Christanna Bevin Makes Managing Look Easy

Christanna Bevin has experience in various areas of the business world. In all fields that she has worked in she has been a success. She went to school at the Australian Institute of Business and in 2015 she graduated with a masters in Business Admiration. She then went on to work as the site administrator for the company Stork for a period of 6 months. She has worked as a contact administrator for the UGL Limited corporation from July 2003 until December 2003. Because she is always looking for a way to make herself better, she has started to make progress in the engineering sector for a cost engineer. While she worked in this sector, she was involved in the care of various pipe racks as well as generation of power. Once she was involved in this area, she opted to take the promotion to control manager. While in this sector, she was involved in the delivery and commissioning contracts that are involved in the business. She also implemented the use of Alcoa PEU.

Working in the USA has not left Christanna limiting herself in this area of her career. She has visited and stayed in various areas around the world. She has worked as a specialist in many sectors and in 2005, Christina Bevin made the move to Western Australia in order to work for the Kellog Brown and Root company as a Senior Project control specialist. In a few short months of working there, she was offered a job at another business where she would review existing contract, monitor the cost and planning and preparing of the improvements made to the Olympic Dam Site.

In August of the year 2007, Christanna relocated into the country of Bulgaria. Here she worked as the project control manager once more for the Chelopech Mining EAD. She was in charge of the control for the projects, the managing of contracts and commercials with the aid of the team of only 9 personnel. She worked in the auditing and data interrogation systems for the business. In December 2009 she left after servicing them for 2 years and 5 months.


Ricardo Tosto: Transforming the legal system in Brazil

The legal system and its operations could be frustrating sometimes. If you are talking a country like Brazil, the situation can’t get worse. With thousands of pending cases, inhuman workload and prolonged waiting, the legal system in this country has reached its breaking point where people would like to settle out of the court just to avoid the harassment. However, the situation is changing to a positive side with new amendments in the legal framework, new law schools and a few charismatic lawyers like Ricardo Tosto.

The present Brazilian law in effect is derived from Portuguese, French, Italian and German Civil law which is based on statutes and more recently súmula vinculin, the rule set in a prior legal case and governed by the Federal Constitution aka supreme law which is in force since 1988. There are hundreds of law schools in Brazil and a course in law is considered as a prestigious opportunity for the students. It takes almost five years to complete the law course in the law school, and the students need to pass the examination of Bar Association Council before they can commence law practice.

As off 2010, there were around 621,885 lawyers in Brazil. They were struggling to cope with case counts. However, the present generation of lawyers with a new drive under the leadership of Ricardo Tosto are now trying to change the situation. Ricardo Tosto completed his Bachelor degree in Law from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie and Extension, Business Administration from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado. He has been practicing law for more than 25 years, and he has become one of the most noteworthy leaders and strategists in Brazilian legal system. He started his career working in a small law office. But later on, he moved to one of the most prestigious law firms and eventually started his law firm which is now largest in the country.

In addition to defending public personalities and companies, he played an influential role in adopting a number of legal mechanisms that modernized the legal system in Brazil. He was involved with a number high-profile court cases, and he is highly regarded for his expertise and knowledge on the legal framework. He is now mentoring his partners who started as an intern in his firm and regularly provides strategic direction and guidance to deal with cases in the court.

Chris Burch Understands Business

The fashion world is a unique and special environment. The rules of fashion are vastly different than the rules for almost all business areas. The rules of fashion are not carved in stone. Fashion rules are based on whatever is popular. As a result, what was out of fashion one year my make a fashion statement the next year. There are no set rules regarding fashion. The imagination of the fashion designer is in full view for the world to see and enjoy.


Technology is very different than fashion. Fashion has very few rules that are used and even fewer that are followed. However, technology is based on rules. What can be done and not done is based on various scientific and universal methods of operations. This is what makes a pairing of technology and fashion such an interesting concept because the idea of no rules and defined rules meet in one place. Technology is all about establishing what can be done and what cannot be done. Fashion is all about breaking fashion rules to accomplish the next fashion look.


