Keep Customers Coming Back With Great Customer Service

Have you ever had a customer service experience so terrible, you vowed never to do business with a company again? I certainly have. Nothing is worse to a customer than feeling unimportant or ignored. Marc Sparks, a successful entrepreneur, has extensive experience in the realm of customer service. In a recent blog, he explains how essential it is to treat customers like they are important. It could end up making or breaking your business.

Marketing is a fantastic way to draw customers to your product or service. A huge way to get repeat business is to have a stellar reputation throughout the community. Train employees to quickly and effectively find solutions to customer complaints. Sparks says that fast resolutions equate to happy customers. One of the most irritating things to me, as a customer, is being transferred to multiple people in the service department. Repeating the situation to another representative is time consuming, and reminds me again why I’m calling in the first place. According to Sparks, great communication and investing energy, resources, and time in customer service is a guaranteed way to reduce these types of complaints.

Restaurant service must always be excellent. It does not matter how mouth watering the food is, if the service is horrible, people will eat somewhere else. A server or greeter who forgets or doesn’t give customers a warm welcome can spoil an entire dinner. This effects what menu items they will buy, and how much they spend on other products.

When I am treated like my business is valued, it makes me more apt to be a return customer. Even if the product is not the greatest, professional customer service can tip the scales. Given the choice between an excellent product and poor customer service, or a good product and excellent customer service, I would choose the latter every time.

Where to stay in London


London is one of the most beautiful cities and has some of the most breathtaking places to stay. Whether you decide to stay in a hotel, boutique hotel, London Hostels, or an apartment, it could be a hard decision on choosing where you stay will be at during your duration in London. Here are a few places that are some of the best.

The Haymarket Boutique Hotel is perfect for the individuals who like to be surrounded by awesome restaurants and love the luxurious lifestyle. Guest at this hotel will have quick access to some of the best restaurants. Guests stay will be relaxing and luxurious. Guest will have access to 24 hour room service, a spa that is full of treatments, and will be able to enjoy tea in the afternoon with cream and jam scones.Guests will also enjoy haveing an Ipod docking station, writing desk, flat screen TV, and a completely stock minibar.

The Hoxton Holborn is ideal for the guest who enjoy smaller rooms. Guest have the option to choose a room that is either a shoe box, roomy, snug, or cozy. Guest can enjoy free WiFi and a ready-made breakfast that will be delivered to your room every morning.

Hostels are great for people on the budget. The Generator Hostel London is one of the most organized Hostel in London. They have an incredible staff and an awesome bar. It is a great place to meet new people from different parts of the world.

An apartment is ideal for the guest who plan to stay in London for more than a few weeks. At the My Mayfair, a guest can enjoy complimentary WiFi, 24 hour room service, mini bar, and same day laundry. Guest can borrow one of their bikes and go for a bike ride and can also enjoy a spa right in the comfort of their room.

Whatever residents you decides to stay at, there is one great place where you can search London vacation rentals, the revolutionary travel search site WorldEscape. This website make is easy for you to find your temporary resident and do all of the research of finding the best of the best places to stay. The site is a family own site that is run by people who are experts in selecting the greatest accommodation. When you are ready to book an accommodation for your London visit, this is the website that will make the booking process less stressful.

Is Your Dog (Bene)Ful?

Purina, the company who brought you Purina Puppy Chow, not to mention the dozens of adorable commercials to accompany it, have struck gold again with Beneful. This brand is not just dog food, but offers a variety of snacks and treats to help support a healthy and happy diet for your pooch. Beneful products are among the highest reviewed items offered by PETCO, with each variety being awarded a minimum of four and a half paws. The Beneful line stretches from puppy food to an advanced nutrient diet for older dogs, all offering the same real meat and vegetable taste.

Along with the dry food variety, Beneful also comes in twenty varieties of wet canned food that feature meats like beef, chicken, pork and lamb with vegetables like carrots and green beans worked in. This ensures that your dog is receiving a full and balanced diet.

