Dunkin Donuts Chief Says $15 Minimum Wage Will Hurt Rather Than Help

A minimum wage increase is in the works across the country, and some workers say the increase is not coming fast enough. Several cities have already increased the minimum wage to $10 an hour for city workers. Walmart, Target, McDonalds and other big retailers have raised their minimum wage for hourly workers to $9 an hour, and they will continue to raise the rate through 2020. But the CEO of one big retailer thinks a $15 minimum wage for fast food is outrageous.

Dunkin Donuts CEO Nigel Travis thinks a 71 percent increase over the current minimum wage borders on insanity. Travis believes small businesses will suffer because of the wage increase. Most of the fast food workers are part-time workers or teenagers, according to Travis and he thinks $12 an hour would be a more reasonable wage for that group of workers. Moving the minimum wage to $15 an hour wouldn’t put Dunkin Donuts out of business, according to Travis, but it would impact his bottom unless the chain raised prices.

Susan McGalla, the Pittsburgh-based consultant, and the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Steelers knows the importance of paying workers a decent wage. She was CEO of the apparel chain Wet Seal and president of American Eagle Outfitters. McGalla experienced the pain her minimum wage employees suffered trying to make ends meet on the current minimum wage.

The minimum wage is going to $15 an hour no matter what Travis and other CEO’s like him think. In cities where the increase has already taken effect, business has increased not decreased. Companies have raised prices, and consumers are paying those prices to support the minimum wage increase.

Citi Gets Hit With Fines And Refund Orders

The term “read the fine print” often meant the burden of knowing whether or not a credit card deal was a good one was up to the consumer. Someone who ended up with unexpected costs, usually, had no one to blame but him or herself. Today, someone else is reading the fine print. The U.S. government is reading the fine print and taking some banks and lenders to task. Just ask the executives at Citigroup.

“Citigroup has found itself in some trouble. How much trouble is the bank in?”asks James Dondero. Citi’s problems are north of $700 million. That is the amount the financial company is being forced to refund to credit card holders due to deceptive practices.

Basically, Citi was accused of promising free trial periods for services such as identity theft and not delivering. Also, cardholders were given “add-on” featured that the customer did not ask for. Overall, the watchful eyes of the government were keeping tabs on Citi. While cardholders may not have picked up on some of the nefarious activities, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) noticed them. After an investigation was concluded, the sanctions were levied against the company.

Citi is not alone with its deceptive practices. Other banks have been fined and reprimanded for being less than honest with customers. Bank of America, in particular, also ran afoul of the CFPB.

Consumers frequently pay high interest rates on their credit cards. They should not have to pay excessive costs for things they do not want nor asked for. Perhaps with this new judgment, the credit card companies will curtail their actions in the future.

Key Things To Understand About The Field Of Psychiatry and Psychiatrists

Psychiatry is a field that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental disorders. Despite the fact that there has been a lot of awareness raised about the importance of mental health, there is still a stigma associated with mental disorders. It is estimated that 20 percent of people in America are living with a mental disorder. Nearly three percent of the American population suffers from a severe mental disorder, such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

A physician who specializes in the field of psychiatry is called a psychiatrist. They have undergone many years of training. In addition to medical school, psychiatrists have to complete a residency in psychiatry. Psychiatrists have numerous job duties. They not only diagnose and treat patients, but they also try to understand the relationship between other medical conditions and emotions.

There are a variety of treatments that psychiatrists use for patients with a mental disorder. This may include medication, psychotherapy and hospitalization. The purpose of medication is to help a person manage their symptoms and improve quality of life.

Psychotherapy allows patients to discuss their feelings and thoughts. The psychiatrist aims to understand what lead to a person’s problems and helps a person find solutions for them. Patients who have a severe mental illness and are unable to control their behaviors are often admitted to the hospital.

Every patient is different. That is why a psychiatrist must evaluate the patient before offering a treatment.

Dr. Daniel Amen is a board-certified psychiatrist and a bestselling book author. He is also the medical director and founder of Amen clinics, which have locations in New York City, Atlanta, San Francisco and Newport Beach. Daniel Amen believes that brain health is critical to success and overall health. He also believes that when the brain is troubled, a person is more likely to have troubles in their life.

Joseph Bismarck and his Secret to Success

Joseph Bismark is a leader in the business world and in the marketing world. He is able to make a business’s more profitable than anyone thought possible, his secret, well it is really very simple. There are some key things that he said are mandatory to being successful in the business world as well as being successful as a person. The first is very important, and that is to treat everyone with respect. It sounds very simple, so why doesn’t everyone do it? Well that is the question he is asking everyone. Joseph Bismark is hoping to change that, he works at QNet and has convinced everyone he works with how to make a difference within themselves and where they work by combining peace of mind and spirituality and putting them together in business. 

