Clay Siegall And His Plans For Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics is a company dealing with cancer drugs. It is growing fast. There is a lot more that Clay Siegall has to say about the future expansion plans of this company.

Clay Siegall is the founder of this company and its CEO too. During 2016, Seattle Genetics is planning to hire around 120 people. This indicates the ambitious plans of this company. It also means that Seattle Genetics is going to play a major role now in cancer research.

This company has one commercialized drug presently, called Adcetris. This drug is used for treating cancer. Presently it is in testing mode. In fact, nearly 70 trials are going on presently against various lymphomas.

Another thing mentioned by Clay Siegall is regarding the Phase 3 kind of clinical trial that is presently being conducted. This means they are in an advanced phase. Adcetris is being made use of like some “frontline” treatment. It is for the untreated cases or those having been recently diagnosed with the Hodgkin lymphoma.

Clay Siegall feels that this is an ongoing trial which will result in a big impact in this year. His company will also be impacted in a big way.

He considers Adcetris as a treatment which can be used typically for fighting against lymphomas. Just the last year sales of this drug were around $226 million. This was only in the U.S. as well as Canada. Now for the year 2016, Clay Siegall is expecting that its sales in these countries will be somewhere between $255 million and $275 million. Another partner of his company is Takeda Pharmaceutical. They are responsible for selling this drug in countries that are outside the U.S. as well as Canada.

His company does not have Adcetris alone. In fact, nearly twelve drugs are being developed by them right now. Here Clay Siegall clarified, that Adcetris is not included in this number.

There is one more drug that Clay Siegall wants to be included in these Phase 3 clinical trials. This is 33 A. He plans to do it this year. This drug will be used for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia.

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