Accompanying the wet food and dry food, there are the oven baked treats for your dog. These treats come in a variety of tastes and textures from bacon shortbread cookies and cheese and hickory smoked crackers to satisfy your dog’s chewing needs. A Beneful bone beats chewing on a mangy slipper or dirty pair of socks any day.

Join the growing community of over twenty thousand Facebook and Twitter users who like and follow Beneful online on to see more of those adorable commercials and connect with other pet owners who have made the switch to Beneful.

Purina has stood as a titan among the food industry for the last thirty years for one reason and one reason only: They provide the nutrition that your dog not only needs, but wants. Beneful has sold millions of bags of dry food along with countless cans of wet food and snack packs.

Whats the catch then? Surely something this good has to cost a paw and a leg? On the contrary, Beneful offers a variety of bag sizes and prices that fit within your needs and your budget, one more way Purina wants to help you and your dog.

See what other users have to say by reading the product reviews on Pick your product, find a review, and find the benefits of Beneful.

If you want your dog to look forward to meal times, try switching to Beneful brand by Purina. Join the thousands of happy customers and happy dogs because while your dog may be full, are they Beneful?

Brad Reifler: At The Forefront Of Income Management

With over 30 years in the business to his credit, Brad Reifler is more than
qualified for his positions. The current CEO of Forefront Capital Management,
and Forefront Advisory, this Bowdoin College graduate has got the chops for
running a business.

He is a financial professional that is serious when it comes to managing
your money properly.

Before being involved in Forefront Management Group LLC, Reifler was responsiblefor founding Pali Capital in 1995. He remained the CEO until November, 2008.
He has always been passionate about being a professional for his clients. So
when he became aware of a laundering operation within his ranks, Reifler decided
to bow out of the dealings altogether.

He knows the ins and outs of the Wall Street game, and how to play it well.
Back when he was CEO of Pali Capital, the growth in revenue was over 200,000
in one year.

Reifler’s talents are put to good use as Partner at CIFCO International Group
as well. He has been the CEO of Forefront Management since 2009, and
shows no signs of slowing down in 2015. He is the Forefront Advisory’s go to guy
for money managing solutions.

His other affiliations include:

Root Markets, Inc.
ROOT Exchange
Symmetry Property Development, LLC
ITG Market Research
Sino Mercury Aquisition Corp.

With his name tied to so many different businesses and investors, Reifler has
been dubbed a Serial Entrepreneur by many who know him. Not the worst thing
to be referred to as.

With his strong desire to be the best in the business, and a passion to
innovate, Brad Reifler is sure to stay on the lips of financiers the world over.
You can bet if it has anything to do with making the right (money maneuvers,)
he is the man for the job.

For more information on him, just click on the link above.

Trending Men’s Shoes for Fall

The fashion forward male is concerned about their outerwear. They are especially concerned about the shoes that they wear on their feet. Most are aware that clothes make the man. Well, shoes are just as vital to a man’s overall look and style. Trending men’s italian shoes styles change dramatically over the years. Still, one thing remains true. Most men would prefer a shoe that would take them to work and still look appropriate at a casual social affair. The shoe should look good and stand the test of time. Let’s take a close look at trending shoes for the fall.

The Classic Oxford
The classic Oxford shoe in a color like black or brown is still a favorite among stylish men. The style is very traditional, includes lace ups, low heels, and a standard rubberized bottom. The leather Oxford is the classic business shoe for men of all ages. American men, European men, and those across other continents prefer the look of this very elegant and classic shoe. This shoe is also very versatile. It looks good worn at a business meeting or dining out with friends.

The Derby
The Derby is also a standard open laced shoe that maintains its popularity. The derby is a shoe that is created with smooth leather. The shoe has a clean appearance without any obvious stitching. Great for business or work. Popular colors include dark brown or basic black. The shoe is very stylish and simply elegant.

