Traits of Successful Women

Successful business women understand how tough it is to compete successfully with men in the business world. They have also learned to handle the challenges in the business world, their career and personal life. Despite the availability of resourceful women leaders, most businesswomen still suffer whenever they attempt to make a meaning contribution to the business world. They do not know success tips.

A businesswoman should read about successful women to be able to discover the secrets of their success. There are many such women in all fields. Reading about their career paths and background will inspire any woman to take positive initiatives and give her a hint of how the road to success looks.

Susan McGalla on ireport.cnn is one such woman who believes that women are very intelligent and hardworking people. She often says that higher education gives rise to greater opportunities. McGalla advises young women to plan smart and choose financial aid and sponsorships that cater to their skill set so as not to be intimidated by the growing cost of higher education and understand how to overcome hurdles that are on their way.

Susan McGalla, 41, is a successful businesswoman based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She began her career in 1986 at Joseph Company, where she served in various marketing and managerial positions before leaving in 1986. Later that same year, she joined American Eagle Outfitters where she started off as a merchandise divisional buyer for women’s clothing and then served the company in various managerial positions. Due to hard work, she later became both the president and chief merchandising officer of the company. McGalla is a great success model for women aspiring to be great business leaders, and her willingness to mentor young women gives them an opportunity to climb to high leadership positions.

From McGalla’s life, it is apparent that persistence is another important trait of successful businesswomen. Starting a business and running a business are two entirely different subjects. I have seen some people start many businesses but later close them when things do not work in their favor. To be successful, one must be persistent because the business world holds many uncertainties that the faint spirited consider as impossibilities.

When one has a strong sense of purpose, persistence comes automatically. Looking at the life of successful women including Coco Chanel and Oprah Winfrey, one can only conclude that they have been successful in business because of their believe that they have a purpose in life. They wanted to make an impact in the society and have done so.

Another conspicuous trait of these business leaders is assertiveness. Oprah and Coco, for example, are not shy of making her position known. This quality has enabled them to command respect not only in the United States but the entire world. They know how to convey assertiveness by being fearless and speaking with both purpose and authority. Businesswomen who adopt a confident manner of communication, deal with criticism rationally, persistence, and a hardworking spirit are on their way to greatness.

Citadel LLC: The Financial Giant

It is a global multi-strategy hedge fund in Chicago founded by Ken Griffin in 1990. This limited liability company has experienced success by basing its work on five vital core values, that is, integrity, excellence, teamwork, growth and innovation. The company is led by a capable team of experienced leaders at the top being Kenneth Griffin, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Citadel LLC.

Kenneth C. Griffin was born in October 1968 and graduated from Harvard University with a bachelor’s degree in economics. He founded Citadel Investment Group in the following year and eight years later, he managed to have over 100 employees and a net worth of more than $1 billion in capital investment. Mr. Griffin has played an important role in contributing positively to the society concentrating more on arts, supporting educational causes, giving out donations and through the Citadel Group Foundation. He is part of the Board of Directors of the Chicago Public Fund. Kenneth has also been known to be a political philanthropist funding some political campaigns.

Citadel LLC operates three separate business segments, namely: Citadel, Citadel Securities and Citadel Technology. Citadel was formed as a hedge fund managing business. It manages two large hedge funds, namely Kensington Global Strategies Fund and Wellington Fund. Citadel funds invest in public equity markets and are among the largest and most successful funds in the world. Citadel applies five investment strategies that focus on the world’s financial markets. Citadel Securities is known as a market maker, and formed in 2002, has grown to be a key liquidity provider for businesses and investments. Citadel Technologies formed in 2009, is an affiliate of Citadel is the third business segment that offers to firms a technology based strategy of managing their investments. These three groups are under efficient management which owes to their successes.

Even though Citadel has managed to be a powerhouse in the hedge fund business, it faced quite a challenge in the 2008 financial crisis. The Kensington and Wellington suffered losses during that year and almost led to the closure of Citadel. All the same it managed to overcome this in 2012 when they earned a lot of money enabling them to cover up on their losses. Citadel has since then been able to stay on top through the application of an Investment Approach, Investment Strategies and a Risk Management group. It also has a good sense of companionship and workmanship testified by its workers, that has led to the company being recognized as one of the places people would likely work at.

Citadel has various offices around the world that make their hedge fund services to people in other places too. Examples are the New York and Hong Kong offices. Citadel has proven to be a dependable place for investors since they make effective and reliable decisions on behalf of them.

How Eric Pulier Is Pushing for Innovation in the Tech Sector

It’s common knowledge that the tech sector moves at a rapid pace. There’s few industries which rely so much on a rapid pace of scientific and technological development. While the rapid pace is common knowledge, many people aren’t aware of the extra demands that can place on a company. Companies with extensive histories have a tendency to become slower and slower to react to change of any kind. This can spell doom for any company which has a heavy focus on computer technologies. In the tech sector, it’s vital that a company be able to move at a pace even with or faster than the current state of the art. This makes companies which have proven themselves able to do so all the more exceptional. A great example of this can be found in Computer Sciences Corporation.

