Cassio Audi: The Brazilian Legendary Musician

Music never dies. Whether the composers die or change their careers, music remains long after them, and it continues to rock the world. This is the case with Cassio Audi and his former Viper band. Cassio Audi was formerly a band member of Viper, a prominent Brazilian music band before he decided to change his career in 1989.

Cassio Audi hails from Sao Paulo. Audi’s career kicked off as a music instrumentalist with Viper band while at the age of fifteen. He was the founding member of the band which was founded in 1985 along with Pit Passarell, Yves Passarell, Felipe Machado and Andre Machado. The band’s music genre was generally; thrash metal, heavy metal, and alternative rock.

The members of the band were a highly talented group of five teenagers of between thirteen to fifteen years who were influenced by Iron Maiden. The band recorded their first demo album in 1985. The album which was named The Killera Sword comprised of the title song, Signs of the Night the Nightmare and Killera Princess from Hell. In the album, Cassio Audi played the drums.

Viper’s first official album, Soldiers of Sunrise was recorded in 1987. The album comprised of songs such as Knights of Destruction, Signs of the Night, Nightmares and Soldiers of Sunrise. The band’s raw talent amazed many people, and the album became a big hit in the Brazilian music industry.

The Soldiers of Sunrise album was a big hit during the time and got the recognition of high-profile magazines like the Metal Hammer, Kerrang, and the Metal Forces. Due to the good performance of the album, the band was invited to perform during the opening of the Motorhead show and ever since the success of the band has been recognized both locally and internationally.

However, Cassio decided to leave the music career and pursue another career. He left the band in 1989 and enrolled in the Sao Paulo University where he graduated with a Business Administration degree. He has ever since become a successful businessman and has held many big positions in different companies. He still loves music and always spares some time from his busy schedule to enjoy music.

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