The Casual Sneaker
The trend the last few years is for a high end sneaker that is casual, looks good, and is very durable. Today, numerous shoe manufacturers are starting to embrace the trend toward creating a very decent looking pair of leather sneakers. Of course, the sneakers should look good. The sneakers should also fit comfortably. The high top sneaker in basic colors like black and dark blue are popular for the fall.

Paul Evans
Paul Evans is a shoe manufacture who realizes that shoes make the man. The fact us that many department stores carry a limited quantity and low quality shoes. The customers are stuck with the lower quality shoes. However, Paul Evans shoes are unique. Their leather shoes are manufactured with the richest Italian calfskin leather. Purchasing a pair of Paul Evans shoes is an investment in style, class, and elegance. The fact is that men that wear Paul Evans shoes never go back to lower quality styles.

Overview of Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park is a North Korean defector and human rights activist who was born in Hyesan,North Korea in 4th October 1993.She recently joined Dongguk University where she majors in criminal justice. At the moment she lives in South Korea a place called Seoul. Park has also been a prolific writer; she has published a number of newspapers for example the Washington post. Apart from that she has also been a frequent guest in both TV and radio shows in South Korea, she acts as a bridging element between north and South Koreans.

Park has been a great encouragement on to most people since she has been confident enough to share her life experiences publicly both by written and spoken means. This 21 year old girl has traveled in several places raising awareness on the repressive regime in North Korea. She has shared the difficulties her family underwent and the bloody executions she witnessed for example, being forced to eat grass and insects in order for them to survive, this was the struggle for existence.

Park narrates how everything was not free in North Korea. She says that they were being told on what to watch, what to do and they were never left to do things on their own. Park’s father was arrested and sent to a labor camp for sending metals to china and this forced Park and her mother to escape to china to seek refuge. This happened when Park was 13 years of age; she was also threatened of rape by a man in china but her mother was against it and offered to be raped on her behalf. Park and her mother were also introduced to human trafficking where park accepted to be a mistress to a man who had agreed on buying both her mother and father. In January 2008 Park’s father passed away due to inoperable colon cancer and did not receive a warm send off since park and her mother feared that the Chinese authorities could recognize them.

After some period of time, Park and her mother met some missionaries who were ready to offer a helping hand and by so doing, they were able to evade the Chinese authorities. At the border, Park and her mother nearly committed suicide since the guards at the border threatened to deport them back to china. Their actions persuaded the guards to let them through but under custody. On April 2009, Park and her mother were sent to Ulan Bator’s airport to fly to Seoul where they found relief.

Park believes in different ideologies that can bring change to North Korea. She strongly believes that Koreans are unified as one and there should be no rift between the southerners and the northerners. She believes that change will inevitably occur if her efforts and those of other North Korean defectors are put together to fight for human rights. She also considers Kim Jong-un to be a cruel leader because he continues to abuse his own people in North Korea. Park goes ahead saying that Kim Jong-un should be punished severely for oppressing and toying with his own people.

Ricardo Tosto: Exceptional Author, Lawyer and Leader

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira is a Brazilian lawyer and was born in 1961. He attended the Mackenzie Presbyterian University where he graduated with a Bachelors degree in Law. He later went to the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) where he undertook an extension course in business. He is a member of the International Bar Association.
He went on to work at number of companies including Grupo Lede as its Human Resource and Legal Manager and the legal superintendent at Grupo Alusa. He also served as the Director at another Brazilian company and is a member of the Brazilian Bar Association.

In 1991, he cofounded a law firm with his partners called Tosto e Barros Advogados (Leite, Tosto and Barros Advocates.) He is a partner at the firm which is involved in business litigation, administrative law, commercial law and bankruptcy. His law career saw him start the company as a small firm and then grew it to become one of the largest corporate litigation firms in the country. At the firm, he has described his role as an advisor and oversees the daily operations at the firm.

