Kabbalah Centre: Beyond the Boundaries of Religion

Kabbalah is referred to as wisdom that seeks to reveal the relation to the universe and life itself. For so long, Judaism has kept the mysteries of Kabbalah secret. It was practiced in the traditional days. Since the teachings of the Kabbalah seem complicated and often misunderstood by many students, only those entrusted to teach can advise on the practice. Only those with a strong understanding of the Jewish law were deemed fit. As a result, many traditionalists saw the Kabbalah center as a way of mimicking the traditions of ancient Judaism. The Kabbalah Center was formed to enhance knowledge and practice of Kabbalah.

Preaching to the converted: how Kabbalah keeps on growing

The center began back in 1965 in the United States as a research institute and has grown ever since. Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein was among the founders and became a dean of Yeshivah Kol Yehuda in Israel. Kabbalah centers, however, were in existence in the United States since the year 1922. After the death of the Dean- Yeshivah Kol Yehuda, it took several years to reform the United States Kabbalah Center in New York. The headquarters in Los Angeles become operational 1984, and the sons of the founding family serve as directors and spiritual leaders in Non-Profitable Organization. Kabbalah has very many branches around the world as a forward-thinking charity organization.

The Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organization that exists in other parts of the world. The center aims at providing teachings on the Kabbalistic and Zohar teachings.

The lessons are offered either online, or through the various centers that have been established in various cities and different regions. The Kabbalah center in the US is a brainchild of Philip Berg and Karen Berg. Together as a family, they envisioned the center as a home for training and offering guidance to a wide group of students worldwide. A large staff of teachers, who come from diverse backgrounds, mainly offers Training and Guidance. Since Kabbalah is more of a religious teaching center, people tend to study it with the primary goal of achieving spiritual guidance. That is why it is more of a wise decision to participate in the teachings offered.

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Importance of Kabballah

Many things happen in our lives. Some of them are important while others are not. Every moment, we feel the urge to understand the meaning of some aspects of our lives. We get overwhelmed with the desire to uncover these truths to the extent of becoming desperate and desolate. But what if these mysteries of life could be explained and uncovered in a way that we all understand? What if someone could tell us about why we sleep, eat or even play? What if someone could tell us about why there is life?

This is where Kabballah comes in, to explain and unravel these mysteries in a less intricate manner. With Kabballah, we get the opportunity to feel things in an unconditional and infinite manner. It helps us traverse through the universe without a wall between life and death. We get a sense of fulfillment for all our desires including those beyond comprehension. Through the wisdom of Kabballah, we attain success and fulfillment in life, which translates to happiness. This is why Kabballah is important to learn and experience.

The Kabballah Center

Kabballah Center is an organization that gives people who are yearning to uncover the mysteries of life and experience a sense of self-consciousness and self-belonging a platform to achieve all these desires. The organization came into existence in 1922 under the leadership of Rav Yehuda Ashlag. For over nine decades, the company has made positive impacts on the lives of people coming from different parts of the world. Kabbalah Centre at LinkedIn .

It has 50 branches spread across the globe with over 5,000 students studying the wisdom of Kabballah every week. The organization has its main headquarters in the United States and Europe. They have physical classroom and online outlets where people can learn the art of Kabballah. The organization also has books, CDs, DVDs and downloads.

The center is categorized as a non-profit organization with between 500 and 1,000 employees. It has a volunteer program that consists of like-minded people who exchange ideas and grow spiritually. The organization has several events spread throughout the year. It is cheap to learn Kabballah in this center, especially if you are a volunteer.

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Kabbalah Centre – Unveiling the Ancient Wisdom of Jewish Wisdom

After Madonna started showing interest in the teachings and guidance offered at the Kabbalah Centre, many Hollywood actors have begun to follow suit. Kabbalah Centre offers insight into Jewish mysticism that is traditional in nature, and arguably the forgotten part of the sacred original Jewish teachings. Madonna become so engrossed with the teachings offered at Kabbalah Centre that she invested heavily into opening a few branches of Kabbalah in the country.

After Madonna, many other famous Hollywood celebrities have shown interest as well as participated in learning and understanding the sacred Jewish mysticism. Few of these celebrities are Britney Spears, Paris Holton, Marilyn Monroe, Sammy Davis, late Elizabeth Taylor, and Sandra Bernhard. The surprising part is that these celebrities are not Jewish. Many of the stars who are following the guidance and teachings offered by Kabbalah Centre have even converted to follow Judaism. Click Here for more.

