Securus Technologies – Making Life Easier for Law Enforcement Officials by Providing Cutting-Edge Technology

Securus Technologies is a company that for long has been in the news in the world of inmate communication and criminal justice technology. The company believes that the technology has a pivotal role to play in the field of inmate communications and criminal justice, and develops advanced products and services for the sector through research and development. Securus Technologies has invested millions into research and development over the years and have come out with some of the futuristic services for the inmate communication, investigative, and crime prevention field, which until a few years back were unimaginable.


Securus Technologies helps the inmates to reunite and reconnect with their loved ones outside and ensures that they can meet virtually as well using the advanced video visitation service they recently launched. Many times the inmates are locked in the prison far away from their hometown, making it impossible for the families to visit them often, but Securus Technologies has made it possible with the help of advanced technology it recently developed. Video visitation allows both the inmate and the families to talk and see each other over smart devices. It helps them save cost while talking and seeing each other more often.


The company recently published a news release online where it showcased excerpts from the letters it received from the law enforcement officials. The law enforcement officials have written a letter of appreciation to the company saying how it helps them perform their duty safely and confidently. It helps the law enforcement officials to catch the offenders and convict them in the court with ease. There are many new services that the company launches from time to time to make it easier for the law enforcement officials and harder for the culprits to get away with their acts.


I have been law enforcement officials for several years and think that Securus Technologies is doing a great job of delivering exceptional products and services that are efficient and gets results.


Making Traveling Vineyard Into Your New Business

The key to earning big bucks being a promoter for the Traveling Vineyard business is to know how to network. Your initial goal is to start having your own set of wine tasting events. Eventually, your goal is to start attending local community groups and parties. Do not be scared to network and speak to more people because you never know who you are talking to. One person could lead to another, and then suddenly you are making sales. Networking is a huge part of this because there are wine guides who recommend meeting people, and they could end up inviting you to their parties and events, and there you could make even more sales. This is a business that stems farther than just a local store or staying in one location. Everywhere you go you will be meeting people along the way and creating friendships that can turn into real business and more referrals.

The Traveling Vineyard is a genuinely powerful company that can help you move forward and turn your extra time into a business. You need to realize that your time is valuable, and every interaction you make can lead into real sales.

The best part is that this is an opportunity that does not involve working in a store or being confined to specific hours in the day. You only need to focus on working together with your schedule so you can create more wine tasting events. Join the company and make money as a wine guide starting today.

Strengthening your Online Reputation Management Strategy

Committing to professional, continuous online reputation management strategies is imperative for every firm. Online reviews are significant for every business, and according to, they are among the most valuable ranking factors for SEO. Both the quality and quantity of genuine reviews are important factors for local SEO ranking as well as in closing online sales loop. You can leverage the various practical ways available to ensure you get excellent reviews for the good of your organization.

It is imperative to comprehend that people prefer to review people. Reviews are centered on individuals, as people will be motivated to review special, exceptional experiences regardless of whether they are negative or positive. Intrinsically, people create experiences. Ensure you have an excellent and reliable customer service and try your best to grow strong relationships with your clientele.

Additionally, even while leveraging reviews, content remains king. It is prudent to note that fake reviews for your enterprise provide an avenue for a suicide mission. It is easy to discern fake reviews from authentic ones, and if unfortunately, you are discovered it will irredeemably ruin your reputation. It is good to ask clients to leave testimonials specifically mentioning the service or product they used or purchased.

Perseverance and tenacity are what it takes to get reviews. Asking a customer directly to post a review is successful if only they had a great experience. In most cases, customers do not write reviews even when requested to. Establish an online reputation management strategy, which you can utilize to give your clients an extra nudge. Ensure you simplify the process for your customers. Establish a routine with unproblematic instructions. Ensure you have a follow-up system, either through phone calls or through thank you emails. The bottom line is ensuring your online reputation management strategy is versatile and all-encompassing to ensure you cover the full spectrum of your business operations.

A Look At Cassio Audi

A good investment manager has a keen eye for investment opportunities that will be profitable to their clients. They provide their clients with the relevant advice, enabling them to make sound investment decisions. Such investment experts see beyond the short-term. They are able to advise businesses and startups on sustainable investments that will survive even of the harshest economic environments. If you are in Brazil and are looking for an investment management expert, the name to be asking around for is Cassio. This financial wizard has been doing this for the longest time.


Cassio Audi studied at the Pontifical Catholic University, Sao Paulo. He graduated with an undergraduate degree in Business Administration, in the year 1994. While still in school, Cassio Audi got his first job. He started working for JP Morgan in the year 1992. He was employed as a trader and stayed in that position two years after completing college.


In the year 1996, Cassio Audi left his job at JP Morgan. That same year he began working for the Sao Paulo based Dow Chemicals. He was employed at the company for one year, assuming the position of the senior financial officer. When he left Dow Chemicals, Gillette took him in.


Audi stayed with Gillette for around 9 years. By the time he was leaving the company, in the year 2006, he was the finance director of the company. He was in charge of every financial aspect of the company. And, he indeed thrived at it.


