Omar Yunes – Proud Owner of 13 Sushi Itto Joints in Mexico

Winning at the Best Franchisee of the World Competition is a dream for most of the franchises in the world. It is one of the most reputed competitions held annually, where hundreds of franchise unit’s owners from across the globe participate. In 2015, Omar Yunes from Mexico was named the winner of the BFW Competition, who presently owns 13 Sushi Itto joints in Mexico. There are strict parameters on which the contestants are judged before being named the winner. Omar Yunes won the competition by a considerable margin as per the word of the organizers, who feel that Omar Yunes actually deserved to win.


The entrepreneurial spirit of Omar Yunes can be seen in the fact that he started the first Sushi Itto fast food joint when he was just 21. At the age when most of the young lads are busy socializing and partying, Omar Yunes was working hard to make his restaurant work and finding unique ways to market it to the city’s population. Even though Omar Yunes belongs to a family with the sound financial background, he never wanted to lead an entitled life. It is his eagerness to achieve something in his life on his own that he worked hard to make his first Sushi Itto joint work, and he did it so with perseverance and determination. Today, Omar Yunes owns 13 Sushi Itto joints, which are considered to be few of the most profitable Sushi Itto joints out of a total 150 franchise units of Sushi Itto globally.


Omar Yunes is very aggressive when it comes to marketing and leaves no stone unturned to ensure that the joints he owns are living up to the expectations of the customers. Omar knows that the backbone of any business is its employees, which is why he never compromises in giving them good remunerations. Omar knows that a good pay check at the end of the week would keep his employees motivated, and the customers satisfied. An employee who is happy would never let the customers get disappointed, and it is this simple principle that Omar Yunes works on.

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Bruno Fagali And His Law Practice In Brazil

     Bruno Fagali is one of the most-respected lawyer in Brazil, and he is one of the finest compliance associates in the world. There are many people who approach Bruno for help in Brazil because they need his assistance for their companies, and this article explains how the companies benefit from what Bruno does. There are many people who will see results once they have spoken to Bruno, and they may keep him on retainer for as long as they need.

#1: Bruno Sits In The Boardroom

     Bruno will sit in the boardroom with his clients, and he will help them ensure that they have made the proper steps to follow the letter of the law. He knows that the laws of the land must be followed carefully, and he believes that companies often do not know where to turn. He will help them make proper choices, and he will ensure they have a wise voice in the room.

#2: The Private Practice

     The private practice that Bruno keeps will help his clients run their small companies. There are many people who will find that the services he offers will provide them with security, and they may ask him to remain on retainer when they have future concerns about their work.

Bruno Fagali helps people ensure that they are managing their businesses properly, and he will give them legal advice that other firms do not have. He ensures that all companies in Brazil are growing at the proper rate and within the law.

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Honey Birdette Primed for Intercontinental Growth

Honey Birdet
te is a gem in Australian retail, a store that is adored by all and that many consider making special trips just to experience shopping with the Honeys in the classy boutique. As Australia’s first lingerie store, it was cheered on as it expanded into the United Kingdom last year with three modest boutique openings.

Those boutiques have done incredible well. In fact, sales have been so overwhelming that the Industry London recently ran an article announcing major growth plans for Honey Birdette in the UK and the US.

The initial three stores were opened in Leeds, Westfield White City and London’s Covenant Garden. In addition to those three stores a mass rollout will bring the total number of Honey Birdette boutiques to 40 by the time 2018 draws to a close. This large scale rollout means big things on the horizon for a company that started as just a single boutique.

Honey Birdette continues its intercontinental expansion by announcing its new e-commerce website for customers in the United States is now live. The site has been in the works since last year’s sales numbers showed a 374% increase in US sales. The new site will offer faster shipping, a more slick return and exchange process and more options of clothing and accessories that can be shipped to the US. US shoppers will even be treated to free shipping once their orders hit a certain price point.

The article mentions that in addition to these two pieces of news, Honey Birdette may be looking to open additional stores in European countries outside of the UK or in the US.

Honey Birdette currently has over 50 locations in Australia. The store offers a wide variety of lingerie and accessories and has been around since its founding in 2006 by entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan.

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Cassio Audi: The Brazilian Legendary Musician

Music never dies. Whether the composers die or change their careers, music remains long after them, and it continues to rock the world. This is the case with Cassio Audi and his former Viper band. Cassio Audi was formerly a band member of Viper, a prominent Brazilian music band before he decided to change his career in 1989.

Cassio Audi hails from Sao Paulo. Audi’s career kicked off as a music instrumentalist with Viper band while at the age of fifteen. He was the founding member of the band which was founded in 1985 along with Pit Passarell, Yves Passarell, Felipe Machado and Andre Machado. The band’s music genre was generally; thrash metal, heavy metal, and alternative rock.

The members of the band were a highly talented group of five teenagers of between thirteen to fifteen years who were influenced by Iron Maiden. The band recorded their first demo album in 1985. The album which was named The Killera Sword comprised of the title song, Signs of the Night the Nightmare and Killera Princess from Hell. In the album, Cassio Audi played the drums.