The meeting of technology and fashion has been an ongoing adventure for decades. Various designers have taken the chance to weave aspects of technology into their designs. While the concept is different and far removed from what fashion tends to give the public, the blending of technology and fashion has made for some interesting fashion statements.


Combining the popularity of fashion with the popularity of technology has made numerous fashion designers stand out from the crowd. Some of the fashion statements made with the use of technology have been well received. A businessman who knows a lot about business success is Chris Burch.


The business world is a place where people can bring ideas to the market along with a high level of energy to make extremely popular products or services. Fashion and technology both are areas of the business world that Chris Burch intimately understands from conducting business in both sectors.


Starting back in the mid 1970s, Chris Burch has made great decisions regarding business. He has demonstrated an understanding of business that is well respected by many people in the business world. An investment portfolio that has become famous for the sheer number of business success stories that it contains, Chris Burch is a businessman who understands the core concepts and functions that must be met to make a business successful.



Maggie Gill’s Climb to the Top: The CEO and President of Memorial Health Care

Maggie Gill, president and CEO of Memorial Health based in Savannah, Georgia, has had quite an illustrious career over the years. After earning her BS degree from Florida State University and Masters from Saint Leo University in Florida, Gill served in many roles in the healthcare industry before being named the president and CEO of Memorial health.

Gill began her journey with Memorial Health by serving as the vice president of finance/managed the care of the Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC) in 2004. She was then promoted to Chief Operating Officer in 2005. While serving as CEO, Maggie Gill led many initiatives that expanded clinical services, physician-led Centers of Excellence, and new facilities. After a remarkable year, she became the interim chief financial officer in 2006 where she set and goal and successfully yielded nearly $30 million in annualized cost savings for the hospital. After consistently delivering great results, in 2011, Gill was finally named President and CEO of Memorial Health.

Gill was recently recognized by Becker’s Hospital Review as one of “135 Nonprofit Hospital and Health System CEOs to know.” Memorial Health also earned awards from the Georgia Medical Society as part of its 16th Annual Healthcare Heroes Awards. Memorial Health’s team won seven awards, nominated for six different categories including health care education, health care innovation, institution, community outreach, physician achievement, and allied health professionals.

Although Gill has achieved a tremendous amount of success at Memorial Health, she has no plans to stop anytime soon. She is currently working on a collaboration between Eon Health and MUMC, which together have launched a new Medicare Advantage Plan aiming to serve clients across various counties across Georgia and South Carolina. The partnership is set to begin on January 1, 2017, during open enrollment period, and planning and work for the initiative is already underway. What is critical about this new advantage plan is the amount of savings involved; they will be offering plans that consist of zero-dollar premiums as well as pharmacy benefits. Moreover, they also come with lowered co-pays, which is great news in light of the news of rising premiums over the past year. Other advantages attached to these plans include dental benefits, hospital benefits, hearing benefits, transportation benefits, and member rewards program. By offering benefits across several fields of the healthcare industry, Maggie Gill’s next steps involve increasing healthcare access and focusing on preventative care. With this collaboration between Memorial Health and Eon Health, she is hopeful that many patients benefit from these changes and can lead healthy lifestyles for years to come.

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Success And Background

Dr. Jennifer Walden has not only been very successful as a surgeon, but she has also gotten a lot of recognition for the contributions she has made in the industry. She has gained a lot of experience with the use of her creativity in coming up with better solutions. One thing she was always interested in besides cosmetic surgery was finding better solutions to the deal. For one thing, people who decided to go for a procedure often set themselves up for certain issues such as side effects and other complications from procedures that go wrong. Jennifer Walden has taken the time to make sure that she came up with ways to reduce the chance of any bad side effects.


She has not only done a lot of work as a surgeon in a successful manner, but she has gained recognition for her efforts. She has featured in plenty of media. She has not only written parts of textbooks for cosmetic surgery, but she has also commentated on shows. One publication she was featured in was the Daily Mail. The author has gone into her accomplishments and why she is someone who is worth visiting when it comes to surgical procedures.


