The Dorchester Collection: One of the Better Luxury Hotels

The Dorchester Collection is a group of luxury hotels that were founded in 2006. Some of the best hotels in the USA and Europe are included in this collection. These hotels are well-known within their industry as being one of the best of the best. These hotels are the epitome of elegance and some of the most historical hotels are included in this portfolio as well.

The Dorchester Collection is presently owned by the Brunei Investment Agency, which is an arm of the finance department of the Arabian country of Brunei. At present the Dorchester Collection encompasses ten different hotels, including the following:

  • The Dorchester (London, England)

The Dorchester Hotel, from which the group gets its name, was actually purchased about twenty years before the Dorchester Collection was formed. The group did have its roots and beginnings in this purchase.

  • 45 Park Lane (London, England)

This addition was acquired in 2011 and is notable for being the smallest hotel in collection at only 45 rooms. This is one of three hotels that the Dorchester Collection manages in England.

  • Coworth Park (London, England)

This example was purchased by the Dorchester Collection in 2008. The hotel was closed for renovations for a few years and was reopened in 2010.

  • Hotel Principe Di Savoia (Milan, Italy)

This hotel, located in one of Italy’s largest cities, was purchased in 2003.

  • Hotel Eden (Rome)

This hotel was purchased in 2013 and is the newest addition to the Dorchester Collection.

  • Le Richmond (Geneva)

This hotel, which was purchased in this classic European city in Switzerland in 2011 is world famous for being the oldest hotel in Geneva.

  • Le Meurice (Paris)
  • The Plaza Anthenee (Paris)

Both of these hotels were purchased by the group before it was known as the Dorchester Collection in 1997. These French hotels both have what is called “Palace distinction” which means that they are considered among the very best hotels in the whole entire country. At present only eight hotels in France have gotten this distinction.

  • The Beverly Hills Hotel (Beverly Hills, CA)

This hotel was purchased in 1995.

  • Hotel Bel-Air (Los Angeles)

Finally, the Hotel Bel-Air was purchased by this group in 2008 and underwent extensive renovations, reopening in 2011.

Stranger Pays For His Waiter’s Dental Care

A man who works as a server at a diner was given a very generous gift by a stranger. Brian Maxiner is the name of the man who works at the Doo-Dah diner and has struggled with having major dental problems all of his life. He has been working really hard to earn the insurance to get this problem fixed, but hasn’t been able to do so.

According to an article found on reddit and written by People Magazine, that my BMG colleague showed me, the customer of the diner has Brian for a server and decided to brighten his day with a more than generous tip. Fred Boettcher, an attorney, went up to the manager of the diner and told him that he noticed that his server had some teeth problems and would love to help. He told him that he had been fortunate in his life to get everything he needs and would love to pay it forward. Maxiner was ecstatic to learn that this kind man was going to help him out in a huge way and gladly accepted. Now, Maxiner is smiling from ear to ear with a nice new pair of teeth.

If it wasn’t for generous people like Boettcher in the world, the plant would be a much worse place. It is that kind of kindness and caring that people need to see more of and hopefully Maxiner and everyone else on Earth will be able to help others too.

The Tenacity of the Antique Wine Company

Over the years wines may come and go, but there are few companies that sell wines and continue to remain relevant. The Antique Wine Company is one such organization that has become a staple for wine lovers. It has emerged from humble beginnings to become a global brand, and founder Stephen Williams plays a major part in this success of this organization.

What has made the Antique Wine Company popular is the diverse number of wines that are actually offered by this organization. It is wine merchant that has more than 8,000 wines and spirits. This is a company that has managed to offer expensive wines, provide VIP services and help people design cellars. This company has managed to build an audience because the leader has managed to cater to lots of services associated with wine. This is the type of company that can provide wine storage. It can also help people sell wine. It is a company that does more that sell. That is what gives it the global appeal that it has obtained.

The Antique Wine Company has managed to become the ultimate source of luxury gifts for wine lovers. So many people utilize this company because there are a lot of different wines that one can give as a gift. It is the type of company that has managed to thrive because the leader knows what he is doing. He has managed to find the leaders that shared his vision. This has allowed Williams to establish the type of company that has become well respected. It has stood the test of time and risen about other wine merchants precisely because of the strong leadership.

So many people that have become fans of the Antique Wine Company have remained loyal to this organization because this merchant provides quality. The vintage wines are the ultimate signs of quality that this merchant has become known for. The wide spectrum of wines that are offered makes it easy for the AWC to continue as a global leader.