Viper’s first official album, Soldiers of Sunrise was recorded in 1987. The album comprised of songs such as Knights of Destruction, Signs of the Night, Nightmares and Soldiers of Sunrise. The band’s raw talent amazed many people, and the album became a big hit in the Brazilian music industry.

The Soldiers of Sunrise album was a big hit during the time and got the recognition of high-profile magazines like the Metal Hammer, Kerrang, and the Metal Forces. Due to the good performance of the album, the band was invited to perform during the opening of the Motorhead show and ever since the success of the band has been recognized both locally and internationally.

However, Cassio decided to leave the music career and pursue another career. He left the band in 1989 and enrolled in the Sao Paulo University where he graduated with a Business Administration degree. He has ever since become a successful businessman and has held many big positions in different companies. He still loves music and always spares some time from his busy schedule to enjoy music.

Talos Energy: the Unassuming Private Company making Shock Waves in the Oil and Gas Industry

The global oil industry has weathered some turbulent periods in the last few years. Under the influence of various geopolitical factors, there have been numerous lows and a few highs. As such, the case of Talos Energy’s recent success is quite peculiar. The Houston-based company has defied industry trends to embark on a meteoric rise over the last two years.
Much of Talos Energy’s recent acclaims stems from its involvement in an offshore oil well located in Mexican Territory. Together with English company Premier Oil Plc and Mexican company, Sierra Oil & Gas, Talos Energy owns the exploration rights to Zama-1. The well is believed to be quite promising with a find of between 100 and 500 million barrels being expected once drilling is complete. The drilling will take an approximate duration of three months and will cost the three organizations involved in the joint venture an estimated $16 million.
The fact Talos Energy is licensed to explore on Mexican territory shows that it is an organization that can be trusted. For the last eight decades, the Mexican government has not allowed foreign competitors to conduct offshore exploration for oil and gas. The fact that Talos will be among the first companies to do so shows that the Mexican government is confident about the organization’s abilities. The company has a healthy stake of 35 percent in the joint venture and is also the operator of the well.
Barely five years old, Talos Energy is a highly effective oil and gas company, based in Houston, Texas. More specifically, the company deals on in the drilling of oil and gas. It is relatively small compared to the other players in the oil and gas industry, but this has not stopped its ambition. Its formation in 2012 was facilitated by a $600 million equity injection sourced from the disposal of a profitable asset in Mexico and as well as a few other backers. Talos Energy received even greater financial muscle last year after it got into a financial partnership with Apollo Global Management. When Talos identifies viable assets, it then approaches Apollo Global Management for a loan of the required resources.

Avaaz Is Willing To Fight For The Refugees

Most political leaders and governments have turned their backs on the refugee crisis. There are millions of women, men and children forced to run from misery and war. Avaaz members all over the world are fighting to help the refugees. They have donated almost a million dollars for protection programs for the cruel winters and life saving missions. They are lobbying governments for humane policies and taking thousands of refugees into their homes.

Avaaz began their efforts in 2013 and helped make life a little easier for the refugees in Lebanon. The Avaaz community raised $1 million to help Syria prevent an entire generation of children who were unable to receive an education. The governments matched the generous donation of Avaaz. They raised $500,000 when the amount of refugees forced to embark on a deadly journey through the sea significantly increased in 2015. They gave their support to a private rescue operation at the Migrants Offshore Aid Station in the Mediterranean.

When refugees began arriving in the Greek islands with nothing, Avaaz sent critical supplies through an aid mission. Thousands of members helped in the funding of a program reuniting the children of refugees with their families in the United Kingdom. The conscience of the world was shaken when a Syrian toddler named Alan Kurdi drowned. Avaaz began working with his aunt Tima and brought her to Brussels. This resulted in a petition with 1.2 million signatures being sent to parliamentarians and European ministers. Avaaz and Tima worked to achieve a refugee policy for the 21st century. The policy was a memorial to her nephew and the headlines soared all over the world.

The voices of Avaaz have been heard with the result of new commitments being made for the refugees. Avaaz has an incredibly deep sense of humanity and will continue to fight for a response to this tragedy.

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Avaaz, The Largest Online Activist

Based in the United States, Avaaz started in January 2007. It’s a civic organization dedicated to promoting global activism on several issues like poverty, corruption, climate change, animal rights, and conflict.

The Guardian regards Avaaz as the most powerful and largest online activist network worldwide. Avaaz means “voice” or “song” in several Asian, Middle Eastern, and European languages.

Avaaz was founded by two groups, MoveOn and Res Publica. The People who co-founded the organization include
• Tom Pravda
• Ricken Patel
• Andrea Woodhouse
• Tom Perriello, who was a former Congress man of Virginia
• Eli Pariser, who’s the Executive Director of MoveOn
• David Madden, a progressive entrepreneur from Australia
• Co-founders of the company Purpose, Jeremy Heimans.

The Avaaz’s board include:
• Ricken Patel, who’s the president.
• Tom Pravda, who’s the secretary.
• The board of Chairman, Eli Pariser.
• The treasure, Ben Brandzel.