Most of the celebrities who were asked why they visited Kabbalah Centre and showed interested in Jewish Mysticism even when they were not Jewish, answered that it helped them with understanding what life is all about. Celebrities like Paris Hilton and Sandra Bernhard told in an interview that it helped them to cope with the stress and simplify life. As per the official website of Kabbalah Centre, it offers its students tools that assist them in lead life and face challenges practically through the power of ancient wisdom passed on through centuries in Jewish scriptures.

Kabbalah Centre helps with changing the entire perspective towards the life, the world, and the people, and makes easier to understand why things are the way they are. It answers questions that have been puzzling in mind for years. Celebrities feel that Kabbalah Centre helps them with bringing clarity in their mind, which is why it continues to grow in membership year after year. Philip Berg founded it, and its headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California.

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The Kabbalah Centre Helps Spread Jewish Mysticism around the World

Numerous prominent Western occultists and academic religious scholars have often called the Jewish Kabbalah (Hebrew: קַבָּלָה) the “Yoga of the West.” Without a doubt, the texts that constitute the Kabbalah have all been instrumental in the numerous esoteric paths of the Western world. Whether Christian, Jewish, or even Pagan, all major religious traditions in the West have admired the rich and profound teachings contained within the Kabbalah.

Kabbalah literally means “tradition” in Hebrew, and it refers to an esoteric spiritual discipline to help practitioners connect with the Divine. For hundreds of years, rabbis only taught a select few Jewish men over the age of 40 the secrets of this sacred path. Today, thanks in large part to the work of European occultists involved in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a whole new generation of spiritual practitioners has access to wonderful translations of these formerly secret teachings.

New Agers and Western occultists nowadays are interested in how similar many of the teachings in the Kabbalah are to other serious esoteric paths. Just a few spiritual disciplines the Kabbalah has resonances with include the Pāli Canon of Theravāda Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Taoist yoga, the scriptures of the Gnostic Christians, Sufism, and Hindu Vedānta. Many occultists have also noted how systems of spirituality such as astronomy and Tarot can be enhanced with a proper understanding of the Kabbalah.

One group working to make the Kabbalah more mainstream is the Kabbalah Centre International. Founded in Los Angeles in 1984, the Kabbalah Centre welcomes people of various faiths to learn the precious teachings of the greatest Kabbalistic texts. Although it’s helpful to have some basic understanding of the Torah and the Talmud, teachers at the Kabbalah Centre assume no prior knowledge of Judaism. Instead, Kabbalah Centre instructors are more interested in looking for similarities between religions as well as ways to incorporate the teachings of the Kabbalah into daily life.

Kabbalah Centres can now be found in major cities around the world. Just a few cities with Kabbalah Centres include Warsaw, Milan, Moscow, Toronto, New York City, and Tel Aviv. Just a few famous students of the Kabbalah Centre include Madonna, Mick Jagger, Rosie O’Donnell, and Lindsay Lohan.


Overview of the Teachings of the Kabbalah Centre

Historically, Jewish Rabbis maintained that the mysteries of Kabbalah were highly complicated. These Rabbis believed that the teachings of the Kabbalah could easily be misunderstood. Therefore, historically these Rabbis thought that Kabbalah could only be taught to devout, educated students who had reached the age of 40. These were mostly men who had a great deal of experience with Hebrew and Jewish texts.

The Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre takes a different approach. The Kabbalah Centre opens its doors to a wider spectrum of people. This includes men and women who have no prior experience with Hebrew or Jewish texts.

The Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre was founded in 1984. The LA Kabbalah Centre opened its doors after the organization was located in New York City since 1965. While in New York City, the organization was called The National Research Institute of Kabbalah. Visit https://www.kabbalah.com

The Kabbalah Centre in the United States was founded by two men: Rav Philip Berg and Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein. Brandwein served as the dean of Yeshivah Kol Yehuda in Israel. Yeshivah Kol Yehuda actually predates the establishment of Israel and was founded in 1925.

According to the teachings of the Yeshivah Kol Yehuda, all major religions are really outgrowths of the same universal wisdom. Because of this foundational belief, the Kabbalah Centre does not hold itself out as being a separate religion or spiritual organization. It does not exist to replace a person’s preexisting religious or spiritual practices. Rather, the teachings and practices of the Kabbalah Centre are intended to supplement a person’s existing religious or spiritual beliefs and practices.

The Kabbalah Centre has attracted the participation of growing number of celebrities, particularly at its Los Angeles location. These include Madonna, who probably is the best-known person associated with the LA Kabbalah Centre at this juncture in time.

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