Computer Sciences Corporation was founded all the way back in 1959. At the time the company was heavily invested in the creation of the very tools used to write software. Saying that they were positioned in the role of an industry leader is an understatement. The company is responsible for a number of compilers and related tools which are used to turn computer code into highly optimized executables. Within four years the company had leveraged their expertise to become the largest software company in the United States. During this time they also solidified connections with notable corporations such as IBM. They even went on to establish relationships with NASA.

Of course this only paints part of the larger picture. Many companies in the tech sector have a strong start but simply aren’t able to keep up with the pace of the industry. Success has a tendency to create a more cautious and slow moving approach. Computer Sciences Corporation has proven itself immune to that trend. To understand why it’s best to look at how the company operates. And when one looks at the top of the corporate ladder it becomes very clear why Computer Sciences Corporation is able to keep abreast of such a fast paced industry. Over the decades the company has been very careful to keep only the best and the brightest at the top.
Eric Pulier was a great CEO for ServiceMesh.

The current CEO of Computer Sciences Corporation is Eric Pulier. And it doesn’t take long to realize just how much he brings to the position. Puller has a long history of bringing technological advances to the people who can best benefit from them. He’s had a vast amount of success in the business world. But perhaps even more remarkable is the impact that he’s had in the non-profit second. He’s been vital in setting up a number of technologies to aid medical establishments. One of the most notable is his contributions to the Starlight Foundation, which uses modern technologies to help educate children with chronic illness about their conditions. It’s this involvement with the world which ensures that he’s able to keep the company at the head of any new developments in the industry. Because Puller isn’t content to simply develop new technologies. He’s also adamant that new technologies actually help to make the world a better place.


BRL Trust Investment was founded in 2005 by Mauricio Ribeiro. He is the founder and director of BRL Trust investment and he is responsible for international and custody fund. His main responsibility is management of the administration and review of trustee fund and services. He was a market leader in his former company. All this managerial skills enabled him come up with the foundation of BRL Trust investment and he was so confident that his idea would bear him fruits one day.

Rodrigo Boccanera Gomes is the director and founding partner of BRL Trust. He is responsible for fiduciary services, management and project finance. He has over 15 years experience as a financial marketer. Rodrigo Cavalcante is partner and director of BRL Trust. He is the fund investment administrator. He became a part of BRL Trust in2013 as corporate structure partner.

The investment was started to provide trust services in private loans. The investment started expanding gradually and this led to employment of more personnel in areas like administration, Management of investment funds, capital market and mergers and acquisitions. With this team of professional, BRL Trust was known to be the largest administrator of investment funds in Brazil. BRL Trust is a well known firm in Brazil.

The company narrowed its operations to be 5 critical activities. These services include fiduciary services which provide a number of services that ensure safety and reliability of the investors. This service specializes in monitoring, controlling, collecting and tracking loans from the clients. They help the clients deal with their investment plans and give them more profitable ideas that will enable grow financially. They act as financial advisors to the client.

The BRL Trust has been authorized by the security commission to the transactions and provides with innovative services to their clients. The other activity is custody service. This is where the custodial services take place. These services include asset pricing, controlling the shareholder and taxes control. This is one of the reasons that enabled BRL rise within a short span of its existence. The other activity that you are likely to get in BRL is asset underwriting. This is one of the services that enables the clients get funds that enable them to deal in debentures, real estate and agribusinesses.

Due to its professional services to the client BRL has managed to be the top and the most favorable trust institution. When it comes to investment, it is known to have some of the best advises to the investor and no client will leave without a satisfactory service given to them. Clients who got financial or investment problems, when they come to BRL they are rest assured that their problems have been sorted out.

Personal Products Create Success For QNet

Upon becoming established in Asia the Hong Kong based company QNet has sought to find new areas for its products to be expanded into, which has included the development of personal products aimed at providing customers with energy, nutrition and organic products. Fonded by Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismarck, the company has been one of the success stories of the early 21st century in the multi level marketing industry as it has maintained an ethical approach to business. The growth of ethical business practices has continued over a number of years and has included an approach that now seeks to help those customers who are looking to live the healthiest and most positive lives possible.

The energy drinks produced by QNet have become something of a phenomenon across Asia, with customers in the fast growing Indian market being amongst the top consumers of these naturally created products. The success of the QNet energy drinks market in India has led to the company looking to locate manufacturing sites within India to make it easier for the people of India to buy the drinks as fast as possible. The move into the economy of India comes after a successful period of negotiation with the Indian Government, which saw the finances of the company given the all clear by financial agencies within the country. QNet is a marketing company known around the world.

