Kim Dao Shows How To Have Fun in Akihabara on $100

Kim Dao of YouTube fame recently released a video recently of her visit to Akihabara, Japan which is famous for the manga that comes out of it. She spent the day with the Japanese money equivalent of $100 to show her viewers all the things they could do with that amount of money while visiting the area.

The first place that Kim Dao wanted to show us was the hotel she was staying at for the day, the Akihabara Bay Hotel. This hotel only allows females in and it cost her about $38 for the day.

The next stop for Kim and her friend was lunch which was an upscale hotdog that cost $6.50. They then stopped for fun at a retro game store that had tons of older cartridges, Pokemon dolls, and other video game related gear. The store also has vintage arcade games you can pay to play. Her final decision was to buy a Pikachu doll for $17.28.

Viewers are also shown a Japanese arcade that includes every type of game imaginable including dancing games that Kim Dao ended up spending more money on. After awhile of playing games Kim Day bought a treat shaped like a fish giving her about $12 left to spend. At the end of the day Kim Dao and her friend spent pretty much the last of their money on 50 a dinner consisting of 50 chicken nuggets.

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