Stephen Williams has worked hard to build a company with employees that are passionate about their work. They obviously like what they do, and their love for the work plays an important part in the success of this company. The Antique Wine Company is a strong company that has managed to build a customer base and earn respect on global levels.

Deadly Mine Explosion Occurs in Rebel Held City of Donetsk

A deadly mine explosion has occurred today on March 4th, 2015 in the rebel controlled city of Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine. The blast took place at the Zasyadko mine on the outer fringes of the city of Donetsk. One person has been confirmed dead so far. At first, a parliamentary speaker in Kiev reported that at least 32 people have been killed. The speaker in Parliament then took his statement back and said only one has been confirmed dead and the whereabouts of about 30 miners is still not known.  Ricardo Guimarães, my coworker at BMG says you can see the video clip on YouTube.

The Zasyadko mine is a coal mine on the outskirts of Donetsk. It is one of the largest coal mines in Ukraine. Despite the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, it has remained in operation with hundreds of workers laboring deep underground to dig out coal. The Zasyadko mine has had previous accidents that had claimed people’s lives. In 2007, a methane gas explosion occurred at the mine that killed 101 workers. The blast in 2007 at Zasyadko mine, was the worst mining disaster in the history of Ukraine.

Today’s explosion at Zasyadko mine in Donetsk is also believed to be have caused by a methane gas explosion. The mine has a high level of methane gas, which has been responsible for previous accidents at the mine. No fighting has taken place near the mine for several days. The possibility of the mine explosion as a result of shelling and bombardment due to fighting has been ruled out. Rescue crews from Donetsk and other regions of Eastern Ukraine are at the sight and trying to dig out the unaccounted for miners. The rebels have denied aid workers and police units from Kiev to come to the assistance of the trapped miners.

Man sells Valentine’s Day reservations on Craigslist


A local resident in St. Louis has found that selling restaurant reservations for Valentine’s Day on craigslist has become very beneficial and adds a little extra pocket change in his wallet for the month. His main goal is to target all the procrastinators so that he can still help them book a nice dinner during this time of year. Most people appreciate this and are willing to spend the extra $29 to book a table.

On the flip side of this, however, one would think that most restaurants would be okay with this because it’s more business for them in the long run said Paul Mathieson. But in actuality, some restaurants are disturbed by this because they believe Tilman and themselves should form an agreement where both parties are receiving some compensation. Tilman chooses not to work directly with these companies and he believes it is his right to do so. The restaurants believe that they are losing money, because in the end, if the reservations is not sold, they have lost the opportunity to reserve a table for another guest who would have not been a no show.

Ultimately, this new adventure can be beneficial for one or two parties, or detrimental for one party. Your text to link… Tilman writes notes on his Facebook, so anyone interested can see if he will continue to help procrastinators now and in the near future.

Skout, Your New Best Friend

Out there in the world of the internet a new way to find and meet people from either your own city or around the world. It’s called Skout. The group was founded by Christian Wiklund, CEO and Niklas Lindstrom, Chief Technical Officer, in 2007. They envisioned a platform that would allow people to meet others in the same geographical location. That’s what they hoped for, they ended up with a great deal more.


The platform comes with a program that can use your cell phone GPS to find people in your area. Before you get worried about who can find you, the app does not give exact locations of people. You have to ask them for that. You can also just turn that feature off and really not worry about it. For the parents of teens, the feature can’t be accessed by the teen community which is carefully segregated from adult communities.
Since their start in 2007 there have been new acquisitions and new ways of doing things. The group also offers Nixter, an application for persons loving the night life, and Fuse a group messaging application. The original Skout was redesigned and relaunched in 2009 when it was discovered that 80% of people use Skout for dating purposes. It has received outstanding reviews on through the Apple store.
February 4, 2015 was announced as International Online Friendship day. An online friendship in this case is defined as one in which neither of the parties have met in person, but maintain a friendship on line. In honor of the day Skout surveyed 52,000 of its members looking for trends in these types of friendships. Some of the high points are as follows:
More women than men report at least one on-line friendship.
60% of people say they are more honest with on-line friends than they are with face to face friends.
Increasing numbers of friends report having international online friendships.
Skout operates as an iOS and Android App. It can also be found as a website for those who prefer it. In the end the way we make and keep friends has changed because of technology. Skout appears to be one of the leaders in helping us do so.

Kid-Friendly Eatery in London Accidentally Screens Porn


Police were called to a London restaurant this week when the TV screens began playing gay porn, according to reports. The incident happened at Jimmy’s , a family-friendly buffet eatery, in London.