The leaders of QNet are well known within the business community for being amongst the most spiritual and contemplative in the world. This comes after both of the founders were educated in the ways of meditation and contemplation, practices both businesspeople continue to enjoy as they reach the highest levels of the business communities. Not only does the spiritual approach of the leaders of the company affect the approach to business, it also affects the approach the company has to its customers and employees. Respect is an important word to the employees of QNet who find themselves working for business leaders who believe customers should have access to the best possible products available and all employees should be treated with the highest levels of respect.

Who Knows Economics Better Than Christian Broda?

In abstract terms, economics is the study of money and wealth. According to the American Institute for Economic Research, economics is the study of all factors that influence wealth, income, and well-being. It is a social science that uses advanced mathematical and statistical ideas, connections related to physical sciences and other disciplines.
So what do we call people who study economics? They are simply referred to as economists. They study about money to find out its relationships with human beings. An economist will advise you how to attain and use the money. They also study the consumption and distribution of goods and services and how they affect the economy.
Unlike in the past decades, present economists have the considerable amount of political power. Their influence and ideas are implemented in both law and public policy. We looked at the list of top 10 most influential economists of all-time and found that Duquesne Capital Management Managing Director and economist Christian Broda ranks top in this list of famous and influential economists. Christian has had more influence on economic matters over the recent past than any other economist. He is a hardworking and renowned economic advisor who has tirelessly worked for the government and private sectors.
His CV is very impressive. Starting with his working experience, Christian Broda is a go-getter who has worked with several top tier companies as the chief economic advisor. Currently, he is the Managing Director of Duquesne Capital Management. Previously, he had served as a Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago.
His educational qualifications also speak a lot about his success. In January 1997, he graduated with a Bachelors of Arts degree from Universidad de San Andres, Argentina (Summa Cum Laude). He also graduated holds an MBA and Ph.D. in Economics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
He has published several books and numerous articles on trade and international finance. He has also done several pieces of research on the field of finance that have been published in top journals in economics like the Quarterly Journal of Economics and the American Economic Review. Christian Broda has featured regularly in several press releases. In 2006, he was named the James S. Kemper Scholar. In 2008, he received two awards from the National Science Foundation (NSF). They came in form of grants to support his research work.
Christian Broda has done many researches on matters of money, how money is used and transferred within the economy. He has studied various human behaviors and found out how these behaviors affect the economy, or how the economies affect these behaviors. His work has answered many questions such as why there is lack or employment, and why food prices rise when the prices of gas go up. He has helped many governments to understand the relationships between their everyday expenditures and economy. In one of his books, he has written on how the status of the economy affects the value of the dollar, jobs, and households.
For instance, in the recent past, many people had predicted the fall of the American dollar, but Christian Broda was in the forefront to dispute that. So far he had proven us them wrong because the American dollar has continued to gain ground over other currencies.
If you have been given the mandate to create a vibrant economy within your area of jurisdiction, then you definitely need to look for somebody experienced in the field of economics to help you out. In fact, this is where Christian Broda comes in.

QNet – The Number One Direct Selling Company

QNet ltd, also known as QuestNet or GoldQuest, is a direct selling company operated out of Hong Kong. QNet is one of the most successful direct selling organizations in the entirety of Asia. QNet offers a myriad of products, such as: energy and nutrition supplements, personal care, home care, collectibles, accessories, and personal and business development strategies.

Instead of marketing products themselves, QNet employs distributors (Independent Representatives) for their products. These distributors choose which product they wish to sell, and how they go about marketing their product. Another source of income for Independent Representatives is through referrals: an individual referred to QNet who successfully makes sales results in a bonus for the referrer.

At QNet, Independent Representatives are their own boss. They decide how they want to sell their product: if they want to go door-to-door, post flyers on telephone poles and bulletin boards, or advertise online, they are able to do so. Independent Representatives have the luxury of working from home, with virtually unlimited earning potential.

Independent Representatives do not have to make any significant start-up investments, whether it be inventory, office space, earning credentials, packaging, advertising, etc. QNet does all the hard work for you, while you simply sell the product. At QNet, you are your own boss, without making all the difficult decisions and expensive investments other businesspeople have to make.

Why not join QNet (Twitter)
today? If you are tired of living the nine-to-five work weeks, tired of being away from your children during the workday, tired of reporting to your nagging supervisors, tired of not making enough money, tired of not being able to release your full potential because your superiors have failed to recognize your potential, then QNet is for you! Face it, do you really want to work for demanding bosses and supervisors for the rest of your life, or do you want to grab life by the horns and be your own boss?

Tips for Beginner Wikipedia Editors

Ready to take the leap into Wikipedia writers for hire? It may seem daunting at first, but we are here to give you a few tips to make the process easier.

