Advantages of NuoDB Technology

NuoDB technology can help users to migrate applications to the cloud and at the same time develop new applications within the same cloud. The technology can also be used in modernizing the existing applications in the cloud. The advantage of using NouDB technology is that it is elastically scalable, continuously available, and inexpensive. NouDB is a simple technology, and its advantage of being elastically scalable implies that the user can only add capacity when he or she need it. It does not have complex redundancy. By being continuously available, means that the architecture of NouDB cloud database can absorb outages, rolling upgrades, and failure. NouDB software will continue running despite the breaking in of new competitive apps.
NouDB technology is inexpensive because there is the aspect of lowered total cost when it comes to ownership. The upfront costs usually come with the increase in profits that are gained by new owners. The familiarity of SQL database and elastic scaling implies that the user will be in a position to minimize development and maintenance cost. Also, the system of the technology has sub-systems that control disaster recovery and redundancy, which in turn keeps the infrastructure of NouDB simple. Furthermore,the use of the hardware is very high. In that case, the user is never worried about hardware replacement.

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