All it takes to Succeed with Malini Saba

Malini Saba is a renowned investor who owns a lot of investments in North America and Southern Asia. She is also known for her generous donations to different causes supporting humanity. Saba is a self-built woman who worked up her way to the top from nothing. Saba began making investments many years ago, where she had to endure a lot of difficulties as she had to fight against cartels and individuals who wanted to put her out of the market. In the process of fighting against these individuals, she lost a lot of money, time, other resources and even her energy. However, she never gave up and continued fighting. Saba is described as a fiery spirited lady.


Having endured all this, she is now one of the most successful women from Southern Asia as she owns large-scale resources which include large tracts of rice fields, energy companies, palm oil fields, and even real estate in Australia. Saba is not a self-centered person. She cares about people and not long ago, she started the Stree: Global investments for women. This is a charity organization that indiscriminately looks at the interest of all women from all over the world. The main aim of this charity is to care for low-income women and help them improve their lives.


 Malini Saba is also interested in technological companies, and she has invested in some technological companies from Silicon Valley. In the 90s, she invested in PayPal, Sycamore Networks as well as Netscreen Technologies. It’s worth noting that each venture here is very successful and has acted as a huge source of income for Malini Saba. She prefers to invest in commodity market stating the huge risks involved in this kind of investment. Normally, the greater the risk, the bigger the return for Malini.


Despite being very rich and successful, Saba is still a family lady and still takes care of her family especially her child. She takes care of her child and takes her to school. She does not employ a babysitter to look after her child. Saba worst experience as an entrepreneur was trying to penetrate into a country that was so corrupt. Saba has no regrets about the choices she has made and advice anyone willing to make it in life to trust his/her guts and most importantly to believe in themselves. Malini Saba is currently the chairman of Saban. Saban is a company with varied investments all over the world ranging from technological companies is the United States to oil and gas in the People’s Republic of China.

Relmada Therapeutics Amends Its Complaints Against Laidlaw

Relmada Therapeutics has filed a motion in the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada to amend the company’s complaints against Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd. The motion, which was filed at the beginning of the year, included additional claims made by the chronic pain therapies developing company.
Relmada is accusing Laidlaw of breaching the fiduciary duty that it owed to the company. It claims that the company acted against the law by disclosing confidential information about Relmada. I believe that the entity was privy to the information in its capacity as Relmada’s investment banker. According to Relmada, release of the information has negatively affected the company as it incurred extra expenses in responding to the details published by Laidlaw in December 2015.
Following the initial motion filed by Relmada, The Nevada court issued restraining order and injunctions against Laidlaw and its key executives, James Ahem and Mathew Eitner. I think that this move was made to ensure that Laidlaw and its executives do not continue harming their former client. According to Relmada’s Board, the company has suffered because of Laidlaw and its executives’ reckless behavior. This way, they should compensate the company. This information was originally published on PRNewswire.
According to the press release, Relamda sent out a letter to its stockholders. The letter clarified the situation and informed them of the various actions that the company had taken to protect their interests. It also contained information regarding the company’s BuTab therapy.
About Laidlaw & Company
The company has specialized in the provision of personalized investment advice to its wide range of private and public clients. In addition, Laidlaw offers its services to wealthy individuals. Currently, it is under the leadership of two able principals, Mathew Eitner and James Ahem. FCA regulates the company operations.  This information was originally reported on Laidlaw’s website as explained in this link

Changing the Way the World Treats Cancer, Lead by Clay Siegall

Seattle Genetics is a company that combats cancer using a variety of methods that deal with antibody – drug methods. The company has recently been in the middle of the largest financing round. The company announced on Monday that it was going to expand it’s public stocks from 480 million to a whopping 552 million. It will do this by exercising the over-allotment option.

Clay Siegall, the founder of Seattle Genetics, said that the reason for the increase was because of an interest from investors. The proceeds of the extra stocks will be allotted to the development of the pipeline of drugs. The proceeds will also go to making the company larger as a whole. This will happen through an enlarged focus on the people in the company as well as the infrastructure of the company.

About Clay Siegall
Clay Siegall was the co-founder of Seattle Genetics in the year 1998. He is now the President, Chairman of the Board, and Chief Executive Officer of the company. Siegall trained in the field of science. His training was focused on different types of cancer therapies. Siegall wanted to create a company that was not afraid to research and then create new cancer therapies that would improve the lives of patients in their care. His passion for helping those with cancer was the motivation and foundation for Seattle Genetics. He received his formal training at George Washington University where he received a P.H.D. in Genetics.

