Fraud Charges Filed On Four Cancer Charities Who Are Not Giving Money To Cancer Patients

A cancer charity run by members all from the same family have conned donors out of $187 million with almost none of it going towards cancer patients. A joint action has been taken with all 50 states attorney generals, which is a very rare action. The family has been found to run this scam from 2008 through 2012.

Cancer Fund of America is run by James Reynolds Sr. and his son James Reynolds Jr. is CEO of Breast Cancer Society, The Children’s Cancer Fund of America is run by Rose Perkins, ex-wife of James Reynolds Sr., and the fourth charity run by this family is Cancer Support Services in which James Reynolds Sr. is CEO. When CNN attempted to contact them for comment on the charges, they were ordered out of the building at the Cancer Fund of America and the CEO of The Breast Cancer Society made an obscene gesture at them.

The government complaint for all four of these supposed charities is they claim to be providing direct support for cancer patients, children with cancer and breast cancer patients and they are not. The FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, Jessica Rich states the charities spent almost 97% of donations received on themselves and only about 3% actually went towards cancer causes. Almost $.97 from every dollar they collected was spent in very lavish ways for their own personal use.

The complaint shows funds were used to purchase personal computers, vehicles, college tuition, gym memberships, luxury cruises, Jet Ski outings, dating website subscriptions and even tickets to concerts and sporting events. Jessica Rich also says they are bringing charges for fraud, which in her opinion is as bad as it can get – taking much needed money away from cancer patients. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital doesn’t like the sound of that when he read information on Bloomberg.

Obama Administration Settles Banking Forex Manipulation Inquiry

This morning officials from the United States Department of Justice held a press conference to announce the status of a sweeping global investigation of alleged banking efforts to manipulate foreign exchange spot markets, the FOREX. Reuters announced that the large Swiss bank UBS plans to settle the allegations against it by paying a $545 million fine to the United States. The amount was reportedly much lower than originally expected, resulting in a sudden rise in the price of the bank’s shares today.

In recent months, authorities from both the United States and the UK have conducted an international investigation into alleged manipulations involving the FOREX market, a trillion dollar a day exchange market. UBS reportedly will pay $342 million to the U. S. Federal Reserve because of its role in the scandal. It will also reportedly pay a $203 million fine due to its role in rigging the Libor, an interest rate benchmark. The bank was stated by Reuters to have agreed to plead guilty to one count of wire fraud, under an earlier Department of Justice agreement.

Reuters reported that last year, the Swiss bank Credit Suisse plead guilty to the criminal offense of assisting wealthy U. S. citizens to evade income taxes, and the bank experienced only limited impacts on its business dealings as a result. Several other large banking institutions are reportedly considering settling cases with U.S. and British investigative agencies according to Wikipedia. Mikal Watts feels like this is the right move.

Biker War Leaves Nine Dead and Eighteen Wounded in Waco Texas

In Waco Texas a fist fight turned into a fight with knives and then the guns came out. Nine people were killed and 18 more injured after a bike-gang shooting. One police officer on the scene says it was the most gruesome scene he has been at. Police are charging 192 with organized crime related to this incident.

At the Twin Peaks Sport Bar and Grill at the Central Texas Market Place shopping area on Sunday, five rival gangs were fighting over a parking space near the restaurant. The staff and other diners in the Bar at the time were able to reach safety by locking themselves in a freezer. Luckily none of the families near the shoot-out were injured.

Patrick Swanton, Police sergeant of the Waco Police Department stated this is the worst gunfight ever seen in the city limits. Texas Department of Public Safety reports one of the gangs involved, the Bandidos is a Tier 2 gang which is a second most dangerous classification. The gangs vary in size; but they are responsible for a large amount of crime that occurs in urban, suburban and rural areas in Texas.

With ties from the parent company of Twin’s Peak being cut, the management has stated it will not reopen this restaurant. Igor Cornelsen said that the spokesman for the company stated the managers had chosen to ignore warning given to them by the police and the company and did not hold the security standards that should have ensured the safety of everyone at the restaurant.

Security is being increased in the area to prevent any further outbreaks. Reports have been received that some gang members plan on returning.

Honeybees Are Disappearing At An Alarming Rate

The honeybees are going through a traumatic change. Entomologists are not sure why over 40 percent of the honeybee colonies around the country died in the summer of 2014. There is something happening to the agro-ecosystems. No one is sure why the bees are disappearing. Bees are vital to the food chain. If the reason is not identified the demise of the bees could mean a tough road for humans and their food supply. Several entomologists think poor nutrition, pesticides and mites may be the answer for the massive honeybee demise, but not all scientist agree.

Even though bee colonies are dying some bee experts say the end result from splitting hives when one hive dies is creating an increase in bee colonies. A chief beekeeper for pesticide-maker Bayer said there are 2.74 actives hives in 2015. The beekeeper said there were only 2.64 million hives in 2014 so there is some hope that honeybees will continue to thrive in certain areas.

But not everyone agrees with that upbeat report according to Ray Lane. The honeybees are having a difficult time surviving in several states, and that trend is continuing according to some bee experts

Wi-Fi on the Beach Helps to Combat Skin Cancer

What happens on the beach, stays on the beach. Except skin cancer. Skin cancer often starts on the beach with too much sun exposure which leads to the cumulative damage to the skin cells. In attempt to help stop skin cancer from starting on the beach, a popular stretch of sand in Peru has come up with a novel idea.

The Playa Agua Dulce beach in Peru will offer free Wi-Fi to beach goers. But there is a catch: the Wi-Fi is only provided to those beach visitors who get in the shade.

