders in the world. However, Troy McQuagge beat the odds and took home the gold medal for 2016’s One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards.

The prestigious One PlanetSM award is one of the most coveted in the world as it is contested for by CEOs from all over the world. It considers all industries and accepts both for-profit and non-profit businesses ranging from startups to established companies. This year’s award was particularly contested for thanks to the successes achieved by different companies, but Troy McQuagge stood out for his achievements in improving health insurance company USHEALTH Group.


Numbers Do Not Lie

Troy McQuagge’s win was attributed to his incredible contributions to the growth of USHEALTH Group. The CEO joined the company in 2010 and immediately began work on rebuilding and improving USHealth Advisors, the insurer’s distribution agency. His success in the distribution agency prompted the executive team to elect him as the company’s president and CEO, and he has been at the forefront of its operations since then.


Under Troy McQuagge’s leadership, USHEALTH Group has appealed to many clients through its quality services and affordable insurance policies. To this end, it has registered incredible growth over the recent past in spite of the competition and uncertainty in the market.


Troy McQuagge noted what an honor it was to receive the award and took the chance to thank his employees for contributing to the company’s unparalleled success. He also promised that USHEALTH Group would achieve even greater success in the coming years.


About Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge earned his B.A. degree from the University of Central Florida in 1983. He began his career the same year as an employee of the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies, Inc. He was later named the company’s president in 1997, and he has since worked his way up to become CEO of some of the U.S.’s leading health insurance providers. Today, Troy McQuagge is the President and CEO of USHEALTH Group.

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