Siegall has been the leader of creating new anti-body conjugates or ADCs. In 2011 he received the FDA’s approval of their first ADC product named ADCETRIS. Thanks to the expertise of Siegall and his employees, the company has received more than one strategic licenses. Siegall is also well known for the works of research he has published, as well as the number of patents that he currently holds.

Coworking Spaces: Creating an NYC Community Vibe


Coworking space is an innovative style of sharing office space. It involves diverse groups of independent professions sharing office space. This space is typically in an office setting, the individuals sharing the office space are employed by different companies or industries. This type of coworking environment attracts freelancers, remote workers, and entrepreneurs who desire to work in a community that has shared values. The focus of coworking space is to build an environment where individuals are free to express their creativity without the anxiety of competitiveness or internal politics.


There are numerous benefits of working in a coworking environment. People thrive in these natural communities because they view their work as meaningful. When people have the freedom to choose projects they care about to work on, it fosters a stronger work identity. The coworking community supports this status through the diversity of companies, the variety of projects and perspectives people are willing to share with each other. This collaborative working culture enables the accessibility of the unique skill sets each individual brings to the table. Coworking communities create a support system by encouraging the opportunities to connect with others through casual organized coworking events such as new member events, motivational meetings, and online discussion boards. Coworking communities focus on the unique vision of being something larger than you. It establishes a communal vibe where people share a social responsibility of openness, collaboration, and sustainability.


Imagine walking into a sun-filled, luxurious shared office space with fantastic views at a great location. Welcome to Workville, a new inspirational co-working space in Midtown New York City, just steps away from Times Square. Workville is designed to feel more like a 5-star hotel than a workspace. It is all-inclusive, featuring three outdoor terraces, on-site café, lounge area and a variety of office spaces available for a monthly fee. Workville offers a creative space for individuals to work with freedom to express ideas and collaborate with others via shared NYC office spaces. It is all about enhancing the member’s experience without compromising quality. Workville has everything needed to create the ultimate, luxurious, full-service co-working experience.

Michael Zomber And The Principles That Guide His Work


In a recent interview, Michael Zomber had a chat about Shogun Iemistu. During the iUniverse podcast appearance, Zomber talked about history, Japanese culture, and his inspiration for writing Shogun Iemistu. He loves antique arms. Zomber has been collecting them for the past 40 years. He also enjoys sharing his knowledge of antique arms by appearing on the Tales of the Gun series. Zomber has shared his professionalism on episodes like Guns of the Orient, Million Dollar Guns, Shotguns, Automatic Pistols, and Dueling Pistols on The History Channel, and all other credits listed on IMDb.


Zomber has also written many screenplays and books, as Barnes and Noble indicates on his Author page. His books display his story telling abilities. He has published four books that discuss multiple subjects. His books Son of Kentucky as well as Sweet Betsy focus on the period of civil war. Jesus and the Samurai give a brief history of the early stages of Christianity in Japan. Soul of Samurai details Japan during the 17th century. Michael Zomber’s book, Park Avenue scrutinizes the field of art and auction. It provides details of the high stakes involved in the field.


His writing work shows why the antique arms are special. His knowledge on weapons has made him a revered authority as well as a history expert. His documentary, Soul of the Samurai contributed greatly to his present status as a respected historian. Michael Zomber and his wife control Renascent Films LLC. He often produces films through the company.


He relates the Bushido principle in all the aspects of his life including hobbies, interests, and work. Additionally, Michael Zomber applies the principle in philanthropy. Zomber and his wife support many organizations at home as well as abroad, which improve people’s lives. That is by giving access to resources that result in better outcomes .He also supports organizations that reduce the intensity of conflict.


Michael Zomber and his wife support the organizations based on their values of compassion as well as peaceful resolution of conflict. His expertise and deep knowledge on a number of subjects is exceptional. For this reason, he is always a sought after guest by many media outlets including radio and television. Zomber holds an undergraduate and graduate degree from UCLA. He majored in Literature for his university studies.

