Clay Siegall: More Than A Doctor

Throughout the years, talented people have come and gone. Every field of work has its own prodigies or people who excel above others of the same class. Cancer research is no difference as it is one of the most demanding industries on earth. Clay Siegall plays an important role in the biotech company’s success. Of course, he’s a doctor, but Siegall’s extensive background in education gives him additional titles such as:


  • Scientist
  • Author
  • Philanthropist
  • Patent Holder
  • Businessman


Clay Siegall is also the president and CEO of Seattle Genetics. This company specializes in developing antibody-based therapies as well as commercializing the therapies. It is one of the largest biotech companies in the world with over 1,000 employees.


Siegall has a strong passion for the work he does. The guy has raised millions of dollars, which goes into purchasing advanced equipment for fighting cancer. He also blogs on a regular basis, which keeps the general public “in the know” to what’s happening in the industry. Siegall speaks on a variety of topics when blogging. This includes cancer research, policies that affect the climate and astronomy. The guy is simply a well-rounded individual.


Seattle Genetics was founded back in 1998, and Siegall just so happens to be one of its founders. With a Ph.D in Genetics as well as a B.S. in Zoology, he has more than enough knowledge to handle this type of work. Bristol Myers Squibb and the National Cancer Institute have all benefited from his work. Siegall has also written over 70 publications, and he’s the current holder of at least 15 patents. This is the fight against cancer and nothing is left to chance. This is why Siegall and Seattle Genetics does everything in their power to slow the progression of this deadly disease.

Spotlight on Memorial Health CEO, Maggie Gill

Businesses are prone to a number of issues like fluctuations which are normally experienced in the healthcare industry. From time immemorial, this issue has been affecting the leaders involved in the healthcare industry. Maggie Gill, the current CEO of Memorial Health has encountered a number of these challenges and understands her responsibility during such adverse times having been in the industry for nearly two decades. Gill survived that long in the turbulent industry by ensuring that at all times her clients received the best of care and high quality services.

EON Health Partnership

Forging innovative partnerships has been a strong point that Maggie has used in the past in order to offer her clients the best services in healthcare. Memorial Health has in the recent past partnered with the Eon Health. The partnership will avail a fresh no-premium Medicare Advantage plan to be accompanied with affordable prescription co-payments. This plan will be enjoyed by clients who usually get Medicare in South Carolina and Georgia counties starting 2017. It is widely expected that the new plan will avail some services that are not usually given in such no-premium plans before like free transportation, dental and hearing. Gill explained that Memorial Health considered the focus that Eon Health has on the issue of preventive care. Maggie Gill hopes their focus on a healthy lifestyle will assist in making the plan a success.

On her view on Changes afflicting Health Care Industry

While addressing the board of Memorial Health on the changes that are been experienced by players in the industry, Maggie disclosed that it would bring about revenue loss. Already Memorial Health has seen its revenue dwindle recently. She informed the company about some ‘Pathways to Excellence’ program she took in July to help the company get $20 million every year. The plan has already seen nearly $12.6M in savings including $7.6 million in Premier Inc.

About Maggie Gill

Maggie Gill got into Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC) back in 2004 to act as the managed care/finance vice president. Maggie became the COO in 2005 before finally assuming the presidency and CEO of memorial Health in 2011. Gill is charged with providing leadership to all vice presidents, senior vice presidents and physician leaders.

Maggie used to be the CFO of Tenet South Florida Health System, a position she stayed in for 5 years. She is an alumnus of Florida State University where she graduated with a bachelor’s honors degree. She was then awarded an MBA from Saint Leo University, Florida.