Don Ressler And Adam Goldenberg Make Ideas Into Reality


The word visionary is often used to describe someone who has the ability to spot opportunity and develop a successful concept. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are shining examples of what visionaries are supposed to be. They both created startup companies at a very young age and grew them into multimillion-dollar enterprises. They sold their companies to larger corporations and seized the opportunity to create something new and exciting with one another. Don Ressler ensured that JustFab was a business model that introduced a new shopping experience to the fashion industry. Don and Adam had no experience in this particular market. However, they were convinced that the new concept would have a place in an industry that had been complacent for so many years.

Adam Goldenberg created a gaming company as a teenager. He was able to develop the company into a tremendous success. Adam’s company was known as Gaming Alliance. He sold it to Intermix and became a top executive at the company right out of high school. While at Intermix Adam met another young entrepreneur by the name of Don Ressler, which is noted on Don’s Entrepreneur.Wiki page. Don and Adam developed an immediate friendship. When Intermix sold out to a larger corporation, Don and Adam decided that it was in their best interest to work together as a team.

JustFab was their first venture together. It had immediate success upon its introduction. JustFab is a unique take on fashion retail. The company offers its products online and gives shoppers a discount if they become members of the website. Customers are able to browse the items and make purchases that are delivered to their home. The incredible savings and convenient the shopping experience gained an enormous following. Don and Adam had to quickly take on investment partners in order to keep up with the growth that JustFab was experiencing. The result was Matrix’ Josh Hannah. Josh is a seasoned businessman who has a reputation for being a progressive thinker. He had turned around several companies and his innovative personality was a perfect fit for JustFab.

Kimora Simmons was another dynamic presence added to the JustFab family. Kimora was highly seasoned in the fashion industry and had created a successful line of products of her own. She joined the JustFab team as a stylist expert. Kimora also hosted a TV show which promoted the fashion experience that JustFab was looking to bring to the market. Sales are at an international level.  Take a look at what Don has built his career on through LinkedIn.

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