Andrew Rolfe; a Chairman, a Leader, a Thinker

The article entitled Ubuntu Education Fund: Funding without strings, in the Financial times really goes deep into what it takes to run this non-profit organization The Ubuntu Education Fund is a non-profit community health, education and welfare organization that is based in the struggling Zwide, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. There are many heads and people keeping this organization afloat but one man in particular is it’s Chairman Andrew Rolfe. Andrew Rolfe basically makes sure the donations to the organization get there without any issues or delays. As chairman his job is extremely important. Chairman Andrew Rolfe has a mission to help people, he finds pleasure in giving back, and he has chosen to give back to the children in South Africa who need education desperately. The Ubuntu Fund works closely with families through its “Ubuntu Model” to develop plans for each individual child to get the education and stable surroundings to rise up out of poverty. This is why Andrew Rolfe is constantly working to improve social welfare, the issues in education, and health care in places like Cape Town and all over South Africa. People like Andrew Rolfe and everyone that has anything to do with the Ubuntu Fund believe that money should be given to non-profits like this with no questions being asked. Most donors try to make certain decisions about what the funds are spent on or where the funds will go, but at the Ubuntu Education Fund it is spent wherever the need is. The Ubuntu Fund is a great non-profit serving am exceptional need, the children of South Africa are in a constant struggle and things like education are their only way out.