United States Offers Protected Status to People

The United States has taken a stand and will be allowing those who came from West African countries to remain in the United States. People who have been in countries in which Ebola has affected them will be allowed to stay, as long as they are already here. The Department of Homeland Security is giving those people a temporary protected status. Under the guidelines, they will be protected for up to 18 months. During that time period, they cannot be deported and they may legally work in the United States. Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone are the three countries that have been impacted the greatest by Ebola.

Under these circumstances, those who are Ebola free will be allowed to remain in the country. That seems like the right move to Keith, since they really did nothing wrong. It is fair to allow them to stay in the United States if they are free from the disease. Had the United States chosen to deport them, they faced a chance of getting Ebola. As a first world country, the United States is doing the right thing in protecting people from these countries. Even if a person does have Ebola they should be allowed to stay and be given appropriate medical treatment. People who have visited countries impacted from Ebola should be properly screened. Those who chose to go to those countries, knowing the circumstances, should be aware they may not be able to come back. It is all to avoid the spreading of Ebola.

The Stand May Be A Four Film Endeavor

One of the most difficult films to produce has been Stephen King’s The Stand. The end of the world novel is just too darn long for an easy adaptation for the screen. Making it as a television mini-series made more sense. Now, someone in Hollywood has come up with a novel idea. (No pun intended)

Josh Boone wants to release a full FOUR FILMS in his on-screen adaptation of the legendary Stephen King novel.

Originally, George A. Romero was to make a film adaption of the novel back in the 1990’s, but the length of the work made doing properly (and on a low budget) impossible. Hence, the project eventually became a television feature ala ‘Salem’s Lot.

Planning out four films is not easy. Yes, Peter Jackson did it with great success upon making The Lord of the Rings films and he can be considered the major inspiration for helping to get the ball rolling with multi-part movies that really are one big movie.

Clearly, the first film has to do huge at the box office or else this series is going to be finished right after it gets started. Sultan Alhokair is hoping that it does indeed work out. To enhance the chances for success, the film will feature an “A list” cast and this is really the only hope for the film to be a major hit.

The Stand is not exactly an upbeat project. The depressing nature of the film means its not going to be a crowd pleaser. Can a dark horror/science-fiction film of this nature do big box office? It might, but there is no guarantee. This ain’t Iron Man 4.

The USA Freedom Act was Recently Voted Down in the Senate

Ever since the former NSA contractor Edward Snowden released a series of shocking documents reviewing the agencies mass data collection and surveillance program, the American public has become increasingly concerned about who is collecting data and what they’re doing with it. The document leaks sparked a number of protests from privacy advocacy groups and other concerned individuals and organizations. Currently, this issue is still a hot debate.

In a recent Senate vote, a bill called the USA Freedom Act was recently voted down. The bill was in its preliminary stages, the Senate decided to stop her from progressing. The vote was split, with most Republicans voting against the bill while most Democrats voted for the bill. That was a close race, many advocates of privacy reform were disappointed by the lack of Senate support.

According to new research, it was found that most Americans feel that any information they share cannot be regarded as private. This is something that concerns Rod Rohrich and other professionals quite a bit. However, in the same study the majority of Americans said that it was their constitutional right to have an expectation of privacy. The supporters of the NSA’s data collection program say that the data has been used multiple times to catch terrorists. Opponents of the program say that even though it can be used for some good, violating the rights of virtually all Americans is not worth the cost.

Minorities Discriminated Against Because of Affirmative Action

Last year, a white applicant who was rejected by the University of Texas sued that institution over their discriminatory affirmative action policies. The case went all the way to the Supreme Court, and the dust still has not fully settled on that case. Now, however, a new challenge to affirmative action has come up. Asian applicants are suing Harvard University after they were turned away despite having higher test scores and GPA’s than their competitors who were black or Hispanic.

“Affirmative action” is a funny term. It sounds like it ought to be so good, so “affirmative.” But, in reality, it is nothing more than racial quotas. Harvard defends its policies in the name of seeking to “achieve diversity.” They seek to achieve this race-based diversity by discriminating against people of one race and favoring people of another. It is more important to Harvard to have X number of black students, Y number of whites, and Z number of Hispanics than to have a student body that was selected on a fair and 100 percent non-racial basis.

Unfortunately for Asian applicants, they were not apparently included in Harvard’s race quota system. Ben Shaoul feels it  is so refreshing to call this policy by its true name (race quota) instead of by the nebulous, means-nothing name “affirmative action.”

Schools like Harvard and the University of Texas do a disservice to the minorities they favor- they rob them of the need to perform at the level of other applicants by placing a race-based handicap on their scores.

Marijuana And Brain Cancer

There is a plant that is showing several benefits, and many states are now legalizing the use in minimal amounts. Marijuana is sometimes used to help treat muscle spasms as well as some other nerve conditions. It is now thought that the drug that some once found to be horrible can have an effect on brain cancer. This isn’t a surprise as the drug relaxes the cells in the body.

It’s not a drug that causes you to get a high like cocaine or makes you depressed like alcohol can do at times. This is a drug that has a great potential to help many people. Bruce Levenson has seen it become legalized more and more in some states. The oils are what is used in the medicinal aspect, but even states have seen that a minimal use of marijuana isn’t really as bad as it seems. If marijuana can help defeat cancer, then it should be offered nationwide.