Ricken Patel, a Canadian-British, who’s the executive director and the founding president of Avaaz’s. Patel went to Balliol College, at the University of Oxford, where he studied politics, philosophy, and economics (PPE).

He went to Harvard University where he received his Masters of Public Policy (M.P.A.)
Patel worked for an independent, non-profit, known as the International Crisis Group worldwide including Afghanistan, Sudan, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. He learned the following in these countries:

• Making rebel forces come to the table for negotiation.
• Monitoring elections.
• Restoring the faith of the public in political systems that were once corrupt.
• Spotting when the foreign forces are manipulated.

After that, he went back to the United States and joined MoveOn as a volunteer and learned using the online tools for activism.

A Campaigners team manages campaigns that are global undertaken by Avaaz. They operate in more than 30 countries, including Lebanon, United Kingdom, India, and Brazil. The communications between the members are via online public petition, videos, and email.

A Company With Your Investment Interest At Heart

The vast majority of the population is not all that well versed in the complexities of the stock market. They have probably heard of the market and have some vague idea of what it is, but they do not really know how to invest wisely.

The difficult part for working professionals without an extensive knowledge of the market is that they have some money to put to work, but they do not know how to do it. Many are afraid of getting scammed by some investment analyst out there who is only interested in collecting commissions. That is why more and more are now turning to Agora Financial.

Agora Financial produces free top of the line publications about investing. They hire the best experts from around the world to help hunt out new investment ideas. They do not rely on what has already been done before because as they put it “that money has already been made”. Rather, they look for new ways to invest money that will prove profitable.

The nice thing about Agora Financial is that they are not out to get your money. They want you to use their ideas to invest, but they do not want to scam you into paying big commissions just so they can fatten up their own paychecks. Regardless of if you are a complete novice or seasoned investing expert, you can find something to like about Agora Financial.

For a company that produces so many great things for their users, they ask very little. You can just pick up some of their publications and start learning about markets that you may not have even realized existed. They are always looking out for the next big opportunity, and you can be a part of that. Leave the traditional brokers behind and get with a company that is doing things a new way.

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Honey Birdette Launches New E-Commerce Deal

Honey Birdette is set to make some big business moves this year, its biggest one being the official launch of a U.S. e-commerce site.

The company, an Australian lingerie brand, has announced its plans to not only open an e-commerce site but also to take its retail portfolio from the United Kingdom and increase the number of stores its available at from three to forty by the end of 2018. The lingerie brand was originally founded in Brisbane, Australia in 2006 and first launched its site in the U.S. after seeing an explosion in sales over the course of a year.

According to founding entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan, the goal for launching a new site is for the sole purpose of enhancing a customer’s experience, such as having faster delivery times and easier return rates, as well as having a huge variety of products available for purchase. Openings in retail also happens to be a goal for the brand and there are hopes that this will drastically increase the number of stores opening in the UK. In fact, the first time that Honey Birdette had a store open outside of Australia was during London’s Covent Garden last year. Two more opened in Leeds and in Westfield White City after that.

Honey Birdette is a lingerie business that began in 2006, starting as a chat between two friends who were looking for provocative lingerie and bedroom accessories, but instead decided to found their own brand. In just a short manner of time the company went public and went from selling lingerie brands to other sensual items for the bedroom, such as high-end bedroom toys.

Although lingerie sets are the primary selling point of the company, there are other items available. Some of these items can include bra sets, thongs and suspenders.

Honey Birdette launches US e-commerce and plans rapid UK retail roll-out

Bruce Bent II ” Moving on up”

Known as an experienced entrepreneur, Bruce Bent II , has been known to of been credited with coming up with the most influential and best products for the development of cash sweep and FDIC insured programs. Bruce sits as vice chairman and also the the president of Double Rock Corporation, which is a leading financial company. Bruce Bent is thought of as a pioneer in the retirement services business and cash management. Northeastern University is where Mr Bent got his Bachelor of science in Philosophy. He has spent his entire career with Double Rock so far and so far his work and his contributions have helped to transform todays cash management landscape into a multi-million dollar industry. Along with his other acts Mr. Bent is also a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization, which is a network that helps to connect close to 10,000 young business leaders nationwide. Along with that Bruce Bent is a member of Entrepreneur’s Organization in New York. Mr. Bent, in 2008, was directly responsible for the sale of the firms subsidiaries and also orderly liquidation. Before the financial crisis in 2008 The Reserve, which Bent was the president of, was able to offer over the second largest money market fund in the world due to privately holding money marketing institutions in the world. The Reserve ended up being able to employ over 300 people and grew from $4 billion to over $130 billion in over a 17 year period.Mr. Bent has bent featured in the book called Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful CEOs. Asset management, intellectual property, financial technologies, business consulting, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and healthcare financing are some of the entrepreneurial ventures that Bent has been involved with. Mr. Bent was a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization in Manhattan and has also served as the President’s Advisory Council of Scenic Hudson, which is an organization that helps to protect and restore the Hudson River and all its riverfront. Along with all his other accomplishments Bent is also the member of the 99 Jane Street Condominium Association. With all his accomplishments we should all be able to agree that Bruce Bent II is a very busy and great man.