Dr. Walden has gotten extensive education in New York when she has studied at the Manhattan Eye, Ear And Throat Hospital under Dr. Sherrell Aston. She has stayed on after her fellowship to learn even more about the industry. She has eventually gained enough experience to start her own practice. She has used her ideas and her skills to good effect. This has gained her a lot of recognition and recommendations from people. She eventually has moved back to Austin, TX to live with her sons. She has also opened up a practice in Austin so that she could continue to practice surgical procedures.

Lime Crime: Revolutionizing Makeup Since 2008

In the autumn of 2008, two weeks before Halloween, fashion blogger Doe Deere founded the company Lime Crime. The idea was procured by Deere’s inability to find cosmetics that matched in her level of eccentricity. She decided, if she couldn’t find one- she’d make one, and from a whole lot of glitter, flowers, and unicorn vectors– Lime Crime was born. It was a makeup brand that would focus on the ideals of being vegan and cruelty-free, and would be fueled by a fervor to create products for the quirky and unconventional. The concept took off quickly, and Lime Crime became synonymous with bold, bright, badass, and completely unapologetic.  Stores absolutely ate it up, and soon Lime Crime was featured on Urban Outfitters, and established themselves overseas in the UK through Love Makeup.

Electrically-charged textures, highly-pigmented hues, and eye-catching packaging quickly skyrocketed the cosmetics brand (which forayed under the equally attention-grabbing slogan, “So bright it’s illegal”) from an indie concept, to a front-runner franchise. The innovative ideas behind Deere’s products, from their vision to their names set her products apart and entice makeup lovers across the board. Think of foil eye-shadows and palettes named after goddesses. Imagine metallic, extraterrestrial lip colors in blue and rusted orange (listed by shades like “third eye” and “mirage”) alongside ultra-glittery gemstone glosses (called “Diamond Crushers”) chock-full of sparkle and iridescence. Or better yet, picture one of the brand’s most iconic, name-creating concoctions: the metallic velvetines– long lasting, highly pigmented matte lip colors that produce a vampy pout, and velvet (yes, velvet!) texture. Deere’s imaginative makeup musings are so fantastical, that she even goes as far as to create a story for each product– just proving how truly unique Lime Crime’s offerings really are.


Their offerings are not only unique, but safe and kind to animals too. Lime Crime’s products are good-to-go vegan, and certified so by both PETA and Leaping Bunny. The company remains a cult favorite, dedicated to fulfilling their mission of creating “makeup for unicorns”; i.e, makeup that doesn’t harm unicorns.


Deere’s futuristic rainbow of makeup magic can be purchased online, and in-store at retailers such as Urban Outfitters. You can join in on the makeup revolution stay updated with new looks, products, and projects by keeping up with Lime Crime’s internet presence (which is equally rainbow in color and shimmering in glitter) via their Facebook page for fans, the official LC Tumblr, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, and the ilovelimecrime blog where everything got its start.

ClassDojo expands to 90% of U.S. schools

ClassDojo, a free Smartphone app that connects teachers, parents and children, announced recently that it is now being used in over 90% of U.S. schools. This is a remarkable feat for a company less than 5 years old. ClassDojo is now positioned to become the primary social networking app for K-8 classrooms the nation over. And according to many teachers and parents, that’s good news.

Creating positive learning environments through fun interaction

The ClassDojo app recently unveiled its mascot. Mojo The Monster, is but one of a cadre of animated characters who seek to instill life lessons through videos and interactive software. Kids love it and at the same time these interactive media teach life skills like empathy, and an education-oriented mindset.

The fun, cartoonish interface has proven to be a major hit with children using the app. This is in stark contrast to other similar apps which have been geared towards teachers and parents, featuring businesslike interfaces that are not kid-friendly.

There really isn’t anything else like ClassDojo currently on the market. Part of the reason for this is probably that even though ClassDojo is now present in virtually every elementary school in the country, they still haven’t settled on a permanent business model. Thus far, the company has stayed funded primarily through the $31 million in venture capital that it raised in its first two years. Eventually, ClassDojo management says that it will generate revenues through offering premium features to parents. Management plans to always keep the app free for teachers.

