Jose Borghi Builds a Successful Advertising Company with Unique Advertising

Jose Borghi has been tied to some of the most successful advertisements in recent years. He has proven that he is one of the most prolific advertising executives around. Mullen Lowe is a company in Brazil where Jose Borghi is the CEO. In this leadership role Jose Borghi has been able to establish himself as one of the best because he has continued to grow and gain more valuable experience.

In the early years it was possible for Jose Borghi to get experience with companies like American Express. He would build upon this experience and eventually gain the ability to establish himself in a new light. Jose, once he became the CEO, would have a great chance to better establish a leadership team that would do a lot of different things successfully. As the CEO he leads people like Naomi Troni, James Fox and Helen Bell to help build campaigns for Jet Blue and General Motors. The Mullen Lowe Group where Jose leads is also behind some advertisements for Google and Mattel. He has consistently proven himself to be a CEO that knows what works when it comes to building campaigns for companies that people will remember.

For any advertising agency that builds unique advertising campaigns that are memorable there is a certain level of praise that is given to the people that are in charge. That is how Jose Borghi has received the accolades that he has received. He has always been able to make people realize that he is not just someone that has managed to make a campaign successful once or twice. To the contrary, Jose has been able to do this time and time again. That is why people look at what he is doing in the industry, and they pay attention to the moves that he is making. This is what makes Jose Borghi someone that is worthy of acknowledgment. He has presented himself as a person that get results, and he has been praised for taking the Mullen Low Group to another level. His promotion to CEO is just a sign of his effectiveness in advertising.