Goettl Air Conditioning understands that comfortable living requires good heating and excellent air conditioning. For many years, it has provided the best air conditioning solutions for the people in Phoenix and other areas such as Las Vegas and Southern California. The Goettl Air Conditioning in Phoenix was formed after the great economic depression when the two brothers moved their operating base from Ohio to Arizona. It soon became one of the biggest dealers in cooling and heating technology with more than 100 patents. Years later, their grandsons Adam and Ted continued with their grandfather’s trend by running Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical which they founded and co-owned since 1987 to provide the people of Arizona with comfort in their homes.



Goettl Air Conditioning specializes in Indoor Air Quality, Heating, Air Conditioning, Heating Repair, Air Conditioning Repair and Commercial HVAC. They help install from a good duct system, a well-sealed off attic to a quality indoor air system to ensure that the house remains in comfortable conditions at every weather condition. The services they offer are of high quality and their customer service is of top rating which has enabled them to establish a good reputation among the people of Phoenix. They ensure that they match their customer’s houses with the right choice of cooling and heating technology that meets their economic and comfort needs. Most of the customers the company has served admit that Goettl Air Conditioning is the best provider of cooling and air conditioning services.



Goettl Air Conditioning continues to grow as evidenced by their most recent merge with Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air Conditioning. It can now access and serve more customers with their increase in employees and the number of trucks that will be under their company name after the merge. The merge is very ideal because the two companies deal in rental home & multi-family market and residential customers respectively. This will help them to establish more grounds in the southwest.




Ken Goodrich, the company’s owner, was among the first people to comment on the merger stating that the merger will be very beneficial to their customers. Stephen Gamst, a partner in Las Vegas Air, feels that the merger makes sense since the companies are all looking to improve their customer care. Gamst’s upbringing together with Goodrich has instilled in them the same values that would help them in the partnership. Together, the two have the ability to provide the best services to their customers.