The Talented and Amazing Susan McGalla

The Well-rounded Business Women
Susan McGalla is an amazing and well-rounded business woman. She is talented and gracious in every way. It takes talent to be an executive consultant. McGalla is the former president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. She is also the former chief executive officer of Wet Seal Inc. This is an extraordinary business history. Ms. McGalla had began her career at Joseph Horne Company. Her area was marketing and management. This was from 1986 to 1994. At the American Eagle, she had worked as a divisional merchandise buyer. She was a buyer for women’s clothing. When she was the president of American Eagle, she was the overseer of the launch of that companies 77lids and aerie brands. Impressive and amazing are two words that will sum up this well-rounded business woman.

Raised in Liverpool
Susan McGalla had been raised in East Liverpool, Ohio. She came from a family of herself and her two brothers. Her dad was a community football coach. She did obtain her bachelor’s degree in marketing and business. This was at Mount Union College. She is still serving on the college Board of Advisors at this time. She is married to a wealth manager. This is Stephan McGalla.

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A Private Consultant
When Susan left American Eagle, this occurred in January 2009. Susan McGalla continued to prove to be an amazing and talented individual. This was when she became a private consultant. She consulted for the financial and retail investment industry. She had been appointed to the Board of Directors. This was for HFF Incorporated. This is a company that offers and provides services for real estate. It was July 2012 when Ms. McGalla founded P3 Executive Consulting. She became the director of Strategic Planning and Growth. This was for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Rooney Family are the owners of this football team.

A Leader
Ms. McGalla is an exceptional leader. She offers fourteen years of experience in leadership roles. She is well-known for her contributions for profit growth on She greatly contributes to industry-leading revenue. She is responsible for portfolio expansion. This would be from one brand to four brands.

Above Average
Susan McGalla is an above average individual in every way. She offers her remarkable skills and talents everywhere. She is highly competent. She is indeed a well-rounded business woman who proves to be amazing in many ways.

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Meet Helane Morrison, Enforcing Compliance among Corporate Giants

Her Career

Helane works as the Chief Compliance Officer at an advisory firm located in San Francisco. Hall Capital Partners LLC is one of the biggest such firms in the city. Helane is a member of the Company’s Executive Committee. The company came to prominence after the 2008 financial downturn. Hall continues in its role of ensuring accountability and integrity in regulatory compliance. Morrison is quite assertive and firm in her role. She has made many ripples in the area of compliance. She insists on ensuring that the firm only invests in ethical deals. The company has a team of professionals who investigate any firm or individual in which they invest.
Morrison has many tools for dealing with issues. Morrison and her team will either take corrective measures or file lawsuits. Before she joined Hall, she was head of the Securities Exchange Commission office in San Francisco. She worked in a very similar role to what she does now. It was mostly about enforcing the law. She has rubbed shoulders with executives at top firms such as Google and Microsoft. Before she was at the SEC, she worked at a law firm.  In addition, she has a law degree from the University Of California Berkeley School Of Law.

Other Achievements

Miss Morrison regularly speaks about compliance issues. She has given many inspiring speeches on compliance enforcement. During her time at the SEC, she has promoted online trade in securities. That trade has picked since her initial efforts. In addition, she played a vital role in assisting the SEC in providing investors with more knowledge about the investments they made.

How the SEC Has Helped People

The Securities Exchange Commission is vital in fighting fraud. As a result, it reduces the risks investors face. One such company Helane Morrison dealt with was Metropolitan. The firm would buy real estate from itself. As a result, it would appear the firm was making money. It would cause investors to develop an interest in the firm. However, Morrison managed to stop them in their tracks. In yet another case, America Amicable attempted to defraud over 50,000 military personnel. However, Morrison was onto them, and their heinous act was exposed.


Helane Morrison is one of the few women that were working at the SEC during her tenure there. She is among those that have managed to break the glass ceiling. Her work ethic and commitment to her duty are quite impressive.