Dr. AviWeisfogel: Pioneer in the Instruction of How Dental Professionals and Physcians Can Identify Patients with the Health Concern of Sleep Apnea:

AviWeisfogel, on many levels is considered one of the true advocates of sleep research in order to remedy patients of certain sleep disorders. By way of his unique approaches, he works by means of physicians and other prominent health authorities in locating patients with problems persistent with the disorder of Sleep Apnea. It is a serious concern, according to Dr. Weisfogel, since much of the population has gone undiagnosed. This is not good news: and needs correction.

AviWeisfogel became seriously interested in sleep research, while he still held a Dental Practice, in New Jersey. During this period of time, he was a very popular, local dentist. He received the award of the most preferred dentist, in town, several times running. His rapport with his patients was outstanding.

AviWeisfogel took his unique talent onto the road. He had acquired, much, in researching apneas–which can occur nightly without the individual even knowing it.

He conducted seminars, instructing physicians and dental professionals, alike, how to address the matters associated identifying persons that experience apneas, during nighttime hours and how to correct the problem. The positive benefit, for the dental professional, is that he can introduce a sleep lab or area where the patient receives help–within his current practice.

The preceding activities resulted in AviWeisfogel establishing his popular ‘Dental Sleep Masters’ program. The dental professional who stays with the program: reports positive results. He is able to truly identify an individual with a sleep issue. He is able to correct the problem, by way of a simple oral device. Using such a user- friendly device is necessary. The client retention rate is enormous when the patient is not provided procedures consisting of: sleep masks and other mechanical means, in order to take care of the apneas.

Too: such sleep disturbances are generally tied to other health issues such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. When the patient is afforded a chance, in improving his life, by way of the dental practitioner making use of the popular Dental Sleep Masters program, the dentist benefits and so does the community as a whole.

Notes Regarding Dr. AviWeisfogel:

Dr. AviWeisfogel established the Old Bridge Dental Care practice in 1999. He worked in the capacity, as a dental practitioner, for a period of 15 years. He received many awards from the local community. AviWeisgogel received distinction as the town’s “Best Dentist” on multiple occasions. It was during this time period that Dr. Weisfogel became interested in the world of sleep. He greatly wanted to find out how dental practitioners physicians, could assist their client-base, in order to take care of disorders—relative to sleep. Dr. Weisfogel, in 2010, in response to the preceding concern, established ‘Healthy Heart Sleep’, in 2010. The preceding company worked alongside of physicians—on a globalized basis. It advised the health professionals how to establish and properly manage a sleep lab. The year 2012 rolled around. Dr. Weisfogel established the company: ‘Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient’. He lectured dental practitioners, how to increase the number of sleep patients, within their practice, in order to provide such patients with much needed help and recovery. He established the Dental Sleep Masters’ program in 2014. With the establishment of the Dental Sleep Masters’ program, Dr. Weisfogel could, greater, assist the Dental Practitioner in incorporating a sleep component into the professional’s practice. He demonstrated, how a user-friendly appliance is useful in assuring the dental practitioner’s client retention rate remains high—and is practical in taking care of the apnea issue.

On an academic note: Dr. Weisfogel earned a BA in Biology and Psychology from Rutgers University and a D.D.S. from the New York University College of Dentistry. Dr. AviWeisfogel is the owner of the Dental Sleep Masters’ program. He is able to draw upon his knowledge, with regard tosleep apnea and provide information to the dental practitioner, how to properly identify patients; securing their amiable cooperation in attaining the treatment they so greatly require.

Improve Your Quality of Life through Preventative Screening

Life Line Screening is a healthcare company with a strong focus on wellness and preventative screening. The firm helps you identify the risk to specific diseases. This empowers you to take action early to improve your quality of life. The private company was established in 1993 in Florida. It is currently operating from Austin, Texas and provides direct-to-consumer preventive screening services in the US, the UK, and Australia.

There are numerous health conditions with no visible symptoms such as lung cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis among others. It is important to identify hidden health issues before they turn into major concerns. Regular preventative screening empowers you to stay on top of your health as you age. Life Line Screening offers three major types of tests. These include ultrasound imaging, finger prick blood testing and electrocardiography.

Ultrasound is non-invasive and safe. It is an excellent option to test for inflammation of blood vessels, bone density, cholesterol and poor blood flow in the arteries. The finger-stick method is a quick way to determine the risk factor for diabetes, heart disease, and liver injury. The electrocardiograph screening technique measures the risk of stroke. All the tests are quick, affordable, safe and convenient. They require no preparation and you are guaranteed of accurate first-class results from their labs.

The organization enjoys strategic partnerships with hospitals, health agencies, community groups, business organizations, insurance companies, corporate wellness programs, and pharmacies. Your favorite physician can access these report enabling you to make quicker decisions regarding your health. The corporate wellness program encourages employees to be proactive about their health.

Life Line Screening also provides useful statistics to the management that helps them focus on their health and wellness programs accordingly. Chronic diseases increase the health care costs of employers. Preventative screening enables businesses to lower their healthcare budgets and increase productivity from a healthier workforce.

To know more visit @ www.lifelinescreening.com/Global/Employee-Access

There Are Still Some Assisted Living Facilities Dedicated To Providing Top Level Care


The Manse on Marsh facility is shaping up to be one of the very best assisted living communities in the entire nation, as they have shown more passion and dedication for providing the highest level of care for their residents than anywhere else. The community also won the Caring Star award, for the second year in a row, which is testament to the high ratings the facility receives.

In order to qualify and win an award like the Caring Star, an assisted living facility must have and overall rating of at least 4-stars, while having at least one rating that is 5-star. On top of this they can have no negative reviews or unresolved with their residents. This was no problem for the Manse on Marsh facility, as their customers have expressed nothing but delight and they’ve received many 5-star ratings. Winning this award shows the surrounding community that Manse on Marsh is a company that can be trusted and performs excellent care and living maintenance for their residents.

The Manse on Marsh Facility offers a unique and resident friendly Care plan that allows residents to pick any services they want, while excluding the ones they don’t want so they do not have to pay for them. Residents are on a points based system for the required care. Just a few of their services include cleaning and laundry, medication management, grooming and bathing, reminders, transportation, and much more. At all times there are nurses at the community and a number of social activities for residents to participate in and enjoy entertainment.

California is where the Manse on Marsh facility calls home, specifically in San Luis Obispo. The facility is located within a walking distance to many different convenient places as well, such as a church, bookstore, and restaurant. The community also offers a variety of different housing options for their residents, including private homes. Whatever a resident may needs, Manse on Marsh is sure to have it.  But don’t take their word for it, do your research! See what real people who have been there are saying on Yelp.


Brian Torchin Brings Innovation To Staffing

Brian Torchin is a managing partner of a firm that provides healthcare staffing solutions. They provide consultation and search services for those who seek to apply their skill set in the healthcare sector.

Often described as being able to provide comprehensive solutions, Brian Torchin strives to consistently provide healthcare organizations seeking help a qualified pool of candidates to choose from.

Torchin is detail-oriented. he is driven by a positive outlook in the business world even when the economy is sluggish. He has always believed in building long-term client relationships and maintaining a balance between the desires of the employer and job seeker.

Brian Torchin has developed an international base of two hundred clients in the United States, Canada, Asia, Australia, and Europe, He has also maintained collaborations with several organizations involved in healthcare, including private practices and urgent care centers.

Hospitals are working to integrate services, and reduce their the cost of care. At the same time, they are trying to raise the satisfaction level experienced by patients. Mr. Torchin believes that you must stay knowledgeable on trends in competitive compensation.

This, he feels, is pertinent for health systems. Allowing them to attract the talent they need to improve and grow. while at the same time ensuring appropriate compensation is maintained. This will let them maximize their financial resources.

In the time since the private firm was founded, Brian Torchin has remained committed to being a team player. He has applied the methods of consultation to offer his clients the fastest, and most efficient solutions while remaining available to answer any questions or requests posed by clients.  Read more on Brian’s official website.