The firm has represented a myriad of clients from government officials to multinationals in court and won. The firm which has its headquarters in Sao Paulo has even done pro bono work for some organizations that it counted as clients. A look through the list of the company’s clients is nothing less than diversity. This has proven that the firm is focused on justice and does not discriminate its clients on any basis.

Oliveira’s firm has been involved in setting many precedents in the law sector and has influenced many laws under the economy act that exist in Brazil today.
The firm has been ranked in the top 10 firms in Brazil and has expanded to house offices in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia.
He is credited by most of his employees as an exceptional leader, and he nurtured most of the current partners at the company from attachees and trainees to where they are today.

Oliveira has also been involved in politics and was member of the Paulo Maluf’s campaign. He led a team that monitored media reports to help aid Mr. Maluf’s campaign. His involvement in politics has seen him work with a number of high profile politicians.
Apart from his law firm he has been involved in other areas, and he is the founder of the Brazilian Institute for Political Party and Election Law Studies.
He has served on the boards of a number of companies including BNDES where he served for one year. He also serves in a number of committees including the Institute for Management Development.

Mr. Oliveira is also an author and together with Paulo Guilherme, co-wrote The Tiradentes Process. The book is a summary of a lawsuit between the Tiradentes, Lt. Joaquim Jose and persons who were involved in the Minas conspiracy.
He gives a number of talks at various events and is a featured columnist on a number of popular publications in Brazil.

Election Advertising In Brazil

Cláudio Loureiro’s advertising agency offers many modern ways of advertising in Brazil for election campaigns. There are new models for advertising which many campaign leaders in Brazil deploy. These advertising strategies are also bringing new opportunities for people who are into politics.

Cláudio Loureiro feels it an obligation to tell his customers about strict rules and guidelines governing campaigns in Brazil. These rules are for improving safety and wellness conditions through traditional advertising solutions. A strong set of rules can dramatically reduce chaos. It can reduce conflicts among parties. It can provide new employment opportunities for unemployed as well. It can offer safety and security for travelers. It can reduce the chance of pollution and public nuisance. It can eliminate traffic jams and the carnage on roads. And the money saved by these campaigns could fund good causes in Brazil.

What Is Not Allowed In Brazil

Almost all parties hold election campaigns through their suitable teams and matching themes. However, advertising materials in Brazil for election purpose should not include T-shirts, K-chains, gifts, hats or anything related to merchandise. In other words, campaigners should not sell these items to public in any place, be it inside their offices or outside. It is also completely against the law to advertise election materials on billboards. Traffic congestion alone robs the Brazil economy of a lot of money in productivity. Many hours are wasted in traffic. People who travel to work every day are stressed out due to billboards. Many admit they retaliate against other drivers during traffic congestion. And to make things worst, a part of the congestion is caused by unnecessary advertisements on billboards and signs. This rule is therefore a savior to many people who commute on a regular basis.

Again, advertising for election is bound by many rules beyond the ones mentioned above. For example, people who are famous, such as movie stars and singers, are prevented from using their performances as a campaign for a particular election candidate. They are prohibited from using their free shows as rallies for showing support to the political person of their liking. All these after seeing many campaigners placing the responsibility of spreading the word out into the hands of celebrities and allowing them to become the symbol of their political parties.

Finally, election candidates are not allowed to spend more than average that they spend the previous three years on advertisement. This is because, some politicians don’t want to spend time campaigning; they want to bribe people so they can stay ahead in the poll. Rich politicians want to use their money as a bait to attract votes as they don’t believe in the classic straight-forward ethic of winning an election.

The Incredible Deal from FreedomPop

FreedomPop has brought a significantly great change in the mobile world, after introducing the freemium service. The service has now become global with its data service, free text and free talk. The company will expand to other countries such as UK, France, Spain, Germany and many others after a business agreement with Dutch carrier, KPN.

