ClassDojo Brings Teachers And Parents Closer

The education of students has been and continues to be the major concern of schools. One of the main ways that schools have use to allow communication between teachers and parents is the teacher and parent conference. This is a traditional meeting that is held a few times a year to give teachers and parents a chance to discuss the progress of the children. Although the teacher and parent conference is a useful meeting that provides many benefits to the education of children, there are certain aspects of the meeting that could be improved.


One of the aspects of the teacher and parent conference that could be improved is the physical demand that it requires regarding the meeting. The meeting takes significant time because the parents and teachers have to take time out of their schedules to physically meet at a location, which is usually the school. While this is a limitation of this traditional meeting, there have been very few options until recently.


ClassDojo has developed an app that many schools are using that contains a feature that provides the ability for teachers and parents to communicate through the use of the app. The communication eliminates the need for the physical meetings that are required by the traditional teacher and parent conference. The ClassDojo app has provided a viable option for many teachers and parents. The use of the app feature saves both teachers and parents significant time regarding communication.


With the app, either teachers or parents can initiate communication through the app. The communication can be accomplished at a time desired by the individual responding to the initial communication. The app has been widely utilized by many schools over the past few years. ClassDojo has provided the use of the app for teachers. The app provides the opportunity for teachers, students, and parents to use the app for numerous school tasks that are all contained on a network platform at the schools based on the app operations.


ClassDojo is constantly working to improve the performance of its app. The company has received a lot of helpful feedback from users of the app, and the company makes enhancements to the app based on some of the feedback. ClassDojo was able to raise 21 million dollars regarding the app during its recent fund drive. The money raised will be used to add additional capabilities to the app and the network platform.

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