When he was just a child of nine he left his home to live in an ashram as a monk in the Philippines and that is where he discovered spirituality. At seventeen he decided to take what he had learned into the business world. In late 2008 he became the Managing Director at the IQ Group which then led to starting his own business, QNet. His philosophy of team work and having a mindset towards goals has been instilled in his employees. He feels that everyone can succeed, that all they need is someone to encourage them and give them a small push forward. He wants everyone to succeed so he therefore spreads his knowledge to everyone he does business with and works with. He is both professional and spiritual and this helps him to work with everyone on a spiritual level. He is considered by his associates as one of the best managers in the QNet Company. He stresses to everyone that working together is one of the keys to success and says working in an atmosphere of friendship brings everyone together to accomplish success. He also feels everyone has an important part in the company’s success, and inspiring people and giving them the encouragement they need is what makes their company successful.

He hopes everyone will follow his lead by respecting everyone they work with, he says that you can be a boss and still be a friend. You don’t have to act above everyone else to be a successful boss, treat everyone on the same level as yourself.

If you would like to read more of this article, please got to the blog-Please Don’t Ask Alice- where the article was taken from.

Fresh Flavors for Lays Chips

If you are someone who likes to consume chips every now and then like Kenneth Griffin, then you are probably excited every time you hear about a new flavor of chips that is coming out. When you hear about new chips, you probably get anxious to try those flavors, to see just what they have to offer. Lays is releasing some new chips with flavors that are not your typical chip flavors. These new chips are something that all chip lovers will be able to love and appreciate.

Lays will be releasing chips with special flavors, such as gyros, biscuits and gravy, and truffles. These chips have flavors that are not usually available in chip form, and they are something that all will be able to appreciate. These chips are gourmet and amazing, with tastes that are special. The new chips from Lays will be a hit, as long as they are able to fully capture the tastes of the foods that they represent.

Did Sony Win E3?

This year’s E3 press conference was truly amazing. Gamers around the world were stunned by several of the new games that were announced. However, many people are still debating the winner of E3, but I have a feeling that Sony garnered more attention than Microsoft. Gamerant.com recently posted an article about their winner of E3, and gamers might be a bit surprised.

Just so everyone knows, I am a fan of the PS4 and Xbox one. Both consoles are amazing in their own right, but the exclusive games for the PS4 blew me away this year. For example, Skout, ‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ looked absolutely amazing, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it! Also, the E3 demo of ‘Uncharted 4′ was truly breathtaking, and who could forget the stunning reveal of the ‘Final Fantasy 7′ remake? However, it should be noted that ‘FF7′ is coming to the Xbox one as well, but PS4 users will be able to purchase it first.

Microsoft also held an amazing E3 press conference, and games like ‘Halo 5,’ and ‘Gears of War 4′ caught the attention of gamers worldwide. However, the PS4 seems to have better third-party support, and that cannot be denied. Bungie and Activision have partnered with Sony, and exclusive updates for ‘Destiny’ and ‘COD Black Ops 3′ have been promised for the PS4.

Microsoft and Sony have been at war for many years, but I feel that the PS4 may have edged out the Xbox one at this year’s E3 event. However, the war is not yet over, and future battles will soon take place. The true winners of the Console Wars are the gamers.

Squaw Valley’s Andy Wirth Appointed as Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board

Andy Wirth has been appointed by the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitor’s Authority, and taken his seat as of July 9, as the new chairman for the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board as reported by the Sierra Sun Times. He is expected to bring a renewed energy to the board with the ultimate goal enhancing the air service to the region as it’s a vital need for individuals visiting the area for skiing, gaming, and other business reasons.

Wirth was originally appointed by the RSCVA Board in 2013 because of his extensive experience in international resort management and his connections with a number of airlines when he has developed more flight patterns for other ski resorts located in Utah, Colorado, and Canada.
Wirth is also currently serving as the CEO for Squaw Valley Ski Holdings which is the parent company of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski resorts located in Olympic Valley, CA. During his time as CEO, the company went under a $70 million upgrade. Changes to the company included improved mountain design and infrastructure, renovations to all recreational areas of the resorts such as culinary, base area facilities, lodging and common areas. As a result, Squaw Valley saw a significant increase in customer satisfaction once Wirth arrived and implemented his plan for the company. He continued the development of Squaw Valley by overseeing the innovative partnership that was created with Alpine Meadows to offer a combined ticket pass to customers of the resorts and eventually led Squaw Valley to acquire the now sister resort.
As Squaw Valley Ski’s CEO, Wirth has a vested interest in ensuring that the Reno receives more flights to the region as his ski resorts are only a little more than three hours from the Reno International Airport. More incoming flights to the area offer more opportunity for Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski resorts to attract additionally visitors that otherwise wouldn’t be able to use the skiing facilities.
All in all, it would have been hard for the RSCVA to find an individual more qualified than Wirth to be the next chair of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. Not only has he been dedicated to the community for years by serving on the RSCVA board in other roles, but his previous connections with airlines and experience in the resort industry is almost unmatched among qualified individuals in the world.