FreedomPop declared that this summer, it would establish its services in the UK. By mid-September, it started communication with those already signed up,to get more information. According to them, this stage is an alpha test aimed at getting feedback from the first users as they make preparation for a launch later before the year ends. The alpha test is already in process and FreedomPop has disclosed the plans for its subscribers. The famous free plan in America includes 200 of SMS and minutes and 200 MB of data. There are other two more plans that require payment every month. First, is the 1GB premium plan that requires $13 every month, but it is free for one month during the alpha test. The second plan is the 2 GB premium plan. The plan requires a monthly subscription of $18 and comes with unlimited SMS and calls, and 2 GB data.

Currently, there is no available information for travelers concerning the Jetsetter SIM card. The SIM card is said to offer 100MB free data. The data can be used in Spain and France as well as in the UK. It is also anticipated that in the next twelve months, at least fifteen countries will be added. FreedomPop has come together with Three Network in the UK and is also in talks to team up with a second network soon. At the same time, the launch date is yet to be announced for FreedomPop service.

In July 2014, FreedomPop CEO, Steven Sear, made it clear that they had already used Netherlands as a test-case to have a view of how FreedomPop services would work outside the US. Following a successful trial, they now aim to provide free and affordable mobile phone services across the world. Mr. Steven said that FreedomPop would offer competitive services that can work globally. He also said that they want to interrupt the present pricing and that they have tested the freemium model that has proved suitable for everyone. The article was originally reported on Digital Trends.

Environmental Law Attorney, Frans Schoeman

Environmental law in South Africa relates to the economic, social, philosophical and jurisprudential issues of legal rules that conserve and protect the environment. The principles of South African environment law was shaped by the laws enforcing the utilization, natural resource conservation, land-use planning and development and international dimension.

Perception of the environment means the surroundings in which humans exist. These surroundings include the atmosphere of the earth, water and the land. Plants and animal life and micro-organisms are also a part of the surroundings of humans. Environment includes any combination of the above, as well as the chemical, aesthetic, cultural properties and physical conditions that influence the human well-being and health.

Environmental law covers the land-use development and planning, utilization and resource conservation, along with pollution control and waste management. Conservation of the environment is the control of the environmental pollution and the lands natural resources.

Sustainable development does not compromise future generations and their needs. Priority is given to the needs of the poor without sacrificing growth, innovation and progress. Environmental laws focus on sustainability by using the environment that meets human needs and still ensures its preservation. Biological diversity and the ecosystems would not be disturbed and remedied where needed. The landscaping, air pollution, waste removal and the exploitation of developments in the country are all avoided and fixed when needed.

Clients with any kind of environmental situations that are overwhelming should contact Frans Schoeman on slideshare, attorney at law for his professional advice. Frans has various legal skills, experience, and techniques to handle any kind of legal issue. Schoeman strives at paying close attention to his client needs and gives all his clients quality advice. Frans is a highly motivated attorney with skills in numerous areas that are related to human rights, culture, education, environment and other areas.

Frans Schoeman began practicing law in 1990. His areas of expertise are in commercial, corporate and business law. Frans obtained his Baccalaureus Procurationis degree from the University of the Free State in 1990. His degree qualifies him as an attorney in South Africa. While studying for his legal degree, Frans was involved in the Student Legal Society at the University.

Schoeman moved on to become an attorney practicing law at the law offices of Hofmeyr, Herbstein and Gihwala Inc. In 2001, Frans became the legal director at TG Minister Group. He practiced general law, constructed complicated legal mergers, acquisitions and helped clients with the negotiation of contract procedure issues. In 2003, Schoeman was admitted to practice in the High courts of RSA. In 2005, Schoeman was running mine concessions in Angola after adding an MD to his accomplishments at Phatsima Diamond Corporation. Frans become the director of Phatsima Diamond Corporation by the end of 205.

As a senior partner at the Joubert Schoeman Law group, Frans Schoeman helped to develop special techniques for handling law issues that gives effective solutions to their clients. As attorney for both nationally and internationally clients, Schoeman and his group have the proven skills and exceptional legal level of knowledge in a diversity of legal areas.