Adam Goldenberg is taking JustFab to new heights

When you think of fashion you probably think of stylish men and extremely attractive women, but the world of fashion is actually shaped by everyone on Youtube. Everyone has some voice in the fashion industry because everyone wears clothes. Because fashion is so diverse, and is influenced by almost everyone, influence can come from almost everywhere. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler do not look like fashion experts by any measure, but they might be the most influential names in the fashion industry today.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are founding partners of JustFab, a highly influential fashion company. JustFab is one of the most powerful online fashion companies. They have grown increasingly popular by offering people what they want when they visit a website. The brand is engaging, fun, and social. JustFab is a completely personalized platform that draws users in by promising them an experience. The clothing is great, but the experience is what draws people in. JustFab already runs two extremely successful brands, ShoeDazzle and Fabletics.

ShoeDazzle is lighting the internet up by offering women everywhere the shoes they desire, but Adam is even more proud of Fabletics. Adam and Don launched Fabletics with the help of Kate Hudson. The brand on bloomberg.comoffers athleisure wear at an extremely affordable price point. They produce everything from beautiful tops to amazing yoga pants. The brand debuted just as the athleisure trend was taking off, and women throughout the country are flocking to this new and exciting brand. JustFab is an amazing new company, but anyone that studied Adam’s career should not be surprised.

Adam started his career at the age of 15 when he founded his first company, Gamers Alliance on Gamers Alliance was a source for all things video game related and it became very popular. The site was purchased by Intermix Media in 1999, and it became part of the Myspace family of websites. Adam quit high school before he would have graduated so he could go work for Intermix. Adam served as the Vice President of Strategic Planning. Adam Goldenberg was extremely successful at Intermix and he quickly worked his way up to Chief Operating Officer. At the time, Adam was the youngest COO of a publicly traded company. Adam’s career at Intermix helped him meet Don Ressler, and ever since the two have been inseparable.

Adam Goldenberg is an extremely successful businessman and his latest company, JustFab is already an extreme success.

How Companies Are Using Video To Enhance Online Reputation

Every company wants to maintain a positive reputation but this is not always possible due to challenges along the way. The presence of bad press could damage the performance of a company since most customers don’t have the time to verify whether allegations are true or just a scheme to bring your business to its toes. Good news is that you can use video to work on online reputation.
When you explore search engines, you will find many blogs with the kind of information you may be looking. In a report by, most of these websites promote businesses and to engage customers better, they have turned to the use of videos. If you don’t believed video is the best way to deal with online reputation, the statistics you will find depending on the quality of video made will edify you.

Up to 62% of viewers will leave negative remarks if the video uploaded is of low quality or represents something they think does not add much value to them. However, for a high-quality video, more than 74% percent of viewers will leave good remarks and will want to learn more about the company, cites a Business2Community article. These are the facts most companies are exploiting to boost their online reputation.

How to boost reputation using videos
Good content, contrary to what most people believe, does not mean making in-depth and long videos. In fact, the opposite is true since most people want to get the message without necessarily having to search for the meaning or dealing with technical jargon. Most people also don’t want to wait for a long time before you summarize your presentation, so the clearer and shorter you make it, the better the reception.

Distributing the videos
When it comes to marketing, distributing video content is similar to sharing other kinds of content, so you can easily use the same channels. The most effective platforms where you can share your message to reach target audience include email, social media and on a website or blog. Updating your subscribers relevant information that answers their problems allows you to achieve your goal in marketing.


The Effective Use of SEO Keywords

To truly succeed, an online business absolutely must know how to effectively use SEO keywords. White Shark Media says that the absolute most important thing for on online business looking for success is a good SEO strategy with great keywords. The interaction of SEOs with keywords is not the same as it was at one time. SEO use of these keywords has evolved over time. The old way was to stuff as many keywords in your description to get as high a spot as possible on search engines. This method started working less and less, so online businesses started changing how they worked. This was actually a good thing.

The old way of doing this was never really reliable or trustworthy for searching things anyway because even words that didn’t have anything to do with the product were stuffed into the description, page title, and page content for SEO reasons. Although the methods are quite a bit different, a key question still remains: How many keywords should you use? The temptation is to revert back to the keyword stuffing with search engine optimization in mind. The better and newer method is to use limited and strategic keyword with your customers in mind.

