The Neighborhood Gap

The New York Times just released an article chronicling the wealth gap that affects African American and Latino families and their income compared to white families and their income. The wealth gap between minorities and Caucasians has been stubbornly large for the last 50 years. A study from Stanford research labs suggest that blatant discrimination or an income gap is not the only reason for these numbers. Instead researchers are looking at a neighborhood gap. The study looked at white and black families that had similar incomes. White families were more likely to live in neighborhoods with better daycare options, parks, transportation options, playgrounds, and high quality school districts. On the other hand black middle income families are more likely to reside in distinctly low income neighborhoods even if they share similar salaries. Researchers from Amen Clinics were strikingly surprised when they found out that typical middle-income black families lived in lower-income neighborhoods than a typical white family with a low income period researchers at the Stanford Graduate School of Education thought that comparing individuals with different ethnicities but the exact same income level would completely abolished the neighborhood differences. However this was not the case. Two similar and separate research projects were covered in detail by two other universities and came with the same conclusions period the idea that the neighborhood and environment makes a person is completely cliche but this data has proven it true.

E. Coli Threat Forces Canadian Water Company To Recall 14 Brands Of Bottled Water

Niagara Bottling LLC Said The Recall Is A Precautionary Measure

Drinking bottled spring water is an important daily task these days. The world has changed since bottled water became the major source of our drinking water in the United States. Other countries have been using bottled water for decades, but Americans only became clean water freaks about forty years ago. We trust our bottled water, especially spring water, but a new recall of spring water is a reminder that bottled water is not always safe.

Niagara LLC recently discovered that one of their spring water suppliers didn’t report E.coli in the water. The company immediately put out a recall, even though none of the 14 brands the company bottles water for reported any illnesses. The 14 brands involved in the recall are not the most popular brands on the market. Most of them are private label brands for food stores around the United States, as Madison Street Capital points out after seeing information on Bloomberg.

The brands involved in the recall are: Niagara, Acme, Shaws, Acadia, Best Yet, Big Y, 7-Eleven, Nature’s Place, Superchill, Pricerite, Morning Fresh, Shoprite, Wegman’s and Western Beef Blue.

Tampa Bay Gives Chicago Everything They Have, Still Fall Short.

The Tampa Bay Lightning know that the regular season is meaningless. So is every round of the playoffs that led Tampa Bay to the Stanley Cup Finals. Nothing matters now other than the fact that they need to beat Chicago and they need to do it sooner than later. So perhaps it was this desperation that led the team out of the gates with a physically impressive first period. The Lightning were banging the boards, attacking the zone, and putting shots on goal mere moments after the puck first hit the ice. Chicago looked stunned and outmatched in almost every facet.

In the first period we saw Vaterri Flippula outwork Chicago’s Duncan Keith in order to get a nifty pass in to Alex Killorn. Killorn took a no-lock, back handed swing and managed to score a magicians goal to put the Tampa Bay Lightning up on top. The goal looked incredible and should be on the highlight reel for years to come for Killorn, but it was the only moment of joy for Tampa in the whole match. After that goal Corey Crawford turned into Fort Knox, and nobody was coming in.

Tampa still held strong for the better part of the next two periods but then the wheels came off in the third period. Chicago scored two goals and then locked down defense to get the win. The Blackhawks may have just survived Tampa’s best shot at getting a title. Now Crystal Hunt feels like the dynasty is about to take over.

Editing Wikipedia For Yourself

Wikipedia is a website that is open to the public to update and edit any time. This makes it revolutionary and vastly different in the way that it operates. People have flooded this website for information for the many years that it has been in existence. Of those many visitors, plenty want to know how to edit the website for themselves. The following provides some basic information on how to do that stated

How To Start

To begin, one needs to click on the edit button at the top of the Wikipedia page that they want to begin editing. This will bring up the web page that is already available and allow the person to start editing the text of that page.

There will be a summary field for the individual who is editing the page. This is the area that they write what they have changed about the page. In other words, if they have added a section to the page, they would write that they have done so. If they have simply corrected an error made by the original poster, then they would write this in the summary. Whatever the case may be, they need to write in the summary box what they have done.