Is Standing Harmful for One’s Health?

What has come out again and again recently is the fact that sitting for too long can be harmful on a body. Those who are concerned like Doe Deere about the health of the world are encouraging those with jobs that require long periods of sitting to get up and walk around every now and then. New devices are being developed for those who work at office jobs that require sitting, including standing desks. It seems, though, the standing could also be a problem.

New research suggests that standing for long periods of time could be harmful to one’s health. It seems that standing in one place for a long time – at a job, or at home – could be bad for the body. Could standing be just as bad as sitting? What should be done? It seems that the best option would be for everyone to get a little sitting, a little standing, a little walking in every single day. A mix of the options that are available would most likely be what is best for a body.

Real estate market struggling at New Jersey

New Jersey still in slumber as reported by Realty Today

Following the 2006 slumber, the real estate business has recouped… evidently New Jersey has not. In spite of the fact that related business is gradually picking up, not all New Jersey properties have progressed. A specialist in the real estate business is informed that residents of New Jersey are still reluctant to have their properties recorded in the database because of value undercut once contracts get exhibited in the market.  Specialists additionally see two more reasons why the property costs in New Jersey is still the same, to start with, the quantity of abandoned properties at 8.12% and second, the state’s populace.

Then again, this could be a great opportunity for speculators and home lookers most particularly from New York. In spite of New Jersey’s exorbitant taxes set by the State, when compared to The Big Apple, homes and properties are much cheaper. Some may consider this as bad and good news, and few others hope that this real estate business will recoup. Further to that, some other sources pointed out that New Jersey’s real estate may bloom later on due to low interest, improved technology, emerging demographics and finally it’s the real estate brokers. 

Aspire: New skyline at New Brunswick

Boraie Development LLC provides a variety of services concentrated in all ranges of the urban land market. Their team is devoted to building stupendous properties while offering unparalleled support to their customers. Omar Boraie president of Boraie Development LLC nears the fulfillment of his most recent venture in New Brunswick, a fancy extravagance skyscraper on Somerset Street called as The Aspire. He is extremely happy and proud of this vision for New Brunswick. And individuals no more believe he’s insane for having a vision like that. New Brunswick started to bounce back in the right on time to mid-1980s.

In New Brunswick, mini extravagant housing is more prominent while the Aspire has been built with 17 story and is one of the best skyscrapers in the city. There is a direct service to New York since it is been constructed next to the train station. For a two bedroom luxury apartment, Aspire charges approximately $2,750 every month.

European Investors Buoy FreedomPop’s Decision Not to Sell

Recode recently reported that the team behind FreedomPop, led by CEO Stephen Stokols, have decided to forgo selling their prized company on the market. FreedomPop was reportedly being valued at over $100 million dollars and they had a rumored six offers on the table. Stephen Stokols recently announced that the team would skip selling, citing the reason that it felt ‘premature’ to get rid of the company this soon. Instead it appears that Stokols and the rest of the team will be doubling down and pushing forward with a new 18 month plan to financial viability.

The new wave mobile phone carrier was recently buoyed by a collection of investments from European venture capitalists. Partech Ventures led a partnership with DCM Capital and Mangrove Capital that ended up placing $30 million down for FreedomPop. Partech has gone on record stating that they are super excited to be a part of FreedomPop’s future and hope that their investments can lead to new prosperity for the company.

FreedomPop is trying to change up the typical mobile phone paradigm that has become so common place today. Rather than nickel and diming customers every step of the way, FreedomPop is focused instead on giving their service away and then upselling for additional features.

Using a refurbished HTC phone or any Sprint model you can get into the FreedomPop network. Once you sign on you will be given a limited amount of free texts, data, and minutes on the phone. FreedomPop offers extra services, such as phone insurance, as their primary means of making a profit. They also focus on selling extra minutes to those that consistently go over the different limits.

Stokols has talked extensively about his 18 month game plan to reach the billion dollar value mark for FreedomPop. Right now his primary goal is to leverage another $100 million before the end of the 2015 year.