A look into Betsy DeVos’s Philanthropic Efforts

A look into Betsy DeVos’s Philanthropic Efforts

Betsy DeVos is the current secretary of education in the Trump administration. She graduated with a BA from Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is daughter in law to Richard DeVos, co-founder of Amway and is estimated to be worth 1.25 billion dollars. Betsy DeVos together with her husband run Windquest Group, prior to her confirmation. It is dedicated to developing water solutions and clean energy in their hometown Michigan. She has been a long time Republican and has served in the Republican National Convention as both a delegate and as a statewide party chairwoman. During the Bush administration, Mrs. DeVos was on the National Senatorial Committee. She has also served on the boards of a myriad of charitable and civic organizations.

Betsy DeVos has been a vocal proponent of school vouchers and has worked in support of the growth of charter schools in order to reform the public education system. Both she and her husband are longtime benefactors to the Grand Rapids Christian Schools and Potter’s House, an urban Christian school. Half a decade ago they started America’s first aviation themed charter school at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. In 2013 the DeVoses donated 315,000 dollars to the school and the school’s first airplane. In addition to writing cheque, the fundraising effort that they undertook on behalf of the school draws contribution from people like former President George Bush. Over a third of students in this school are economically disadvantaged and 40% are minorities.

Next, to education, the next big focus of Betsy DeVos contributions Art and Culture. In 2015 both her and her husband contributed 2.4 million dollars of their total donations to the Arts. They had previously donated 22 million dollars to start the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the University of Maryland. Their main focus was to support the financial aspect of art organization led by Michael Kaiser. Other donations made by Mrs. DeVos include 1.8 million dollars for civic and community, 1.5 million dollars for leadership and development, 1.3 million dollars for Public Policy, 618,000 dollars for Health and Human Services and 488,000 dollars for churches.Mrs. DeVoses donations and philanthropic efforts are usually a no strings attached affair. Their only concern is whether the donation will make a difference. One example is their contribution to recruiting one of America’s best physician and researcher on childhood cancers to the Spectrum Health Foundation. The increase in survivals rate for children treated for neuroblastoma at the Helen DeVos Children hospital was enough returns for DeVoses donations. In 2015 alone the DeVoses made twice the number of charitable donations to their campaign contributions during the course of five years. In numbers that are $11.6 million to $5.3 million.

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The Launch of the Beyond the Darkness Program by the Jericho Network

The founder and CEO and Chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz has announced that the network will be launching a new program. The program, dubbed ‘Beyond the Darkness’, will be hosted on one of the stations part of the network, Chris Jericho’s Podcasts. The show is aimed at discussing the things that happen beyond the normal that is paranormal activities. The topics that will be discussed on the program include Ghosts, Ghouls, demons, angels, demons, monsters and other mysteries. Dave Schrader will host the talk and will be helped by Tim Dennis, a radio presenter. They have organized the program such that a new episode will be released every Monday on YouTube, the Podcast Network and also iTunes.

When the show host was talking about the exciting new show, he hinted that it would be very different from the normal WWE wrestling related shows. He made these comments a few weeks before the launch of the show. He was quick to state that one of their greatest gems as a company is Chris Jericho from the WWE Wrestling. In the past, Jericho has coordinated shows with ranking comedians and it will be refreshing to see how he will handle the new project that is dealing with the paranormal.

When Chris spoke about the program, he stated that he was both stocked and creeped out about the entire show. He confided that the decision to start airing content about the paranormal had come after the host of fans that entrusted them with information about things that happen in the otherworld. He expressed optimism that the network would gain a huge positive following and promised the prospective listeners that they would be really spooked in the process. This new program is something of a dream come true for the network because to start with, the following that Chris has in the WWE Network may be transferred to the new program, therefore establishing a good fanbase to start from.

About PodcastOne

PodcastOne is one of the leading advertisers for the national podcast network. The founder of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz, also founded WestwoodOne. The podcast network has been hosting some of the most popular podcasts from the present day. There are many high-ranking celebrities that have been hosted on the network. These include Terry Dubrow, Steve Austin, Ross Mathews, Dr. Drew and many others. There is a series of expansions that the company has been going through and all this is in the hope that it will get better ratings for the network.

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Avi Weisfogel – Strategies to Become Successful

Avi Weisfogel is the owner and the co-founder of a New Jersey-based firm; Dental Sleep Masters company. He is a scholar from Rutgers University where he earned BA in biology. Later, he pursued further studies at New York University College of Dentistry where he earned a doctorate degree (Doctor of dental science). He discovered sleep disturbed breathing while at the medical school and has maintained passion to help people in need. Since 1999, he has gained vast experience having managed Old Bridge Dental Care for more than 15 years. During his practice, he has discovered ways on how physicians and dentists can help patients who are suffering from sleep disorders.


Avi Weisfogel established Healthy Heart Sleep Company in 2010 where he worked with different physicians and advised them on different areas. Further, he founded Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient Company in 2012 where he started giving lectures to dentists. Dr. Avi Weisfogel works alongside with a dedicated team to provide high quality services to patients. Since 2014, he has been helping dentists on how to use oral appliances in the treatment of sleep disorders.


Through his in-depth knowledge he has helped patients who suffer from sleep apnea, snoring, and other sleep-related disorders secure treatment. In fact, he has developed unique methods of diagnosing and treating sleep disturbed breathing patients in United States. Weisfogel believes that you should keep yourself productive by pursuing that which you are passionate about. On the other hand, he says discipline is the key to success. Further, he believes the one thing that makes him a more productive entrepreneur is being able to take constructive criticism.

Josh Verne the Successful CEO of FlockU.com

Josh Verne is a businessman and an entrepreneur based in America. His vast companies have recorded impressive profits for quite a long time. He has run the home furniture line as the CEO and in his tenure the company was among the most successful companies doing furniture business in the USA. Being an aggressive entrepreneur Josh Verne diversified to another line of business, and in 2002 he launched another company Work pays me. He held the position of the company CEO, developed and implemented strategies that saw the company grow in a short period. The company was conducting its business online; it was an easy way for a person to make purchases and have them deducted from his/her payroll. In 2014 Global Analytics approached Josh Verne to sell his company to them, and since the terms they offered him were right, he sold the company for an undisclosed amount.

Josh Verne entrepreneurial journey never ends as he is always strategizing on how to increase his net worth. This motivation has made him launch FlockU.com a company in Pennsylvania. The company has created a platform where college and university students can be able to exchange educational content. Josh is the CEO of the business, and he has employed some people who assist him in running the company. He believes in being a job creator, and this is a trait he wants young people in the USA and all over the world to embrace.

Josh Verne has for over 20 years creating and selling businesses making him a reputable entrepreneur. His successful business history is very inspiring to people who want to make it in the business world. Josh Verne believes that for anyone to be successful, he/she needs to learn from individuals who have done business and made it in the business field. He is always passing valuable business lessons that he has learned over time. Josh believes that knowledge is the most powerful tool for business success.