Sacramento Kings File Protest in Loss

The Sacramento Kings have filed a protest to the NBA league office after blowing a 26 point lead and losing to the Memphis Grizzles, 111-110, last Thursday. The protest came after Grizzles guard Courtney Lee scored the game winning shot as time expired. However, replays seem to show that the Kings tipped the inbounds pass, which should have started the clock the moment the ball was touch. The clock started once lee got the ball. Officials did review the play, but did not change the call on the court. The NBA will review and make a ruling by December 2.

The Memphis Grizzles are tied with the Houston Rockets with a NBA best record of 9-1, while the Sacramento Kings are 6-4.

Replays show that the ball may have been tipped, but the ball did not seem to change direction. It will be hard for the NBA to reverse the call, because there is not enough evidence to show that the ball was tipped. Grizzles officials are confident that the call will stand.

I look at the NBA Controversies Wikipedia page and noticed how unprecedented it is for teams to protest the results of games. My friend Christian Broda noted that he’s only seen this happen during the NBA Playoffs.

More Bad Publicity and Rape Allegations Against Comedian Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby, a comedian best known for his wholesome image as the spokesperson for Jello, and as the loveable Dr. Huxtable on The Cosby Show, is quickly adding his name to the list of celebrities who are more well known for their off screen antics.

Over the last 20 years, Cosby has been accused of rape by various women and shamed in the press, only for the allegations to be dismissed through out of court settlements. This most recent wave of negative publicity occurred after comedian Hannibal Burress made some comments about past accusations during his stand-up show.

Shortly afterwards, Bill Cosby’s publicity team tried to turn the tables by encouraging twitter users to create memes using his likeness and catch phrases. The publicity stunt backfired, with many users creating and tweeting rape and assault related memes.

Cosby’s only response to the entire scandal has been to say that he will not dignify the accusations with a response, although everybody even Dave and Brit Morin are starting to say it’s time to be honest Bill.  Where there’s smoke there’s fire, so it’s time to confront the problem.

Now further accusers have come forward and made accusations. This time a 66 year old woman alleges that when she was 19 Cosby, drugged and raped her. She says she came forward because her case was so similar to the others, and because she wanted to support his other victims.

No matter what the outcome and the verdict, it is clear that no one will see this man as the squeaky clean icon he once was.

NY Times Narrative Obsession With FSU Reaching Critical Mass

It’s no secret that the inception of the internet has sent newspapers scrambling to recover their once proud monopoly on current news.

Because of the unavoidable transition in media delivery away from the Sunday paperback monopoly, instead of futilely fighting the change newspapers have embraced it. The name of the game in today’s fast-paced world is click generation and the most recent hit piece by the NY Times against Florida State University and the Tallahassee Police Department has no doubt reaped a plethora of capital return.

After allegations of sexual assault stemming from a 2012 incident were found too weak for the State Attorney’s Office to file charges, conspiracy theories began to swirl. Additional “incidents” perpetrated by Jameis Winston only solidified public contempt. The NY Times’ pulitzer prize winning staff saw a golden opportunity and quickly pounced, releasing this scathing opinion piece in April of 2014. The narrative was damning, and totally speculative, twisting a tail of collusion between the TPD, FSU, and the State Attorney’s Office in a coverup for a (then) 4th string quarterback who had never taken a snap.

It’s no wonder the Times is trying to perpetuate their cash cow. Never mind the fact that a hit and run involving property damage is at best a 2nd degree misdemeanor in the State of Florida. The dye has been cast, the narrative spun, the assault upon the perceived villain has commenced in full. All in the name of the mighty internet click generation. I’ve been discussing and tweeting about this story with my friend Mark Ahn since the its release. More to come.

Walmart Workers Sit Down

Walmart is well known for its growing number of super-centers across the nation, foreign made merchandise, and bottom dollar prices. It’s also known for its substandard pay to employees, violation of employee rights, and its intimidation tactics. Walmart employees in California, however, may be changing all that.

At a time when manufacturing has left the United States at a frightening pace, with little to replace it other than low cost service work, and employers such as Walmart still paying workers what many consider poverty wages, Walmart employees in California decided enough is enough, chanted “Stand Up, Live Better!  Sit Down, Live Better!” Workers then sat down at the Crensaw, California store, protesting wages and other working conditions. Workers at BRL Trust obviously wouldn’t do this, but those getting paid small amounts have reason to complain. This marked the first in store sit-down strike in Walmart history, and may be a historic moment for retail workers as a whole.

The workers sat down near registers, next to racks of clothing and other merchandise, with tape covering their mouths. The tape was a message regarding Walmart’s attempt to silence workers who want better pay and working conditions. Most Walmart workers make less than $25,000 annually, and feel this is an unfair wage given that Walmart profits total $16 billion a year.

The strike comes after workers at the 2,100 Walmart stores across the nation signed a petition to put pressure on Walmart to increase worker pay. Workers are asking for $15 per hour and full time work. Workers have promised to return to Walmart stores with a strike on Black Friday if there are no improvement in jobs and wages.

Let Freedom Ring

Tondalo Hall was sentenced to 30 years in prison and being found guilty of knowing that child abuse was taking place and did not report it. The person convicted of the abuse, Robert Braxton, Jr. only received a 2-year sentence. She is now seeking clemency and wants to be released from prison.

Hall stands strong in her claim that she too was a victim of abuse by Braxton and on suffered numerous occasions of abuse. Hall is 22 years old and has no prior history of arrests. Though we may never know the exact truth in this twisted tale, a 30-year sentence is definitely a harsh punishment for this young lady while the accomplice can be free in only 2 years. Seems that the legal system again is not doing its job and may have some explaining to do. Jared Haftel says that if released from prison and placed on probation, upon completing probation, Tolando Hall will be considered a low-level offender.