Why Boraie Development Has Been Critical To New Jersey’s Urban Communities

The Boraie Development Group has been a driving force in recent efforts to restore and revitalize New Jersey communities in Atlantic City, Trenton and Newark. They have primarily undertaken construction projects in the commercial areas, but they also have sub branches of residential contracting and are connected with real estate investors. They also work closely with city council leaders and mayoral offices for public funding and to spearhead urban initiatives. Boraie Development has been family-owned and operated for all the 40 years it’s existed. Visit Bloomberg to know more.

The man who started Boraie Development is Omar Boraie, a man who’s excelled at every trade he’s been in. Omar Boraie is originally from Egypt and was interested in pursuing a career related to chemistry. He relocated to the US to attend grad school and even looked into buying a home for his family. In the middle of this endeavor he started forming ideas on how he could invest in real estate and turn the almost ghost town neighborhoods of New Brunswick into thriving centers. It was a daunting task by all appearances because most of the buildings he wanted to buy were on streets that many people didn’t even venture into after dark. But despite skepticism from city officials Omar Boraie began to do just what he said he would.

The first place Omar started his development projects from was Albany Street where he renovated the now Albany Street Plaza Tower One where his current office is. It was just the start of 21 buildings he had in mind to turn into commercial spaces where people could become excited to visit and shop. But Boraie and his two sons Wasseem and Sam have also been residential entrepreneurs. It began with the One Spring Street Condominium that had apartments throughout its top stories and a few shops below.

More recent projects that the Boraie Development has to its name are The Aspire, a luxury housing apartment complex with exquisite amenities and rooftop access, and the Albany Street Tower Three. A famous figure that also brought areas of Newark such as movie theaters and libraries to the Boraie’s attention and saw them rebuilt is former NBA star Shaquile O’Neal who was raised in Newark as a young man. The Boraies also give back to the local community through charity events such as a recent one benefitting the Bristol-Myers Squibb Children’s Hospital and its cancer research foundation.

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