Wengie Candy Makeup Recap

YouTube beauty blogger Wengie takes on a popular YouTube challenge. She creates a full face makeup look using only candy. Her makeup is inspired by the Suicide Squad character Harley Quinn.


She starts with “foundation.” She uses Wizz Fizz and applies it with a foundation brush to create a pale, white face like Harley Quinn’s. Next Wengie applies “eye shadow.” She uses pink lemonade and blue raspberry lemonade flavors of Kool-Aid and mixes it with a bit of water to create a paste. She stresses not to use too much because it really hurts if the Kool-Aid runs into your eyes. She also points out that Harley’s look is already messy so you don’t have to worry about perfect application. She rubs a wet brush on black licorice gum balls to get some black “eye shadow” to make a smoky look.


Wengie then applies winged “eyeliner” made from a melted 90% cocoa chocolate bar. She also uses the melted chocolate to fill in her eyebrows. Next Wengie applies “blush” by rubbing a wet brush onto a bright pink gumball. She then puts on “lip gloss” made by licking Skittles and rubbing them onto her lips. She also adds some of the Kool-Aid for a stronger color and makes the look glossy with a strawberry-flavored gel candy.


To complete her Harley Quinn look, Wengie uses more of the melted chocolate to draw a heart and the word “Rotten” on her cheek and puts her hair in pigtails. Throughout the video there are many candies that she tries to use that create the wrong color or no color at all.


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