Power of the Classroom




ClassDojo is an educational communication application that establishes a network between teachers, students and their family. Through the active use of this tool, ClassDojo aims to create an environment in which there is a progressive learning experience where parents feel connected to their children’s educational development. This model of collaborative teamwork between a student and the adults who impact their development is meant to cater to the specific needs of the student as individuals. ClassDojo’s influence on education has spread over the years to span across almost 200 countries with the capacity to used in over 30 different languages. Recognition for the application’s success has been given by media such as: Forbes, TechCrunch and the Today Show.

ClassDojo’s application allows teachers to use the classroom feature to establish a constructive environment for their student to explore facets of their imagination and focus on skills to develop together. Another function of ClassDojo allows students and teachers the ability to share classroom progress during the day with the parents creating the opportunity for parents to feel engaged in the education process. This also allows teachers to communicate with parents on a regular basis while even translating conversations to bridge language barriers with immigrant parents who do not speak the native language. By bridging communication disparities between teachers and parents, both sides develop a sense of responsibility with one another to facilitate a constructive learning environment for children. ClassDojo has been consistently adding features and functionality to their program since August of 2011 to become a viable educational tool in the modern day classroom.


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