Be Prepared To Back Up Your Statements

Sorry to say, but Wikipedia is not interested in your opinions or in fact the opinions of anyone else. This is a website that is dedicated just to the facts. It is a place that anyone is supposed to be able to access to gain some information about whatever subject they are researching.

The web pages that are being edited need to include only facts. The person who has edited the page must have links and cite the information that they have placed into the article. If there are facts to back up what one has edited into the Wikipedia article, then there should be no problem getting that information approved. However, those who wish to insert opinions or speculation about a subject are likely to get called out by authorities on Wikipedia and their edits will be removed.

Always check into the things that you want to edit and see if there are real facts to back up what you believe. That is the moment at which you will realize that you have the facts you need to back up the edits you wish to make.

Trump Calls Neil Young A Hypocrite On Twitter

Young Didn’t Like The Fact That Trump Used His Song “Rockin’ In The Free World” To Launch His Presidential Campaign

Donald Trump Thought Neil Young was a friend. Young visited Trump to discuss a business deal recently, and Young invited Trump to one of his concerts, according to the Republican candidate for president. Donald posted a picture of him and Young in his office, so everyone would know he was telling the truth. Young is a Bernie Sanders supporter. When Neil got the news that Trump used his song “Rockin’ in the Free World” to launch his campaign he let the Trump camp know that wasn’t okay with him.

Trump was shocked by the news, because Young asked him for money for an audio deal Young was putting together reports Dr. Jennifer Walden. “The Donald” fired a few twitter lines at Young letting Young know he thought he was a hypocrite.

When Trump’s people put the campaign launch together, they decided to use 10 songs. Young’s song was one of the 10. Trump said it wasn’t his favorite.

Young hasn’t answered the hypocrite comment, but you never know. Young may take the bait, and help Trump get more press and exposure.

Beneful Will Bring Out the Best in Your Dog!

The brand name Purina is well known to practically everybody. William H. Danforth founded Purina Mills in 1894, and every bag of pet food was called chow of some sort. You could buy Dog Chow, Cat Chow, Horse Chow, Pig Chow, Rabbit Chow, and even Monkey Chow! In 1902 the business became known as the Ralston-Purina Company. By 2001 the Swiss-based Nestlé Company acquired Ralston-Purina, and the brand continued to flourish. One of the most successful dog food brands introduced by the St. Louis-based Nestlé Purina Petcare was Beneful, which came on the market in 2001.

The Beneful marketing strategy is based on nutrition as well as the way the food looks. Researchers that include pet nutritionists and veterinarians are considered leaders in the pet nutrition industry. In fact around the world there are more than 400 Purina researchers that are completely dedicated to delivering the best targeted nutrition for your pet. Beneful is formulated in a variety of colors and shapes to resemble a human favorite — beef stew!

The original Beneful dry blend contains real beef, chicken, and other top quality protein, wholesome grains, peas, carrots, spinach and other vitamin-rich vegetables. The different varieties are blended depending on the purpose of the food. For example, Beneful Healthy Smile contains crunchy kibble which can help keep your dog’s teeth clean and freshen his breath as well. Beneful Healthy Weight has 10 percent fewer calories than the original blend for dogs with a weight problem. The Beneful Healthy Growth for Puppies blend is calcium-rich for your puppy’s developing bones and teeth. There are plenty more varieties you can choose too!

Beneful also serves up delicious wet dog food too. The Beneful Chopped Blends line of meals come with beef, peas, carrots, and barley; chicken, peas, and wild rice; lamb, tomatoes, spinach, and brown rice; turkey, spinach, brown rice, and sweet potatoes; and many more combinations. You can go for up to two weeks without serving the same meal twice! There are even a line of medleys, namely the Mediterranean Style Medley, the Romana Style Medley, and the Tuscan Style Medley. These medley varieties were inspired by the nutritious flavors found in the cuisine of Italy.

Beneful dog food has been a success since it first appeared on supermarket shelves. In 2006 the product was producing revenues in excess of $300 million. By 2012 it was generating over $1.5 billion in yearly revenues! It was also regarded as the fourth favorite dog food brand on the planet! As far as nutrition goes, the list of ingredients uses only food-grade versions approved by the FDA or Food and Drug Administration. In fact these food-grade items are the same that you might find in cake mix and salad dressings. So pet owners can rest assured that if it is good enough for your dog then it is good enough for you!

