The Effective Use of SEO Keywords

To truly succeed, an online business absolutely must know how to effectively use SEO keywords. White Shark Media says that the absolute most important thing for on online business looking for success is a good SEO strategy with great keywords. The interaction of SEOs with keywords is not the same as it was at one time. SEO use of these keywords has evolved over time. The old way was to stuff as many keywords in your description to get as high a spot as possible on search engines. This method started working less and less, so online businesses started changing how they worked. This was actually a good thing.

The old way of doing this was never really reliable or trustworthy for searching things anyway because even words that didn’t have anything to do with the product were stuffed into the description, page title, and page content for SEO reasons. Although the methods are quite a bit different, a key question still remains: How many keywords should you use? The temptation is to revert back to the keyword stuffing with search engine optimization in mind. The better and newer method is to use limited and strategic keyword with your customers in mind.

You want to use your keywords in your meta description and two or three times in your page content. You should also use your keywords in your images. You just don’t need to overuse these pertinent keywords. Make extra sure you have enough and just delete those you don’t need. You can know it’s too much if your keywords are so crowded that they make it look like a string of nonsense.

This is White Shark Media’s advice and when they give advice on SEO, blog and website designers would do well to listen. White Shark Media is a very experienced and knowledgeable Digital Marketing Agency that gives the top online marketing solutions and advice in North America. Their very sound guidance in this area is the primary reason they are the largest and most respected businesses in the SEO industry. White Shark Media not only offers world class SEO advice, but it offers world-class online marketing tools as well. These tools include such things as keyword-level call tracking, Google Analytics, and reporting software.

There Are Still Some Assisted Living Facilities Dedicated To Providing Top Level Care


The Manse on Marsh facility is shaping up to be one of the very best assisted living communities in the entire nation, as they have shown more passion and dedication for providing the highest level of care for their residents than anywhere else. The community also won the Caring Star award, for the second year in a row, which is testament to the high ratings the facility receives.

In order to qualify and win an award like the Caring Star, an assisted living facility must have and overall rating of at least 4-stars, while having at least one rating that is 5-star. On top of this they can have no negative reviews or unresolved with their residents. This was no problem for the Manse on Marsh facility, as their customers have expressed nothing but delight and they’ve received many 5-star ratings. Winning this award shows the surrounding community that Manse on Marsh is a company that can be trusted and performs excellent care and living maintenance for their residents.

The Manse on Marsh Facility offers a unique and resident friendly Care plan that allows residents to pick any services they want, while excluding the ones they don’t want so they do not have to pay for them. Residents are on a points based system for the required care. Just a few of their services include cleaning and laundry, medication management, grooming and bathing, reminders, transportation, and much more. At all times there are nurses at the community and a number of social activities for residents to participate in and enjoy entertainment.

California is where the Manse on Marsh facility calls home, specifically in San Luis Obispo. The facility is located within a walking distance to many different convenient places as well, such as a church, bookstore, and restaurant. The community also offers a variety of different housing options for their residents, including private homes. Whatever a resident may needs, Manse on Marsh is sure to have it.  But don’t take their word for it, do your research! See what real people who have been there are saying on Yelp.


7 Most Exciting Fall NYC Luxury Real Estate Projects

TOWN Residential is one of the foremost names in NYC luxury real estate and delivers the best-in-class customer service. An integral part of New York’s competitive real estate landscape, TOWN Residential has their finger on the pulse of the most exciting upcoming NYC luxury apartment real estate projects. Without further adieu, TOWN Residential brings you the “7 Most Exciting Fall NYC Luxury Real Estate Projects.”

1) The Rezoning Of East Midtown – Zoning codes have not been updated in East Midtown since 1961 and it shows. However, a comprehensive and complex proposal to allow new development in the historic commercial district was recently initiated by the Department of City Planning. However, before any serious building can begin, the proposal will need to survive a further review process, including approval by the mayor and City Council.

2) One Vanderbilt – With only one commercial lease signed so far, the 1,500-foot-tall tower boasts an impressive 1.6 million square feet.

3) 28 Liberty St. And 550 Madison Ave. – These two first-class towers will be put to the test with steep competition in the surrounding Midtown area. 28 Liberty, formerly Chase Plaza, has One million square feet available. 550 Madison, formerly Sony tower, is totally vacant and offers 850,000 square feet of usable space.

4) Two World Trade Center – Larry Silverstein has his sights on cementing his legacy with the WTC’s final planned tower.

5) The “Marseillaise” – The unveiling of a colossal $200 million sculpture, envisioned by British artist Thomas Heatherwick, will complete a central part of Hudson Yards’ immense public plaza. The plaza is also cited to include a number of restaurants curated by Thomas Keller and a Neiman Marcus.

6) Durst’s Harlem – Douglas Durst has his eyes set on a large development site located at 1800 Park Ave. Foundation was formerly laid at the site for a planned apartment project which subsequently fell through.

7) Second Avenue Subway – This 4.5 billion project aims to extend the Q line to East 96th Street. However, the MTA’s newest line is projected by auditors not to meet its December deadline.