A woman dining with her children first noticed the pornography when the children pointed out the “funny” program on the TV. She looked up and was faced with hardcore pornography.

According to the police report authorities were called after a woman dining with her two small children complained about what was being shown on the television screens to the manager. The porn was not removed from the screens, so she called police.

Police do not believe the porn was being shown intentionally, and rather it was a mistaken click on a pop up ad stated Dave Morin. This is not the first time such an incident has occurred. A few months ago, a McDonald’s in Switzerland accidentally showed pornographic videos when they switched the television channel to accommodate a customer’s request for sports. The channel turned out to air adult content in the evening.

No charges were brought against Jimmy’s and there is no ongoing investigation. The TVs were turned off as management tried to assess what happened and how to prevent it from happening again.

All Star Snubs


There were some major snubs this year in the National Basketball Association when it came to picking teams for the All Star game, although one of the biggest ones was reversed when DeMarcus Cousins got the starting spot for the Western Conference after Kobe Bryant was determined not to be able to play in the All Star game. Probably the biggest snub that has come this season is to Damian Lillard, who put up some insane numbers this season but was kept off the roster said Dave Morin. I don’t know what else he had to do to make the team as he put up over twenty-two points a game while contributing in the biggest moments of the first half of the season. He flat out is one of the biggest reasons that they have had success thus far this season, yet he did not do enough to make the team. Kyle Korver is another big snub this season, as he has shot better than anyone on paper. He is shooting ninety percent from the free throw line, while adding over fifty percent both from the field and from three point range, which is truly remarkable. He is even shooting better then Stephen Curry, although Curry takes way more three pointers in way more critical positions then Korver takes, so that truly is not an accurate comparison. We all know Curry is the greatest shooter in the game, but Korver is amazing as well and he definitely got snubbed.

Igor Corneisen and Banking in Brazil

For anyone who is looking to move their money to Brazil, possibly invest in different entities within the country or who are just looking to move to the country in general, it is very important to understand the basics on Brazilian banking. In order to help out with this bit of information, one of the top banking and investment professionals in the country, Igor Cornelsen, has pointed out several different elements that need to be taken into consideration. All of this information can help explain what is going on within the financial world of the country and why it is so important to always look into what the economy is doing before ever partaking in any sort of investment options.

For starters, Igor Cornelian points out that there are basically 10 major banking players in the industry. Naturally there are more than just 10 banks within the country as most regions have smaller banks or credit unions, but for the most part, it is these 10 banks that make up the majority of the financial decisions and the loan rates throughout the country. Due to this, it is necessary to maintain a high standing with these different banks. If this does not happen, a person, company or general entity might find it difficult to obtain a loan for any sort of investment.

Of course, with only 10 major players in the banking industry, it can be easy for these banks to put pressure on the government when it wants rates to change or when it is in need of a particular kind of service. All of this is essential to understand, as until there is some sort of change that takes place with the Minster if Finance, this is not going to change. Naturally, all it takes is for the President to appoint a new individual to this position who is able to hold up stronger against the banks, but until this happens, it is a good chance that the banking industry is going to stay the same, according to Igor Cornelsen.

Beyond just the banks, it is important to realize that the larges trading partner with Brazil is China. Due to this, whatever happens with China’s economy is going to affect Brazil’s economy, which in turn affects interest rates and other elements of the economy inside of the country. The two trade a considerable amount, so if there are ever actions placed on the country from the outside it hinders Brazil.

Heavy Drinking Linked to Increased Risk of Stroke in Middle Age


A recent article in Science Daily examines a study that shows a link between heavy drinking and increased risk of stroke in middle age. The study looked at Swedish twins over the course of 43 years. Basically, having more than two drinks a day can increase blood pressure and also lead to the risk of irregular heartbeat, and both of these conditions increase the risk of stroke.

I agree with Sultan Alhokair and think that this is an important study for a number of reasons. For one, drinking alcohol in moderation is seen as being good for the heart. However, many people aren’t sure where the line is between moderate and excessive drinking. This study helps define that line as being at two drinks a day for men.

Also, I think this study was a big contribution to science since it was done over so many years. I am guessing that there will be a number of important findings from such a rich gathering of data.

Alcohol is different from tobacco in that a little alcohol is good for you. As such, alcohol is a complicated and confusing substance in regards to its effects on health. There is a lot ambiguity. Therefore, conducting this study was an excellent idea.