A Peek at the Career of the Gifted Australian Spinal Surgeon, Dr. Greg Finch

Dr. Greg Finch is one name that every expert in the orthopedic surgery field recognizes. Orthopedic surgery is the branch of medical science that specializes in medical conditions associated with the musculoskeletal body system. Such issues include rheumatoid arthritis, joint injuries, and spinal injuries. Joint replacement surgery, laminectomy and laminoplasty and arthroscopy are the common procedures carried out by orthopedic surgeons.

Joint injuries can be due to trauma, osteoarthritis, and injuries. In case the joint is severely damaged, surgeons replace it with a metallic, ceramic or plastic joinery. Laminectomy and laminoplasty are used to reduce swelling in the lower part of the back caused by spinal stenosis which is the result of the narrowing of the spinal canal. The condition causes back pains, weakness, and numbness. Laminoplasty and Laminectomy are procedures that widen the spinal canal. The commonest of all is Arthroscopy. It is a diagnostic procedure in which arthroscopes are inserted in the joints to assess the extent of damage caused to the joints.

Dr. Greg Finch has worked in prestigious medical institutions in Australia for a significant part of his career. He worked as a spine surgeon At Royal Orthopedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Royal Perth Hospital. The gifted surgeon has also undergone numerous intensive training in the field to attain the Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons qualification. The FRACS qualification enabled him to work in the UK and the United States with the world’s best spinal surgeons.

Dr. Greg Finch has Medical Degrees from Auckland University and the Royal Australian College of Surgeons. He works with different international organizations such as the American Spine Society, New Australia Orthopedic Association, and Spine Society of Australia. Though has conducted numerous successful invasive spinal surgeries, Dr. Greg Finch is interested in minimally invasive and non-invasive spinal injury treatment alternatives.