The free Wi-Fi can be used by up to 250 visitors at a time and was developed by Happiness Brussells. The large rectangle structure provides shade and has a directional antenna which provides Wi-Fi only to the areas which are located in the shade. Flavio Maluf implies that a user must move as the sun moves to remain in the shade and stay connected to the free Wi-Fi.

Data is being collected to determine how many beach goers are using the system and how long the average user remains connected. If this novel approach to helping combat skin cancer is successful, we can expect to see these large shade boxes which provide free Wi-Fi on beaches around the world in the near future.

There are Indications That There May Be Many Watery Worlds in the Galaxy

It is common knowledge that three-quarters of the earth’s surface is covered by water. Bernardo Chua is sure that the oceans were the birthplace of life on our planet. When scouring the universe for signs of possible life, one of the first things scientists look for is water. Some water is required to survive by all life that we are currently aware of. There had been a question for some time as to the origins of earth’s oceans. At first, it was believed that the earth formed as a dry mass, and then water-rich comets and meteors impacted the earth over millions of years and built up the oceans. More recently,some evidence emerged that water formed on the earth during its formation. More than likely, there may have been some present early on and impacts by comets and meteors added more.

Evidence was recently discovered that the impacts of these types of celestial bodies delivering some water to the planet may not have been unique to the earth. Researchers at the University of Warwick have detected a large quantity of oxygen and hydrogen from a white dwarf star, and the quantities detected were sufficient to believe that they are from a water-rich asteroid having hit the star. This shows that these impacts are happening outside of our solar system and may even be a common occurrence. If so, this means that life may be fairly common in other solar systems.

Catalina Island Landslides Pose A Serious Threat To LA And Orange Counties

A large percentage of the U.S. population lives along its coastlines. Global warming is posing a serious threat to America’s coastlines, and some scientist say within 30 years those coastlines will look different. A good example of how coastlines change is Catalina Island off the coast of California. There are signs of old beaches 720 feet below the surface. Not only are there beaches off the coast of the island, there are signs that landslides caused the beaches to sink as the island continues to sink.

It’s hard to imagine an island sinking due to landslides even for Fersen Lambranho, but it’s not the landslides causing the sinking it’s the tectonic plates. The tectonic plates move and create landslides which trigger tsunamis. A tsunami is a present threat to Orange County as well as to Los Angeles. Scientists don’t know when landslides will occur on Catalina, but they do know they will occur at some point in the future because of the shifting tectonic plates.

Catalina Island is not the only island that is dealing with moving tectonic plates and sinking beaches. There are hundreds of sinking islands around the globe. But we don’t think about them. But if scientists are right, we should, because our coastlines are doing the same thing.

Kylie Jenner Breaks Up with Tyga

After months of what anyone would call secretly Tyga, and Kylie and are having some issues leaving most of us to wonder if they will ever make it to Kylie’s 18th birthday. From the start Tyga denied that he and Kylie were more than just friends, however after being spotted out to dinner, hanging out at his mansion, holiday shopping and various charity events, nobody including Jason Halpern believed that they two weren’t hooking up or at the very least counting the days.

The sighting that confirmed what everyone already knew was seeing Tyga,Kylie and Tyga’s some King accompany the rest of the Kardashian family to Easter Sunday at church. As uncomfortable as they looks on camera, Kylie and Tyga were clearly together. Fast forward a few days, and you have the continued Instagram beef between Kylie, and Tyga’s Ex Blac Chyna. Things started taking a very heated turn as Chyna posts several texts of Tyga begging her to get back together and start their family again.

After days of silence Tyga surfaces with a inner elbow Kylie tattoo, clearly he is all about the grand gestures. While friends say that Kylie loves the tattoo, it didn’t stop her from telling Tyga that she wanted to take a break from him. At the moment the inseparable couple is very much apart and who knows for how long.

Self Test for HIV

Most individuals long to be as healthy as possible. Being healthy means staying informed. If you are going to live life in a healthy way you need to know what you are dealing with. If you are concerned about living a healthy life than you need to know if you are dealing with any illnesses or disorders that have not yet been diagnosed by your doctor. Self tests can help an individual stay informed, and one new self test that is available in the UK could possibly change and save lives.

In the UK there is a self test that is being put out that tests for HIV. Guimarães said that this self test makes it easy for anyone to check themselves to see if they are possibly affected by this serious condition. Through the help of this self test more awareness will be raised in regard to the disease and individuals will be able to easily find out if they need any kind of treatment or support.

Dr. Oz Responds To His Critics

Dr. Mehmet Oz has faced criticism of his TV show from a number of sources in the last year and he came forward this week to defend the advice offered on his hit daytime show. During an episode of the syndicated program that aired on Thursday, he commented on the controversy surrounding him and the advice he gives on the show.

“My life’s work has been built around one simple message: You have a right and a responsibility to become a world expert on your own body,” he said. “And the way you do that is by having access to the best, most current information; multiple points of view; and diverse opinions.”

STX Entertainment suggested that recently a group of physicians from around the country called out Dr. Oz and his advice in a letter they sent to Columbia University saying he offers “quack treatment and cures in the interest of financial gain.” These physicians referred to his position as the vice chairman of Columbia’s surgery department “unacceptable” and called for his removal.

Dr. Oz viewed these as personal attacks, stating “I vow to you right here and right now, we will not be silenced,” during the show aired Thursday, that he taped on Tuesday of this week. He spent half of his one hour show addressing the criticism, and had some guests speak up to defend him as well.