Michael Zomber And The Principles That Guide His Work


In a recent interview, Michael Zomber had a chat about Shogun Iemistu. During the iUniverse podcast appearance, Zomber talked about history, Japanese culture, and his inspiration for writing Shogun Iemistu. He loves antique arms. Zomber has been collecting them for the past 40 years. He also enjoys sharing his knowledge of antique arms by appearing on the Tales of the Gun series. Zomber has shared his professionalism on episodes like Guns of the Orient, Million Dollar Guns, Shotguns, Automatic Pistols, and Dueling Pistols on The History Channel, and all other credits listed on IMDb.


Zomber has also written many screenplays and books, as Barnes and Noble indicates on his Author page. His books display his story telling abilities. He has published four books that discuss multiple subjects. His books Son of Kentucky as well as Sweet Betsy focus on the period of civil war. Jesus and the Samurai give a brief history of the early stages of Christianity in Japan. Soul of Samurai details Japan during the 17th century. Michael Zomber’s book, Park Avenue scrutinizes the field of art and auction. It provides details of the high stakes involved in the field.


His writing work shows why the antique arms are special. His knowledge on weapons has made him a revered authority as well as a history expert. His documentary, Soul of the Samurai contributed greatly to his present status as a respected historian. Michael Zomber and his wife control Renascent Films LLC. He often produces films through the company.


He relates the Bushido principle in all the aspects of his life including hobbies, interests, and work. Additionally, Michael Zomber applies the principle in philanthropy. Zomber and his wife support many organizations at home as well as abroad, which improve people’s lives. That is by giving access to resources that result in better outcomes .He also supports organizations that reduce the intensity of conflict.


Michael Zomber and his wife support the organizations based on their values of compassion as well as peaceful resolution of conflict. His expertise and deep knowledge on a number of subjects is exceptional. For this reason, he is always a sought after guest by many media outlets including radio and television. Zomber holds an undergraduate and graduate degree from UCLA. He majored in Literature for his university studies.