Fewer but more product-related keywords is not only more trustworthy from a customer searcher point of view, but fewer keywords can be more effective if placed strategically. You want to use your keywords in your meta description and two or three times in your page content. You should also use your keywords in your images. You just don’t need to overuse these pertinent keywords. Make extra sure you have enough and just delete those you don’t need. You can know it’s too much if your keywords are so crowded that they make it look like a string of nonsense.

This is White Shark Media’s advice and when they give advice on SEO, blog and website designers would do well to listen. White Shark Media is a very experienced and knowledgeable Digital Marketing Agency that gives the top online marketing solutions and advice in North America. Their very sound guidance in this area is the primary reason they are the largest and most respected businesses in the SEO industry. White Shark Media not only offers world class SEO advice, but it offers world-class online marketing tools as well. These tools include such things as keyword-level call tracking, Google Analytics, and reporting software.

There Are Still Some Assisted Living Facilities Dedicated To Providing Top Level Care


The Manse on Marsh facility is shaping up to be one of the very best assisted living communities in the entire nation, as they have shown more passion and dedication for providing the highest level of care for their residents than anywhere else. The community also won the Caring Star award, for the second year in a row, which is testament to the high ratings the facility receives.

In order to qualify and win an award like the Caring Star, an assisted living facility must have and overall rating of at least 4-stars, while having at least one rating that is 5-star. On top of this they can have no negative reviews or unresolved with their residents. This was no problem for the Manse on Marsh facility, as their customers have expressed nothing but delight and they’ve received many 5-star ratings. Winning this award shows the surrounding community that Manse on Marsh is a company that can be trusted and performs excellent care and living maintenance for their residents.

The Manse on Marsh Facility offers a unique and resident friendly Care plan that allows residents to pick any services they want, while excluding the ones they don’t want so they do not have to pay for them. Residents are on a points based system for the required care. Just a few of their services include cleaning and laundry, medication management, grooming and bathing, reminders, transportation, and much more. At all times there are nurses at the community and a number of social activities for residents to participate in and enjoy entertainment.

California is where the Manse on Marsh facility calls home, specifically in San Luis Obispo. The facility is located within a walking distance to many different convenient places as well, such as a church, bookstore, and restaurant. The community also offers a variety of different housing options for their residents, including private homes. Whatever a resident may needs, Manse on Marsh is sure to have it.  But don’t take their word for it, do your research! See what real people who have been there are saying on Yelp.


7 Most Exciting Fall NYC Luxury Real Estate Projects

TOWN Residential is one of the foremost names in NYC luxury real estate and delivers the best-in-class customer service. An integral part of New York’s competitive real estate landscape, TOWN Residential has their finger on the pulse of the most exciting upcoming NYC luxury apartment real estate projects. Without further adieu, TOWN Residential brings you the “7 Most Exciting Fall NYC Luxury Real Estate Projects.”

1) The Rezoning Of East Midtown – Zoning codes have not been updated in East Midtown since 1961 and it shows. However, a comprehensive and complex proposal to allow new development in the historic commercial district was recently initiated by the Department of City Planning. However, before any serious building can begin, the proposal will need to survive a further review process, including approval by the mayor and City Council.

2) One Vanderbilt – With only one commercial lease signed so far, the 1,500-foot-tall tower boasts an impressive 1.6 million square feet.

3) 28 Liberty St. And 550 Madison Ave. – These two first-class towers will be put to the test with steep competition in the surrounding Midtown area. 28 Liberty, formerly Chase Plaza, has One million square feet available. 550 Madison, formerly Sony tower, is totally vacant and offers 850,000 square feet of usable space.

4) Two World Trade Center – Larry Silverstein has his sights on cementing his legacy with the WTC’s final planned tower.

5) The “Marseillaise” – The unveiling of a colossal $200 million sculpture, envisioned by British artist Thomas Heatherwick, will complete a central part of Hudson Yards’ immense public plaza. The plaza is also cited to include a number of restaurants curated by Thomas Keller and a Neiman Marcus.

6) Durst’s Harlem – Douglas Durst has his eyes set on a large development site located at 1800 Park Ave. Foundation was formerly laid at the site for a planned apartment project which subsequently fell through.

7) Second Avenue Subway – This 4.5 billion project aims to extend the Q line to East 96th Street. However, the MTA’s newest line is projected by auditors not to meet its December deadline.