Omar Yunes – Proud Owner of 13 Sushi Itto Joints in Mexico

Winning at the Best Franchisee of the World Competition is a dream for most of the franchises in the world. It is one of the most reputed competitions held annually, where hundreds of franchise unit’s owners from across the globe participate. In 2015, Omar Yunes from Mexico was named the winner of the BFW Competition, who presently owns 13 Sushi Itto joints in Mexico. There are strict parameters on which the contestants are judged before being named the winner. Omar Yunes won the competition by a considerable margin as per the word of the organizers, who feel that Omar Yunes actually deserved to win.


The entrepreneurial spirit of Omar Yunes can be seen in the fact that he started the first Sushi Itto fast food joint when he was just 21. At the age when most of the young lads are busy socializing and partying, Omar Yunes was working hard to make his restaurant work and finding unique ways to market it to the city’s population. Even though Omar Yunes belongs to a family with the sound financial background, he never wanted to lead an entitled life. It is his eagerness to achieve something in his life on his own that he worked hard to make his first Sushi Itto joint work, and he did it so with perseverance and determination. Today, Omar Yunes owns 13 Sushi Itto joints, which are considered to be few of the most profitable Sushi Itto joints out of a total 150 franchise units of Sushi Itto globally.


Omar Yunes is very aggressive when it comes to marketing and leaves no stone unturned to ensure that the joints he owns are living up to the expectations of the customers. Omar knows that the backbone of any business is its employees, which is why he never compromises in giving them good remunerations. Omar knows that a good pay check at the end of the week would keep his employees motivated, and the customers satisfied. An employee who is happy would never let the customers get disappointed, and it is this simple principle that Omar Yunes works on.

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