Overview of Customer Feedback on the Technology Employed by Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a top provider of both criminal and civil technology solutions for justice. These solutions guarantee public safety, monitoring, corrections and investigation. Recently the company published a bunch of positive comments from its customers over the last year alone regarding its high-tech corrections/law-enforcement. The chair and chief executive officer at Securus Technologies, Rickard Smith, expressed his pride for the numerous technologies the company had invested a lot in to ensure the safety of both the society and facilities.


Select Comments on Securus Technologies


One of the officials stated that the tools provided by Securus simplified their work. For instance the investigative tools and inmate telephone system assists officials in making jails more secure as well as the provision of criminal intelligence leading to real evidence. Another official lauded Securus for the stable platform it offers to inmates when they need to call their families. Another user wrote lauding the quality of technology solutions offered by Securus to their correctional facility for a period of ten years. The official stated that he was happy to see that Securus shows its commitment towards bringing a revolution to the confinement environment as well as improving public safety in the institution.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies offers top technology solutions aimed at modernizing the incarceration experience and advance public safety. A huge number of corrections, law enforcement and public safety agencies rely on the company to offer them with powerful, secure and simple technology solutions. Securus has a large number of patents, designers, thinkers, technologists and engineers working on the development of top notch technology.


Securus is highly committed to being the top and contemporary software provider in the market. Securus helps connect incarcerated persons with their families and friends. It connects correctional facilities to important information thereby enabling breakthroughs in investigative leads. Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and offers its services to over 3,400 agencies as well as more than 1.2 million inmates based in North America.



Securus Technologies – Making Life Easier for Law Enforcement Officials by Providing Cutting-Edge Technology

Securus Technologies is a company that for long has been in the news in the world of inmate communication and criminal justice technology. The company believes that the technology has a pivotal role to play in the field of inmate communications and criminal justice, and develops advanced products and services for the sector through research and development. Securus Technologies has invested millions into research and development over the years and have come out with some of the futuristic services for the inmate communication, investigative, and crime prevention field, which until a few years back were unimaginable.


Securus Technologies helps the inmates to reunite and reconnect with their loved ones outside and ensures that they can meet virtually as well using the advanced video visitation service they recently launched. Many times the inmates are locked in the prison far away from their hometown, making it impossible for the families to visit them often, but Securus Technologies has made it possible with the help of advanced technology it recently developed. Video visitation allows both the inmate and the families to talk and see each other over smart devices. It helps them save cost while talking and seeing each other more often.


The company recently published a news release online where it showcased excerpts from the letters it received from the law enforcement officials. The law enforcement officials have written a letter of appreciation to the company saying how it helps them perform their duty safely and confidently. It helps the law enforcement officials to catch the offenders and convict them in the court with ease. There are many new services that the company launches from time to time to make it easier for the law enforcement officials and harder for the culprits to get away with their acts.


I have been law enforcement officials for several years and think that Securus Technologies is doing a great job of delivering exceptional products and services that are efficient and gets results.


Securus Takes Video Visitation Beyond State Lines

Earlier this month Securus Technologies announced an aggressive campaign that will take its Video Visitation services to correctional facilities across the country.


From now until the end of December, Securus will feature Video Visitation in an ad campaign that will broaden its visibility to the civilian population. The intended goal, according to Richard A. Smith, Chairman and CEO of Securus Technologies, is to show their tech solution to in-person meeting, which connects more than 160,000 inmates with loved ones per month, as a communication method to many who may not have heard of it before.


Though Securus is one of the lead providers of tech solutions to law enforcement in North America, Smith is quick to point out that his company has no say in how correctional facilities schedule visitation privileges to their respective inmate populations. Being on site is up to the discretion of judicial and enforcement authorities. This makes Video Visitation a modern and elegant solution to time constraints that could otherwise negatively impact the lives of civilians attempting to communicate with family and friends serving a sentence.


Though the service isn’t without detractors, Securus maintains that in an age with services like Skype, where communication is made more immersive through video and is instantaneous, being without the option to utilize technology could result in being cut off from family abruptly. Video Visitation, Smith argues, is a solution that allows for steady communication between prison and civilian populations in a way that doesn’t impede on the correctional nature of serving a sentence.

About Securus Technologies:

Operating out of Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies and has risen to be one of the premiere tech solutions providers to law enforcement agencies and correctional institutions across North America. With more than 1.2 million inmates living in facilities serviced by their products, Securus has been called on to relay public safety information, assist in coordinating emergency responses, handle incident management, conduct biometric analysis, and monitor prison populations to ensure surrounding communities can enjoy relative peace and safety.