About ClassDojo

Founded in 2011 by entrepreneurs Sam Chaudry and Liam Don, @ClassDojo sought to fill a void in social networking that existed between parents, teachers and students in K-8 classrooms. Originally envisioned as a sort of Facebook for elementary school students, the idea evolved towards a means by which parents and teachers could stay in continuous communication. It also allows for parents to virtually participate in their student’s school days, seeing their classwork in real time and even video highlights from class presentations or projects.

Over the first two years, ClassDojo accumulated $31 million in venture capital. This allowed them to focus on getting the applications out to teachers across the country. Teachers turned out to be the greatest sales force of products . Once a teacher is on board, the parents and children quickly adopt the user-friendly technology. Using this teacher-first strategy, ClassDojo grew from no users to being used in over 90% of U.S. schools by the start of 2016. The company aims to continue growing the product and expanding its use within these existing client schools by always keeping the app free for teachers, focusing the creation of profit centers instead on features that will add value for parents.


Avi Weisfogel: His Dentist Career Coupled up with His Love for Music

Avi Weisfogel has much of his time spent seeking sleep solutions for his patients through dentistry. When Avi Weisfogel is not working, he enjoys following the current events about the New York Hockey Rangers team. For this year, the team is planning to host a camp of hockey for its young generation of fans.


The Youth Rangers Hockey Camp is part of their go-stake program which seeks to inspire young talents and educate the children on the importance of the sport. For all these years, the team has gathered combined efforts and reached more than 10,000 children from all-over the country.


The upcoming 2016 youth camp, is a week-long training program for all players under the age of 15. August and July will form the season of training. The youngsters will use the team’s training facility to get direction from various hockey professionals from the country. The camp promised to engage in age-appropriate training missions to foster determination from the coaching staff, alumni, and other practitioners in that field. Students will also get a chance to interact with the current Hockey players.


Since 2014, Avi Weisfogel has served as the private dentist and co-founder of the Dental Sleep asters (DSM). This is a dentist firm dedicated to helping professionals and oral patients’ improve their practice and business dealings. For the patients, this is one of the latest technology to help them deal with sleep problems associated with oral health. The dentist is taught on the need to use oral health tools in treating the patients. While Avi Weisfogel continues to manage the Dental Sleep Masters Company, he is active in this industry through his diplomat position in the American Dental Sleep Medicine Academy.


The Dental Sleep Medicine for the American Academy has been in operation for over 25 years with its primary objective to improve the treatment methods for snoring, sleep apnea, and other sleep-related conditions. From 2013, this American-based organization had its membership multiplied by a factor of 10 as one of leading foundations in the United States. In 2016, the team held its 25th anniversary in Colorado. Thousands of professions were in attendance.


Securus Takes Video Visitation Beyond State Lines

Earlier this month Securus Technologies announced an aggressive campaign that will take its Video Visitation services to correctional facilities across the country.


From now until the end of December, Securus will feature Video Visitation in an ad campaign that will broaden its visibility to the civilian population. The intended goal, according to Richard A. Smith, Chairman and CEO of Securus Technologies, is to show their tech solution to in-person meeting, which connects more than 160,000 inmates with loved ones per month, as a communication method to many who may not have heard of it before.


Though Securus is one of the lead providers of tech solutions to law enforcement in North America, Smith is quick to point out that his company has no say in how correctional facilities schedule visitation privileges to their respective inmate populations. Being on site is up to the discretion of judicial and enforcement authorities. This makes Video Visitation a modern and elegant solution to time constraints that could otherwise negatively impact the lives of civilians attempting to communicate with family and friends serving a sentence.


Though the service isn’t without detractors, Securus maintains that in an age with services like Skype, where communication is made more immersive through video and is instantaneous, being without the option to utilize technology could result in being cut off from family abruptly. Video Visitation, Smith argues, is a solution that allows for steady communication between prison and civilian populations in a way that doesn’t impede on the correctional nature of serving a sentence.

About Securus Technologies:

Operating out of Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies and has risen to be one of the premiere tech solutions providers to law enforcement agencies and correctional institutions across North America. With more than 1.2 million inmates living in facilities serviced by their products, Securus has been called on to relay public safety information, assist in coordinating emergency responses, handle incident management, conduct biometric analysis, and monitor prison populations to ensure surrounding communities can enjoy relative peace and safety.