A look into Betsy DeVos’s Philanthropic Efforts

A look into Betsy DeVos’s Philanthropic Efforts

Betsy DeVos is the current secretary of education in the Trump administration. She graduated with a BA from Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is daughter in law to Richard DeVos, co-founder of Amway and is estimated to be worth 1.25 billion dollars. Betsy DeVos together with her husband run Windquest Group, prior to her confirmation. It is dedicated to developing water solutions and clean energy in their hometown Michigan. She has been a long time Republican and has served in the Republican National Convention as both a delegate and as a statewide party chairwoman. During the Bush administration, Mrs. DeVos was on the National Senatorial Committee. She has also served on the boards of a myriad of charitable and civic organizations.

Betsy DeVos has been a vocal proponent of school vouchers and has worked in support of the growth of charter schools in order to reform the public education system. Both she and her husband are longtime benefactors to the Grand Rapids Christian Schools and Potter’s House, an urban Christian school. Half a decade ago they started America’s first aviation themed charter school at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. In 2013 the DeVoses donated 315,000 dollars to the school and the school’s first airplane. In addition to writing cheque, the fundraising effort that they undertook on behalf of the school draws contribution from people like former President George Bush. Over a third of students in this school are economically disadvantaged and 40% are minorities.

Next, to education, the next big focus of Betsy DeVos contributions Art and Culture. In 2015 both her and her husband contributed 2.4 million dollars of their total donations to the Arts. They had previously donated 22 million dollars to start the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the University of Maryland. Their main focus was to support the financial aspect of art organization led by Michael Kaiser. Other donations made by Mrs. DeVos include 1.8 million dollars for civic and community, 1.5 million dollars for leadership and development, 1.3 million dollars for Public Policy, 618,000 dollars for Health and Human Services and 488,000 dollars for churches.Mrs. DeVoses donations and philanthropic efforts are usually a no strings attached affair. Their only concern is whether the donation will make a difference. One example is their contribution to recruiting one of America’s best physician and researcher on childhood cancers to the Spectrum Health Foundation. The increase in survivals rate for children treated for neuroblastoma at the Helen DeVos Children hospital was enough returns for DeVoses donations. In 2015 alone the DeVoses made twice the number of charitable donations to their campaign contributions during the course of five years. In numbers that are $11.6 million to $5.3 million.

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