Investment Management Mogul Matthew Autterson

Investment Management refers to an asset management company that invests in shares, bonds, and real estate. It is also referred to as money management, private banking, or portfolio management. They serve insurance companies, pension funds, corporations, charities, educational establishments, and private enterprises. They purchase, upgrade and maintain, and sell real estate to maximize profit. Getting an investment management firm up and running involves hiring marketing managers and professional managers who will run individual portfolios, deal with marketing, settlements, internal audits, and make reports for clients. There are several key people you have to have on staff, and they are:

Money Manager. This person will oversee all of the portfolios, and manage them for a small fee. They also control all the cash flow for institutions that are assigned to them. Your money manager will ensure that there are enough funds in the accounts to avoid being overdrawn.

Investment Manager. This person makes investments in portfolios on behalf of their clients. They buy and sell on a day to day basis, settle transactions, measure portfolio performance, and report to clients.

Managers of Mangers (MOM). This team is put in place to manage the current company’s investment managers. They have the power to fire incompetent investment managers and hire replacements.

All of these pieces come together to help make a successful Investment Management firm. If they all work in tandem, the enterprise has a better chance of being successful.

Matthew Autterson

 Matthew Autterson is an Independent Investment Management Professional that is a graduate of Michigan State University. Mr. Autterson currently holds the position of Wealth Advisor at WIN Wealth Management, an investment company he co-founded. He handles the day to day portfolio management of several clients and ensures that they are as profitable as possible. He also currently serves at Winterscheidt & Autterson, LLP, in Denver. Before these ventures, he honed his craft by acting as Vice-President of a $750 million Registered Investment Advisor in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Yanni Hufnagel’s Career Journey As A Basketball Coach And A Recruiter

Yanni Hufnagel is a college basketball recruiter. He is a coach of Jewish-American origin who spent his childhood days in Scarsdale. In 2006, Yanni graduated with a bachelors of Science degree in Labor and Industrial Relations from the esteemed Cornel University. In 2010, he earned his master’s degree in Adult and Higher Education from University of Oklahoma. He became the assistant coach during his major middle school. Yanni Hufnagel is regarded as the most persistent basketball recruiter. His goal is to look for high school students who seek to excel in NBA, but would not have made it to Cambridge.

As a child, Hufnagel used to play with small statues of basketball players and widely read coaching books. His best game was lacrosse, which he played for some time at Penn State. Later, he quit and transferred to Scarsdale School. However, Yanni did not qualify to play for the school and instead, like other Jewish boys, watched the games from the public television station in his town. He used to act like Bill Raftery, the commentator. According to Ed Cohen, a women’s team basketball radio presenter, Yanni Hufnagel was ahead of them in analyzing basketball though he was young. To this end, it was predictable from his early life that he would be making a living as a commentator or as a coach.

Yanni Hufnagel became a basketball manager in one season during his first year at Cornel. His breakthrough came after graduation when his former colleague at New Jersey Net, Ryan Krueger, linked him to his former boss who needed a graduate assistant. Jeff Capel, the coach for Oklahoma basketball, offered Hufnagel the position after an interview. Blake Griffin of Oklahoma said that Hufnagel was the most hardworking and genuine man he had ever worked with in basketball. Yanni was also most available to help whenever there was a need.

Hufnagel joined the Harvard Crimson basketball for men in 2009. He worked under Tommy Amaker as a recruiter and an assistant coach. At Harvard, Yanni played a pivotal role in developing Wesley Saunders and Jeremy Lin. In 2013, Yanni Hufnagel joined the Vanderbilt Commodores where he served as an assistant coach. Later, he was recruited at the Golden Bears of California where he led the team to a NCAA Tournament berth in 2016. Hufnagel then joined the University of Nevada where he serves under head coach, Eric Musselman, as an assistant coach for the Wolf Pack in the 2016/17 season.