Talk Fusion Video Solutions Are Mentioned At MarTech Advisor

Talk Fusion Bob Reina recently wrote an article titled “Video Advertising Trends of 2017” for MarTech Advisor, a technology marketing research publication company. Talk Fusion has been doing outstanding in the video marketing outlet and they recently developed a WebRTC recorder that was part of a product suite that won Product of the Year at the Technology Marketing Corporation. Reina has certainly seen how video emails, newsletters and chat software affect business and customer relationships over the years and he’s sharing his knowledge with others on which kinds of video should be used in marketing. MarTech has about 1.1 million worldwide subscribers to its publications.


Bob Reina officially founded Talk Fusion in 2007 though he actually got the idea for the company about three years earlier. He had quit his previous job with the Tampa police and decided to try multilevel marketing as a profession. While vacationing up in North Carolina he had taken some videos that he wanted to show his family but couldn’t because they were too large to send through email. So he decided to find a way to convert videos to email format, a tough task and most email providers said it wasn’t possible. But Reina didn’t give up on it and in a couple years he had created a video email platform that subsequently became his business, Talk Fusion. He soon added newsletters, video chat, online group meeting and lead signup forms to his products.


He decided he wanted to help others start their own business through an associates program that allowed people to earn commission-based income and also bonuses for referrals. Associates can also earn points for referring customers to signup for free trials that allow full product usage for 30 days without even needing to enter credit card information. Along with commission income associates can also earn rewards such as paid luxury vacations, authentic rolex watches and brand new sports cars. Talk Fusion also encourages philanthropy by allowing associates to donate a paid-for account to any charities of their choice. Reina himself has given back to the Tampa community including animal shelters and local youth sports teams.


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