Losing Weight With Dherbs. com Cleanse Program


There are many people looking for ways to lose weight and stay in shape. If you are one of them, this could be as simple as trying a cleanse program. At Dherbs.com, you will find a 20-day program which can help you get your lifestyle back on track.  TrustPilot has reviewed them, and found that they really do offer health benefits, as long as you stay true to Dherbs.com’s outline for how to run the cleanse safely and for full  benefit.
Benefits of the 20-day Cleanse Program
One of the benefits of using the cleanse and regimen program is that it gives you a natural way of detoxifying. This is one of the healthiest ways of getting rid of unwanted fat and subsequently shed it. The cleansing product also helps you boost your immunity and increase your energy levels.
Diet Plan


One of the highlights of the program is that the diet is planned out for you. There are recipes which you will find useful in your journey. Their basic dietary plan includes raw foods only. During the period, the user is not supposed to eat cooked or processed foods.
Some of the recommended recipes when you are undergoing the full-body cleanse include:

  • Raw apple pie

This dish is simple to prepare. All you need is raw apple and a jar. Cut the apple into pieces and store it in the jar for dessert.

  • Smoothies

Preparing smoothies is easy if you know what to make. Dherbs recommend banana and mango smoothie

  • Raw mango with banana and pineapple

When you need a healthy dose of sweetness, you can do so with raw fruits such as mangoes, bananas and pineapples. All you have to do is blend raw walnuts with water and add pieces of pineapple, mango and bananas. Blend these until thick and add a few berries to top it off.
Other Benefits
When you start on the program, you also benefit from their constant support system. Dherbs.com also provides you with capsules which you take to facilitate the cleansing process. A time schedule is also part of the package and it helps you track your dosage.
With the cleansing program from dherbs.com, you should be able to get your health and lifestyle back on track.  And if you need motivation, there’s always the Facebook page which is loaded with real people attempting Dherbs.com cleanses for themselves.

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Dherbs.com Helps Save Lives

Updated for February 7th, 2016:
Sheryl Underwood recently went on The Steve Harvey Morning Show to discuss her progress and success with the Dherbs.com vegan herbal cleanse. At the time of the show she had only been taking the product for around a week, but she was already seeing amazing results! Underwood was also working out with a trainer and eating clean in combination with the Dherbs.com product. In that short amount of time she had already lost 5 pounds!

The Dherbs.com cleanse consist of 20 days to help ensure that your entire bodily system is functioning at its best. While it’s wonderful for those that need help losing weight, it’s still a great option for those just looking to get healthy. The cleanse helps to boost your immune system, increase your metabolism and energy level and keep you mentally sharp!

While on the 20 day cleanse you will be required to only eat clean foods, stick to a strict time regimen when taking the pills and follow an exercise routine. Adhering to these guidelines ensure that you get the best results out of your cleanse.


Dherbs.com is a company whose primary mission is to assist their customers in losing excess weight in a healthy manner. Moreover, Dherbs.com wishes to help customers return to the caliber of health that they once were. In doing so Dherbs offers a variety of cleanses, 10-day cleanses, 10-day colon cleanses, fibroid cleanses, as well as their full body cleanse. The full body cleanse is a 20-day program that promises to rid the body of toxins while rejuvenating and strengthening the body. The full body cleanse also pledges to help skin complexion, the immune system, as well as to normalize bodily functions. This full body cleanse is endorsed by celebrities, such as Steve Harvey and Russ Parr of the Russ Parr morning show.


While Dherbs openly states that their products will not cure any diseases, they believe that the human body can cure itself with the proper tools. The cleanses that Dherbs.com offers can provide customers with those tools. The company’s main mission is to help people take control of their own health while helping people return to nature. Dherbs believes that with their products, people can take responsibility for their own health and be on their way to natural healing.


Dherbs is responsible for the amazing story of Pastor Hosea Collins and his wife. Terrekia Collins’ health was declining and was in desperate need of a kidney transplant. Due to his large size, Pastor Collins was unable to donate a kidney to his wife. That is when Pastor Collins turned to Dherbs, specifically, the full body cleanse. After losing 130 pounds, Pastor Collins was able to donate a kidney to an unknown recipient so that his wife was able to move to the top of the transplant list, essentially saving her life. Pastor Collins credits his weight loss and the consequent kidney transplant that saved his life to the five full body cleanses by Dherbs that he participated in.  See the breakdown of Dherbs.com’s all natural healthy ingredients, and what they could mean for you in the EarthlyBodies.org breakdown.