Tip 1: Make an Account

While it is possible, and possibly tempting to start editing without using an account. It is advisable to create an account. There are many perks to owning an account such as: viewing the history of your edits, viewing changes made to your edits, and administrative comments.

Contrasting that, not having an account on Wikipedia will result in having your IP address publicly on everyone to see. Which may allow some people to find out exactly where you are posting from, down to your exact address.

Tip 2 : Add Sources & Summarize Your Changes

Could not be overstated that sourcing and summarizing your changes is essential to Wikipedia article writings. Without sources people are far less likely to trust your edits and submissions and you’ll likely find your changes removed. There, of course, is no point to contributing if it will only be removed shortly after.

Tip 3: Stick with the Standard Wikipedia Tone & Structure

Wikipedia has extensive articles going into detail regarding the exact tone and structure that every article should be in. So, if you’re serious about writing high quality articles, take the extra time to learn about the standard.

The articles detail the tone, structure, and standard short hands that help administrators approve your work faster and keep consistency with the rest of the encyclopedia website.

Tip 4: Don’t Write About Yourself or a Company You are in Association With

It should go without saying that any articles that you write about yourself will have a bias, rather intentional or not. Ethically speaking, always avoid writing about something that is associated with you personally or else there will be a conflict of interest.

Extra Tip: Read More at Wikipedia: How to Guides

There are a plethora of articles you can find on how to help write for Wikipedia on the site itself. The articles detail specific actions, bug fixes, and extensive guides on writing techniques. Each is worth a read, and will help you help keep this online project going.

Eric Pulier; a technology enthusiast

Computer Science Corporation is one of the leading Information Technology Company in the United States of America. The company deals with the development of software that are used in the information technology fields. This is a multinational corporation that exists in more than 70 countries in the world. The company was founded in 1959 in Los Angeles, the United States of America with the aim of developing tools of trade which would be used by both the government and the private sector. The company deals with manufacturing of computer software and offering computer services has incorporated many user-friendly interfaces in their products. They provide solutions to software problems, and its enormous number of clients globally has grown to like them. The company became more useful to the United States of America government since it mostly used it software to advance its security platform. The company has grown over the years and acquired contracts to supply software in the entire Europe. Its professional employee work with expertise to develop the most sought after equipment globally. With its headquarters in Los Angeles, it produces the state-of-art software that are highly sophisticated to curb cybercrime and help in investigative services. The company also provides financial institutions with its services at a professional level. Here, they offer the institutions with high definition software to use in a bid to avoid identity theft or financial malpractices. They also manage and specialize in giving them technical solutions to the problem encountered during the operations of software.

Eric Pulier is one of the entrepreneurs who believed in market-oriented technology platforms. He started computer programming at a young age. He was passionate about finding a solution using technology. This is why after graduating from Harvard University he moved to Los Angeles in 1991. The experiences he had gained earlier saw him start a company that would find solutions to health care and education that were the key societal problems. He developed a social network where children who had different chronic diseases could visit and chat with each other. Through this process, he would bring different ideas of patients together and come up with the best possible solution. Many health organizations adopted the software and frequently used the platform to advocate for other potential medical solutions. His good initiative saw him recognized by President Bill Clinton and was given a chance to talk about technology and health. Through this platform, many other social health bodies have developed websites talking about health that have intern infiltrated the market. Education institutions have also put the idea of Eric Pulier into practice, and many educational platforms have developed on social media. He has also contributed to the society through his philanthropic nature. Adam Sender also has a profile on CrunchBase.

Young People Should Look At Brian Bonar’s Career And Try To Imitate It

Some people are better at certain things than others, and when it comes to finance, Brian Bonar definitely beats out most people. He has the smarts to succeed in this career, and he has more ambition than a lot of people do. But, that does not mean that anyone who has just started out in this field should feel discouraged. Instead, it means that they will just have to try all the harder. They should look at the career that Brian Bonar has, and they should see the things that he has done to get him to his powerful position, and then they should try to imitate him. If they can take some of the things that he has done, and if they can make them a part of their career, then they will have a much greater chance of having success in the field of finance than ever before. Check out Brian Bonar on LinkedIn.

Brian Bonar has made the most of his career, and everyone could learn a lot from looking to him and the life that he has lived. He has become the president of one company, and he holds many powerful positions at others. He has become respected by many people, and he has accomplished all of the things that he set out to do. Every young individual would do well by looking at his life and trying to make theirs somewhat like his.
There are some people that are better at certain things than the rest of the world, and while Brian Bonar may hold one of the top spots in the finance world, that does not mean that anyone who is just starting out cannot get to be at the place that he is at in his career. All that one needs to do in order to accomplish all of the things that he has done is to have a lot of determination, ambition, and hope. They need to take a careful look at Brian Bonar’s life, and at their life, and try to make things work. They will have a great chance of succeeding when they take the time to do that.