Jennifer Walden Returns Home To Open New Satellite Office And Raise Sons

Doctor Jennifer Walden recently made a new opportunity for herself and her sons by moving back to Austin Texas. She packed up her home in New York, loaded the car with her and her family, and headed down the road. Well maybe it didn’t happen exactly that way but she did pack up and return home with her sons. Jennifer Walden is looking forward to showing her sons around the town where she grew up. She is looking forward to showing her sons the things she did that made her who she is. Jennifer made the choice in the eighth grade to become a surgeon. This meant she had to devote her high school and college years to studying and preparing to be a dedicated surgeon. She knew all about the commitment part. She knew all about the dedication because of her parents. Her father has a dental office and her mom works as a surgical nurse. Jennifer knew what it meant to be involved in medicine and this became her focus until graduation.

Men and women admire the woman Jennifer became. She works hard to make everyone beautiful. She works even harder to provide necessary education on issues that men and women refuse to talk about. Jennifer has a satellite office in the Texas area. This office is available when anyone needs it. She also does media commentating as asked. Going on television to explain a procedure or new development in plastic surgery is exciting and energizing. She loves doing talk shows such as the one on ABC. Being one of the best surgeons in the world is a hard act to follow but Jennifer is very close to completing this task. Without the support and love of her sons and her parents, she may still be working in New York with the Ear Nose and Throat surgeon.

People often ask what makes someone turn their whole life around and move? It could be the love of two little boys. It could be returning to your roots. It could be wanting to help a community that was in desperate need of the services you are offering. Whatever the reason, the community is grateful to have her and her family back in the area and very glad she is willing to be there when she is needed.