When he left Gillette, Audi was employed by Brookfield Brasil Real Estate Partner. He worked as the CFO of the company before moving on to Rossi then GVMI. Today he works for Península Participações as the Chief Financial Officer.

Clay Siegall And His Plans For Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics is a company dealing with cancer drugs. It is growing fast. There is a lot more that Clay Siegall has to say about the future expansion plans of this company.

Clay Siegall is the founder of this company and its CEO too. During 2016, Seattle Genetics is planning to hire around 120 people. This indicates the ambitious plans of this company. It also means that Seattle Genetics is going to play a major role now in cancer research.

This company has one commercialized drug presently, called Adcetris. This drug is used for treating cancer. Presently it is in testing mode. In fact, nearly 70 trials are going on presently against various lymphomas.

Another thing mentioned by Clay Siegall is regarding the Phase 3 kind of clinical trial that is presently being conducted. This means they are in an advanced phase. Adcetris is being made use of like some “frontline” treatment. It is for the untreated cases or those having been recently diagnosed with the Hodgkin lymphoma.

Clay Siegall feels that this is an ongoing trial which will result in a big impact in this year. His company will also be impacted in a big way.

He considers Adcetris as a treatment which can be used typically for fighting against lymphomas. Just the last year sales of this drug were around $226 million. This was only in the U.S. as well as Canada. Now for the year 2016, Clay Siegall is expecting that its sales in these countries will be somewhere between $255 million and $275 million. Another partner of his company is Takeda Pharmaceutical. They are responsible for selling this drug in countries that are outside the U.S. as well as Canada.

His company does not have Adcetris alone. In fact, nearly twelve drugs are being developed by them right now. Here Clay Siegall clarified, that Adcetris is not included in this number.

There is one more drug that Clay Siegall wants to be included in these Phase 3 clinical trials. This is 33 A. He plans to do it this year. This drug will be used for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia.

ClassDojo Brings Teachers And Parents Closer

The education of students has been and continues to be the major concern of schools. One of the main ways that schools have use to allow communication between teachers and parents is the teacher and parent conference. This is a traditional meeting that is held a few times a year to give teachers and parents a chance to discuss the progress of the children. Although the teacher and parent conference is a useful meeting that provides many benefits to the education of children, there are certain aspects of the meeting that could be improved.


One of the aspects of the teacher and parent conference that could be improved is the physical demand that it requires regarding the meeting. The meeting takes significant time because the parents and teachers have to take time out of their schedules to physically meet at a location, which is usually the school. While this is a limitation of this traditional meeting, there have been very few options until recently.


ClassDojo has developed an app that many schools are using that contains a feature that provides the ability for teachers and parents to communicate through the use of the app. The communication eliminates the need for the physical meetings that are required by the traditional teacher and parent conference. The ClassDojo app has provided a viable option for many teachers and parents. The use of the app feature saves both teachers and parents significant time regarding communication.


With the app, either teachers or parents can initiate communication through the app. The communication can be accomplished at a time desired by the individual responding to the initial communication. The app has been widely utilized by many schools over the past few years. ClassDojo has provided the use of the app for teachers. The app provides the opportunity for teachers, students, and parents to use the app for numerous school tasks that are all contained on a network platform at the schools based on the app operations.


ClassDojo is constantly working to improve the performance of its app. The company has received a lot of helpful feedback from users of the app, and the company makes enhancements to the app based on some of the feedback. ClassDojo was able to raise 21 million dollars regarding the app during its recent fund drive. The money raised will be used to add additional capabilities to the app and the network platform.

Susan McGalla at the Throne of Success

Born in 1964 in Ohio, Susan McGalla has risen to become an esteemed businesswoman as well as an executive consultant from Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. Her journey towards success began when she acquired a bachelor’s degree from the Mount Union College majoring in business and marketing in which she has built her life upon. Many know her from her former president role in American Eagle Outfitters Inc., or yet as the CEO of Wet Seal Inc. currently, she is on the board of the Magee women Hospital Research Institute and Foundation as well as HFF Inc. Her vast experience has been built by her involvement with many companies such as American Eagle Outfitters where she served as the chief merchandising officer. She also once became a private consultant focused on financial and retail investment.


From her personal experience, Susan McGalla has always endeavored to inspire other women. She has spoken in various forums including the Women and Girl’s Foundation in Pittsburgh. She also shared her story with the PR Newswire. She spoke of how she has always learned to work hard having been raised in a household with a football coach father and two older brothers. From this, she has been able to succeed even in a male dominated platform such as the American eagle. She has hope that women from all over the world can learn from her.


It was not until May 2016 that Susan earned her title as the vice president of Business Strategy and Creative Development. Her position means that she is in charge of design, promoting and selling of the brand to all American teens. She has become so attached to this that she wore jeans to help lead an event on the South Side in aim to sell out the plan to move the headquarters there.


Cassio Audi: an Influential Brazilian Investment Management Expert

Brazilian investors mostly invest in securities, such as bonds and shares as well as in assets such as real estates. The southern American country has both institutional investors and private investors. For professional investments, Brazilian investors hire professional investment managers to manage ventures on their behalf. These investment managers also give their clients investment and financial advisory services.

