Betsy DeVos Works To Improve The Lives of Others

Betsy DeVos recently sat down with Philanthropy and discussed her lifelong commitment to reforming education or children all over the world. She believes there has been a great deal of progress lately in regard to the the first time a state approved a private school voucher program. This took place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin nearly 25 years ago. There are now over 30 private school programs that have been publicly funded. These programs are able to support 250,000 students and give them the opportunity to receive a strong education so that they can become successful later in life. The progress continues to increase as the movement becomes more popular among parents and the general public. Check her website for more info at

Betsy DeVos first realized the importance of improving the education system when she and husband had their own children that were attending school. It was their visit to the Potter’s House Christian School that spurred her into action because there she saw families that had lower incomes, yet they were doing everything they could to bring the best education possibilities to their child. Betsy DeVos continued to visit and each time she was inspired by what she saw there. She realized that she would be able to support these families that were struggling to afford a private school and they have continued their support of the Potter’s House to this day. Visit Betsy’s profile on Twitter.

Betsy DeVos started her own foundation in order to give scholarships do the children that come from low income families so their parents would be able to send them to the school of their choice. While she was happy to help these families, she also soon realized this was not a real solution to the problem. There were still many other families and children that were being denied the possibility of a good education. This is how she became so involved in the movement for education reform. This led to her getting involved with the American Federation for Children, as which she is a Chair member. Betsy DeVos’s greatest success during her life is the changes she has brought to Florida’s tax credit scholarship program.

Betsy DeVos currently served as the secretary of education for the United States. She was nominated by the President Donald Trump and was signed in on February 7 of this year. She’s been working in the education reform for children movement for almost thirty years now and she continues to work toward improvement. Betsy DeVos graduated from the Calvin College located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She got a Bachelor of the Arts degree during her time there. She previously worked with The Windiest Group as their chairman and has served on various national and local charity boards. She also served a school mentor for at risk children for 15 years.

Why Greg Secker Is a Successful Businessman and a Philanthropist

In this life, many inspiring stories have helped to shape the lives of many successful business people. Greg Secker is one for the most recognized and prosperous business personalities in the United Kingdom. He has diversified his interest into a successful public speaker and a philanthropist. His interest in the foreign exchange business has earned him a name in the international front as he is fronted among the best performing personalities. His success in the firm has contributed to him writing many books concerning foreign trade. For instance, he has written a book called Financial Freedom Through Forex, Trading Your Way that aims at outlining the underlying issues for a successful business. Greg Secker was born in England where he later attended the University of Nottingham where he graduated with a degree in Food Sciences and Agriculture.


Greg Secker started his career as a trading technologist in 1998 when he worked for Thomas Cook Financial Services. Here, he developed his skills in the trading industry and later developed a robust foreign exchange trading systems for the company. This was a milestone in the development of the forex trade that earned him an award called British Telecom Award. He was recognized as one of the innovators in e-commerce after launching Virtual Trading Desk in 1998. Greg Secker gained prominence, and many companies were willing to part with money to employ him to spearhead the development of their enterprises.


He was later employed by Mellon Financial Corporation where he was appointed as the Vice President of the company. He served at the company while developing his skills in the foreign trade that would later prove to be successful. Greg Secker was very passionate about seeing other people succeeding in the business industry. As such, he founded Knowledge to Action Group that was focused on holding seminars and training to help people develop their business to greater levels. He has hosted seminars and training among many countries in the world including Ghana, New Zealand, Australia, and the Philippines. Greg Secker has also invested in the generous nature by establishing a non-profit making organization called The Greg Secker Foundation.