Austin, Texas Leads the Nation in Eco-Friendly Laundromats

An eco-friendly laundromat craze is sweeping nation by storm. Nowhere is this fact more prominent than in Austin, Texas, where businesses serving this niche have begun to create large, loyal clientele. Indeed, for the last decade, Austin has been in the process of a complex endeavor to become a “green city”, in general; thus, sustainable, green laundromats – which feature top of the line name brands, such as Electrolux – have already become common sightings around town.

Among the leading brands of eco-friendly laundromats is arguably Austin, Texas’ premier laundry facility, Laundry Works, which is located at 606 West 29th Street, Austin, Texas 78705. Since their founding in 2013, Laundry Works has taken the initiative to expand nationwide and is considered the among first 5-star laundromat chains in the United States. As pioneers of their industry, Laundry Works has established a customer-friendly setting in which state of the art equipment meets basic user requirements. Even the befuddled working dad, who is occasionally forced, against his will, to partake in laundry duty, will find this atmosphere significantly less daunting. Yet – in the event that Dad finds laundry duty to be utterly intolerable, nonetheless – Laundry Works has a team of in-house professionals that will handle everything for him. Their Wash & Fold service is exceptional as is the equipment and soaps used to process each and every order.  No order will ever be mixed in with another person’s order so you will never have to worry about someone else’s dirty laundry being mixed in with yours.  Additionally, if you cannot make it into the Austin laundromat with your laundry, Laundry Works also overs great Valet Pickup and Drop-off service.

Laundry Works prides themselves on using only the highest quality brands. For example, their Electrolux washers and dryers are the industry standard in delivering the cleanest clothes with the lowest possible carbon footprint. Every piece of equipment at Laundry Works will utilize less water and less energy than the competition, while ensuring a faster and more thorough wash. Thus, from the travelling businessman to the local soccer mom, Austin, Texas is proving itself to be a burgeoning niche for Laundry Works to thrive. Indeed, featuring top-tier quality and an always-pristine environment, Laundry Works is raising the bar nationwide on eco-friendly laundromat services.

Minra Therapeutics Appoints Clay Siegall to Its Board

Renowned bio technologist Clay Siegall, has been appointed to the board of Minra Therapeutics. Dr. Siegall will serve the board as an autonomous director. Founded in 2007, the Texas-based company focuses on the advancement of microRNA in the field of biotechnology. For the past few years, it has also been dedicated to cancer research, an area that Dr. Siegall is well-versed in. his experience and expertise will therefore, boost Minra’s efforts.

Since its formation, Minea Therapeutics has gained market dominance due to its ability to develop products that address the needs of the market. The firm boosts the services of renowned researchers, who play a significant role in the advancement of top-notch products. The dedication that it has towards innovation has seen it come up with products that have fully been integrated into cancer therapies offered throughout the world. With the addition of Dr. Siegall, Minra Therapeutics boasts an experienced and competent board, which will ultimately guide it towards greater heights.

Important Notes about ClaySiegall

Dr. Siegall is one of the most prolific biotechnologists in the United States. His name is synonymous with Seattle Genetics, a biotechnology firm that he co-founded in 1998 with the aim of advancing cheaper, advanced, and more pragmatic cancer therapies. Siegall’s proactive approach to research and entrepreneurship has seen him become the company’s bedrock. He not only leads its business operations, but also its scientific research teams. Therapies that have emerged from the company’s remarkable production line are currently used to treat cancer in over 70 countries.

Seattle Genetics was catapulted into the limelight following the advancement of world-renowned cancer therapy, ADCETRIS, which is its top product. The firm has similarly produced a number of therapies, which are available in different parts of the world. However, its ascent to the top of the biotechnology world has been buoyed by Dr. Siegall’s extensive networks, which have enabled him to seek funding from various sources. Over 675 million dollars has been channeled towards research, and the construction of the ultra-modern facility in Washington, which houses the company. Dr. Siegall studied at George Washington University, and the University of Maryland. He is a board director of several notable pharmaceutical companies.


Brian Torchin Brings Innovation To Staffing

Brian Torchin is a managing partner of a firm that provides healthcare staffing solutions. They provide consultation and search services for those who seek to apply their skill set in the healthcare sector.

Often described as being able to provide comprehensive solutions, Brian Torchin strives to consistently provide healthcare organizations seeking help a qualified pool of candidates to choose from.

Torchin is detail-oriented. he is driven by a positive outlook in the business world even when the economy is sluggish. He has always believed in building long-term client relationships and maintaining a balance between the desires of the employer and job seeker.

Brian Torchin has developed an international base of two hundred clients in the United States, Canada, Asia, Australia, and Europe, He has also maintained collaborations with several organizations involved in healthcare, including private practices and urgent care centers.

Hospitals are working to integrate services, and reduce their the cost of care. At the same time, they are trying to raise the satisfaction level experienced by patients. Mr. Torchin believes that you must stay knowledgeable on trends in competitive compensation.

This, he feels, is pertinent for health systems. Allowing them to attract the talent they need to improve and grow. while at the same time ensuring appropriate compensation is maintained. This will let them maximize their financial resources.

In the time since the private firm was founded, Brian Torchin has remained committed to being a team player. He has applied the methods of consultation to offer his clients the fastest, and most efficient solutions while remaining available to answer any questions or requests posed by clients.  Read more on Brian’s official website.