Investors and Guiding Regulations

Brazil is a good business partner with the U.S. and China. Given the recent rise in the economy of these two global economic giants, the Brazilian annual exports of commodities, such as coffee, raw sugar, and meat, have also been on the rise. As a result, the country currently ranks top among the fastest growing economies in South America and by extension, in the entire world. Consequently, the country has over the recent past been attracting both domestic and foreign investors in large numbers. In order to ensure fair competition among investment management firms in the country, the practice is regulated by the Brazilian Securities Commission. This commission was created by an act of legislation and works closely with the Brazilian executive arm of government.

Effects of Inflation

The global economy has been unstable for the last two years, and the Brazilian economy was not left out in this, seeing its inflation rates rising to up to 8.47 percent. In a move to counter this, Brazilian commercial banks started giving favorable interest rates to investors willing to invest in the local products. This move has borne fruits as many investors who were likely to move their investments abroad have remained active in the country.

Cassio Audi

When talking about investment management in Brazil, the name of Cassio Audi must always pop-up. The influential investment management expert has offered his services at some of the leading investment management firms, such as the Gillette and the JP Morgan Chase.

The Best Plastic Surgeon in the Business

In need of adding a bit more enjoyable features to your body? Wanting to surgically take away pesky excess body fat to finally have that flat stomach you have always wanted? Looking to make a permanent change to your body, but too afraid to go to your nearest or local plastic surgeon because of all the horror stories you’ve heard? If you have answered yes to any of these questions you should look no further than Dr. Jennifer Walden at the Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center in Austin, Texas.



Walden is a professionally certified plastic surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. She also is formally fellowship-trained in Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Walden established her first practice in New York city, but eventually moved back to her hometown of Austin, Texas to raise her two sons near her family. Dr. Walden is an extremely decorated plastic surgeon. She is currently an active member of the prestigious American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. She is a regular media representor for all these plastic surgeon societies and is also a regular face on segments for NBC, ABC, CBS, VHR and E. In 2014 she was declared one of Texas’s Super Doctors in Texas Monthly. In 2016, she was selected for membership into the American Association of Plastic Surgeons, an invitation-only academic society. This is known in the field of plastic surgery as the highest medium of recognition. Dr. Walden has also published numerous books and research publications regarding her field. If you are looking for an elite plastic surgeon, look no further than Dr. Jennifer Walden. She is by far, at the top of her field.



Walden and the Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center offer numerous procedures to suite your plastic and cosmetic surgery needs. She specializes in facial cosmetic surgery that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines, sun damage and sagging skin. Breast surgery, to increase, decrease or balance out size and shape. Body cosmetic surgery to reshape areas and get rid of excess fat and skin. Hair Restoration, to restore hair loss. Laser treatment technology, to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, acne, rosacea and vascular lesions and remove unwanted hair. Radiofrequency, to treat skin. Injectables, to fill in those sagging parts of the body. Skin care, such as peels and medical moisturizers to clean and nourish the skin. Finally, Vaginal Rejuvenation to improve the appearance of the vagina, relieve discomfort, aid in proper hygiene, increase sexual satisfaction, and boost self-confidence. These procedures are offered to men and women alike. If you are interested in any of these procedures, contact Dr. Jennifer Walden at the Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center. You will be glad you did.



Reviewing The Progress And Marketing Services Offered Through White Shark Media

Marketing is a vital part of managing a business that one cannot afford to overlook while developing strategies to build a successful entity. Through marketing, a business is able to reach clients from various parts and can showcase its unique properties that could inspire customers to choose its services or products. In the digital era, marketing has been one of the most demanding processes since there are many businesses competing in the online space for the same market. The success of a business in such an environment depends more on the kind of ideas that are pursued both during marketing and while configuring the business to appear unique and reliable.


White Shark Media is among companies that have been offering digital marketing services to businesses in various specialties. The company runs different types of campaigns including AdWords and PPC management services, which are ideal for small and upcoming businesses. Through the support of experts who have been in the digital marketing industry for many years, White Shark Media proved qualified enough to join the Google Premier SMB partner program. Google only picks agencies with the highest score and best tools for marketing and this is what propelled White Shark Media to get an approval to join the program.


Responsive design and across all technologies

One area that White Shark Media believes should feature among priorities when building a business is having a defined and proper system, which is designed with the latest technologies and responsive to allow easy navigation. While offering marketing services, the company also offers responsive website design to ensure the site can be viewed across all types of devices, which increases exposure. The site is updated with all the vital features that can make it useful to the user by allowing easy access to vital sections of the business.


Complete focus on ROI and Conversion Tracking

Tracking the progress of a business is vital as it allows the owner to understand the results marketing effort has earned over a specified period of time. Depending on the results registered, one can take action to ensure the business proceeds seamlessly to attain its goals. White Shark Media offers small businesses a chance to track phone calls and forms to get the real picture about the performance of the marketing campaign initiated. The ROI and conversion tracking service is offered alongside other AdWords campaigns for businesses in all categories.


Find out more about White Shark Media: