Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund is Helping to make America a Better Place for Migrants

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the owners of Phoenix News Times paper in Arizona. These two journalists have been report the news for years and in 2007 they paid a price for providing the people of Phoenix with information about a corrupt law official.

A sheriff by the name Aprio was engaging within unjust practices against migrant workers. He was discovered and his behavior was reported by Lacey and Larkin in their newspaper. Once Sheriff Aprio found out what Larkin and Lacey had done, he then got a subpoena from a judge and had the two journalists arrested. The corrupt sheriff even wanted the names of the Phoenix News Times subscribers. He even had a subpoena to collect this information.

Larkin and his co-founder Lacey were both dragged from their homes in the middle of the night. They were both put in jail and had to remain there until they were bailed out. Lacey and Larkin then took their case to court for the violation of their rights. The two men won their case and received close to $4 million dollars.

Lacey and Larkin decided to start the Frontera fund to stop injustice against migrants. Larkin and Larcey also wanted to protect their civil and human rights. These two men experienced a serious violation of their rights at the hands of Sheriff Aprio. They did not want any other migrant to experience this problem too.

The Frontera fund is divided up between various organizations that make it a point to protect migrant rights. The fund requires that these organizations be located inside of the state of Arizona. These organizations must also direct their efforts with protecting migrant rights.

There are plenty of migrants that come into the U.S. from other nations. Mexico and Central American countries have many migrant people that come into this country. While these people are not citizens of the U.S.; they still have rights. International law protects the rights of these people and it helps to keep governments and law officials from harming any migrant class.

Migrant groups from around the world constantly have their rights violated. Most of these infractions come from governments who are not adhering to international human right laws. Nations have to ensure that they are safeguarding unprotected migrants. Exploiting them should not be an option for any government or national group. The Frontera fund works toward this end.

Larkin and Lacey do everything that they can to help migrants to live a life that is free from harassment. They already know that migrants and immigrants have plenty of trouble when they move into this country. The last thing they need is to be harassed by corrupt law officials, government workers or even by prejudiced American citizens.

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