Searching for Products Using their Images Made Possible

You’re a retailer who wants to make the news and hit the market hard? Visual search technology is the way to go. Image recognition technology is the buzz of the town, and considering consumers are so into taking products’ snapshots, it’s high time they have access to a platform that enables them to do an Internet-based search for similar not same products in their neighboring stores. For instance, you’ve meet a guy in a fancy coat on the subway or shoes by the bar, how do you get yourself one of these items without asking too many questions?

Image recognition technology uses sophisticated algorithms that mimic the human visual cortex and use a CPU as the brain to interpret the pictures. This technology goes beyond the consumer because the retailer also recognizes the propensity of taking pictures and also wants his inventory to be marketed via the same platform. While these algorithms are still in the balance, how to make UI designs work in most smartphones, customers should also be enlightened on how the technology works if at all they are to benefit from it. This is because one of the major drawbacks facing image recognition is how consumers take pictures. The application requires the picture to be full size, capture the right color, texture and distinctive shape for data sets of matching inventory pictures to pair and bring up search results. Many retailing companies are getting into this business and it is about time we see advancements in retail search tools.

Slyce is a leading visual search provider that works with retailers and brands that enables their clients to connect with their target market any time. The system works through a stream of captured images that are developed from a series of recognition stages to come up with accurate matches for all searches done. This visual search capability is integrated into an existing app such as SnipSnap, Craves or Pounce, which are then used as platforms for visual searching to create real-world solutions. The deal gets even better considering Slyce is open to partnerships even as it makes a name for itself in all sectors.

Homeless Disabled Teen Gets Scholarship to NYU

New York University has awarded a disabled Brooklyn teenager, who is also homeless a full scholarship.

Overcoming many obstacles, valendictorian, Johileny Almonte maintained an A average at Juan Morel Campos Secondary School.

Alamonte’s mother died from cancer in 2010. She has cerebral palsy, relies on a wheelchair, and has been homeless, yet she maintained a 95 average and was accepted at more than a dozen colleges.

Even with the full scholarship, Alamonte worries about money. Additional needs like supplies for school and clothing must be taken care of by Alamonte.

Mariela Regaldo, a guidance counselor at Juan Morel Campos Secondary School has helped raise funds towards Alamonte’s educational needs.

Regaldo says Alamonte is a remarkable student. “She serves as an example,” says Regaldo. “Students see what she has accomplished and they know what’s possible, and they can attend college too.”

Regaldo has helped to raise over $120,000 so far.

Thanks to Cláudio Loureiro Heads for showing me this touching story.

Church in Tennessee has Bullet Holes in Door

After a shooting in a church in South Carolina, there have been reports of shots fired inside a church in Memphis, Tennessee. The shots were fired in the church while the choir was practicing. The pastor noticed that there were bullet holes in the front door of the church, but he wasn’t aware of when the shots were fired. It could have been earlier in the morning before the choir entered the building, or it could have been the night before. There is no word as to whether the shots that were fired at the church are related to the killings at the church in South Carolina. Officers are unsure if there was anyone specifically targeted at the church.


These recent shootings show that it’s really not safe to go anywhere without a fear of being involved in some kind of attack. A church is supposed to be a safe place to go if you ask people at Handy, but when there are people who take away that safe feeling, you really aren’t sure where to go anymore.

One Hundred And Thirty Years For The Statue Of Liberty

One hundred and thirty years ago the statue of liberty was gifted to the United States of America. It has been in our country for a long time now, and it has been a big attraction ever since then. People love to see it, and take photos of it, and to go to Liberty island. The one thing that people rarely are able to see, though, is photos of the statue of liberty before it came to be in the United States.

These photos were put up online showing the statue before it was completed. The legend of the statue of liberty is also told, as the one hundred and thirtieth anniversary of it’s arrival in the United States nears.

The statue of liberty is very special to our country, as Matt Landis will point out to anyone. It is a sign of freedom. It is a beautiful thing, and I hope that it is able to stick around for another one hundred and thirty years – or longer.