Why Beauty Experts Are Addicted To Lime Crime Lipsticks


It’s hard to be innovative when creating a product like lipstick, a product which has been around for over one hundred years, existing in every color, finish, and application style possible. It is even harder to sell a product like lipstick online, as a consumer can’t see the product in person, or have the option to try it on like they could with a sample at a beauty counter.


Doe Deere, however, was thrilled by the challenge, and built an e-commerce empire around her creative and clever lip products, sold exclusively online. Today she is CEO of Lime Crime, her bold and creative cosmetics line, which features popular beauty products such as lipsticks, eyeshadows and nail polishes in fun, bright colors with dreamy, fantasy-inspired packaging.

Lime Crime has changed the game when it comes to lipsticks, using packaging which is eye-catching and highly whimsical. The product descriptions on Lime Crime’s website have an undeniable sense of humor, allowing customers to have fun while they shop. Lime Crime’s website is a very welcome change from those of high end beauty brands focused more on unattainable luxury rather than fun and playfulness.


Lime Crime’s best seller is its Unicorn Lipsticks, popular with YouTube makeup vloggers, which come in outstandingly bold colors, with packaging that features iridescent unicorns. The product, which has been blogged countless times by beloved beauty experts worldwide, showcases Deere’s clever understanding of the importance of branding and packaging. Her lipsticks don’t just change the color of one’s lips, but with their dream-like packaging and branding, her products allows you to enter a fantasy world.

Another highly successful Lime Crime product is its Velvetines line. These are matte lipsticks which, according to the website, are “inspired by rose petals.” The colors are dramatic, and the metallic red packaging again showcases Deere’s love for packaging that brightens the inside of any makeup bag.


Deere’s childlike sense of imagination has brought the company just as much success as the high quality of the products themselves. The company’s lipsticks are among the most coveted beauty products of cosmetics consumers of all ages, and the brand’s social media accounts boast remarkable numbers of loyal followers. The company will be releasing new lipstick products this year, which will no doubt become new fan favorites in no time.  You can find LimeCrime sales on their website, or from partners such as major retailer Urban Outfitters.

Lime Crime: Revolutionizing Makeup Since 2008

In the autumn of 2008, two weeks before Halloween, fashion blogger Doe Deere founded the company Lime Crime. The idea was procured by Deere’s inability to find cosmetics that matched in her level of eccentricity. She decided, if she couldn’t find one- she’d make one, and from a whole lot of glitter, flowers, and unicorn vectors– Lime Crime was born. It was a makeup brand that would focus on the ideals of being vegan and cruelty-free, and would be fueled by a fervor to create products for the quirky and unconventional. The concept took off quickly, and Lime Crime became synonymous with bold, bright, badass, and completely unapologetic.  Stores absolutely ate it up, and soon Lime Crime was featured on Urban Outfitters, and established themselves overseas in the UK through Love Makeup.

Electrically-charged textures, highly-pigmented hues, and eye-catching packaging quickly skyrocketed the cosmetics brand (which forayed under the equally attention-grabbing slogan, “So bright it’s illegal”) from an indie concept, to a front-runner franchise. The innovative ideas behind Deere’s products, from their vision to their names set her products apart and entice makeup lovers across the board. Think of foil eye-shadows and palettes named after goddesses. Imagine metallic, extraterrestrial lip colors in blue and rusted orange (listed by shades like “third eye” and “mirage”) alongside ultra-glittery gemstone glosses (called “Diamond Crushers”) chock-full of sparkle and iridescence. Or better yet, picture one of the brand’s most iconic, name-creating concoctions: the metallic velvetines– long lasting, highly pigmented matte lip colors that produce a vampy pout, and velvet (yes, velvet!) texture. Deere’s imaginative makeup musings are so fantastical, that she even goes as far as to create a story for each product– just proving how truly unique Lime Crime’s offerings really are.


Their offerings are not only unique, but safe and kind to animals too. Lime Crime’s products are good-to-go vegan, and certified so by both PETA and Leaping Bunny. The company remains a cult favorite, dedicated to fulfilling their mission of creating “makeup for unicorns”; i.e, makeup that doesn’t harm unicorns.


Deere’s futuristic rainbow of makeup magic can be purchased online, and in-store at retailers such as Urban Outfitters. You can join in on the makeup revolution stay updated with new looks, products, and projects by keeping up with Lime Crime’s internet presence (which is equally rainbow in color and shimmering in glitter) via their Facebook page for fans, the official LC Tumblr, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, and the ilovelimecrime blog where everything got its start.