Highland Capital Management is a Global Leader in Alternative Investments

Highland Capital Management (HCM) is SEC-registered investment firm whose main service centers are in Dallas, Texas. The co-founder and president of this company is James Dondero. He worked hand-in-hand with Mark Okada to launch the company.


What services does HCM offer?


HCM pioneers in alternative investments such as natural resources and long & short-term equities. This company also provides services like credit strategies in matters of private equity, collateralized loan obligations, and credit hedge funds. Highland Capital Management serves a diverse clientele, which includes governments, high-net-worth individuals, foundations, endowments, public pension plans, and financial institutions. This company has offices in Singapore, Seoul, New York, and Sao Paulo. It manages about $15.4 billion of investment capital.


HCM’s investment approach


Having dealt with alternative investments for the last two decades, HCM has redefined its investment approach to attract more clients. The company now mixes talents from the bottom-up research group to the top-down management framework. Highland Capital has assigned portfolio managers and CIOs the role of assessing all the risks involved in the investment portfolios. The CIOs & portfolio managers and research experts work in collaboration to ensure the smooth running of business strategies.


This approach allows HCM’s officials to identify trading capabilities, proactive diligence, and monitor investments. The workforce involved in this division comprises of research-oriented individuals with over 11 years of work experience. This team specializes in monitoring and reviewing the new and existing investment trends. Additionally, they are responsible for evaluating ventures across capital structures and insurers. This approach makes HCM unique in their portfolio management process.

Commitment to philanthropic activities


Highland Capital Management supports a variety of charities as well as invests in the communities where it operates its business. This company is dedicated to change the world through acts, such as advisory board involvement, volunteerism, and donations. It donates to national non-profit organizations and local community-based foundations. Recently, HCM liaised with the Dallas Foundation to help kick out poverty in the Texas community. These two groups have raised $3 million, which they plan to invest in charity activities. HCM’s mission in the philanthropy arena is to create meaningful impact in the society.



Christopher Burch: a Serial Entrepreneur and a Technology Guru

Technology has come a long way from the era of boom box to iPod. Designers now find it easier to merge fashion and technology. According to Anouk Wipprecht, technology offers a platform to explore endless possibilities. In the past few years, designers have developed products, which are a mix of fashion and tech. One of the items produced includes a bike protection system fitted with an airbag that pops out in the event of an impact. Other devices include Frontline firefighter gloves that allow communication through hand gestures.


Fashion and technology have proven that they can work together. Previously, most people could not consent to put on spectacles. However, when a designer Diane Von Furstenberg made her models wear glasses on the runway, Google Glass made massive sales of their lenses. Fashion made lenses appear trendy warranting them acceptance in the community. Therefore, fashion and technology complement each other and allow people to accept new devices.


A look at Burch’s professional career


Christopher Burch is an entrepreneur and a top investor in the fashion and real estate industry. Burch is the founder and co-founder of creative Burch Capital and Tory Burch, LLC. He is also one of the richest men in the United States according to engadget. Burch is an alumnus of Ithaca College. He began venturing in business while he was a college student. His first start-up was Eagle’s Eye Apparel, which he launched in 1976 with the help of his brother, Robert. They grew the business to a multi-million empire and later sold it to Swire Group. In 2004, Burch and his wife Tory started Tory Burch, a fashion brand. A few years later, he launched J. Christopher Capital, LLC that he renamed to Burch Creative Capital. In 2011, he founded C. Wonder, a company that specialized in the sale of home décor and accessories.


Chris Burch also invests in real estate. For over a decade, he has ventured in property development. He also started a construction company to help his business associates in the managing construction projects. Burch has bought several properties, including residential homes, townhouses, and resorts. Burch is also famous in the entertainment industry, and he has helped produce films such as “Watch It.” He has invested in the telecommunication industry, and he was among the first executives to invest in internet IPO for Internet Capital Group. Burch is a renowned philanthropist and supports causes such as education. In 2013, he donated over $1 million dollars to support Tilton School.

Austin, Texas Leads the Nation in Eco-Friendly Laundromats

An eco-friendly laundromat craze is sweeping nation by storm. Nowhere is this fact more prominent than in Austin, Texas, where businesses serving this niche have begun to create large, loyal clientele. Indeed, for the last decade, Austin has been in the process of a complex endeavor to become a “green city”, in general; thus, sustainable, green laundromats – which feature top of the line name brands, such as Electrolux – have already become common sightings around town.

Among the leading brands of eco-friendly laundromats is arguably Austin, Texas’ premier laundry facility, Laundry Works, which is located at 606 West 29th Street, Austin, Texas 78705. Since their founding in 2013, Laundry Works has taken the initiative to expand nationwide and is considered the among first 5-star laundromat chains in the United States. As pioneers of their industry, Laundry Works has established a customer-friendly setting in which state of the art equipment meets basic user requirements. Even the befuddled working dad, who is occasionally forced, against his will, to partake in laundry duty, will find this atmosphere significantly less daunting. Yet – in the event that Dad finds laundry duty to be utterly intolerable, nonetheless – Laundry Works has a team of in-house professionals that will handle everything for him. Their Wash & Fold service is exceptional as is the equipment and soaps used to process each and every order.  No order will ever be mixed in with another person’s order so you will never have to worry about someone else’s dirty laundry being mixed in with yours.  Additionally, if you cannot make it into the Austin laundromat with your laundry, Laundry Works also overs great Valet Pickup and Drop-off service.

Laundry Works prides themselves on using only the highest quality brands. For example, their Electrolux washers and dryers are the industry standard in delivering the cleanest clothes with the lowest possible carbon footprint. Every piece of equipment at Laundry Works will utilize less water and less energy than the competition, while ensuring a faster and more thorough wash. Thus, from the travelling businessman to the local soccer mom, Austin, Texas is proving itself to be a burgeoning niche for Laundry Works to thrive. Indeed, featuring top-tier quality and an always-pristine environment, Laundry Works is raising the bar nationwide on eco-friendly laundromat services.