Todd Lubar, an Astute Real Estate Developer

Todd Lubar is a name you would probably encounter in books of notable and seasoned real estate developers and managers. His skills in the real estate industry date back from his first employment opportunity at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He was the loan originator officer of the company where he acquired the desired skills that propelled the company to become a world leading entity. At the company, he learned more about Conservative Mortgage banking that would play a significant role in the development of his subsequent companies. He also interacted extensively with real estate agents, financial planners and financial institutions that gave him the requisite skills to develop and invest as a successful entrepreneur.

He later moved on and decided to start his lending firm. In 1999, he got an opportunity to expand his business when he got an equity position from the Legacy Financial Group. This post opened many avenues for Todd Lubar who became an influential partner in the mortgage industry. He started lending loans to big investment companies and directly to mortgage banks thus boosting his business to another level. After acquiring the resources and financial strength, Todd Lubar decided to pursue real estate investment as his significant career opportunity.

Todd Lubar opened Legendary Properties, LLC in 2002. This is a residential development company that has undertaken significant residential development by building new houses, renovation of old houses buying and selling of homes. Through this initiative, the company has been working closely with the residential community and has earned a good reputation because of the improved living standards it has impacted on the communities. The company has also employed professional individuals who have contributed to its economic and subsequent expansion thus providing an employment opportunity to many locals. With excellent leadership skills of Todd Lubar, the company has received goodwill from financial and banking institutions where the company has increased its credit lines to over $ 20 million.

In an article on Hackronym, Todd Lubar has subsequently moved on to open Legendary Financial LLC, a financial lending arm of the larger company. The company focuses on providing loan services to investors and businesses with the aim of strengthening them to become successful entities.

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