Interviewing Lynch


The National Football League appears to be ramping up its efforts to force running back Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks to conduct normal interviews. It is clear beyond the shadow of a doubt that Marshawn Lynch wants nothing to do with the media and will not work with them. Lynch has become notorious for skipping out on interviews and the league has fined him several times in the past two years. In response to the actions he has started doing something that is one of the funniest things in football in recent memory. His supprters, like Lee Slaughter, love his style. Yes, he will conduct interviews for you, but he will not answer your questions ( you can view the interviews on He has figured out that he can give one or two word responses and the same responses every single time to whatever questions they ask him and he appears to have a word or phrase of the day. He responded to one interview with “yeah” and another interview with “I’m thankful”. It is pretty hilarious when you watch it, because the reporters continue to drop long questions at him and he pauses and nonchalantly replies with the same phrase. It is clear that he is not going to do the interviews and he really doesn’t need to give an explanation as to why. The NFL can keep trying to bully him into doing something that he doesn’t want to do, but Lynch grew up on the tough streets of Oakland and is not someone to be pushed around.

Beneful Keeps Dogs Healthy Throughout Their Lives

When you purchase the Beneful brand of dog food for your dogs, you need to remember that this dog food can do anything for your dogs. Your dogs can be young or old, but they are going to get great benefits from this food. You simply need to make sure you pick the food that is going to meet them where they are.


The puppies in your family are in need of the best nutrition possible as they try to grow. Dogs that do not get enough nutrition when they are small are going to have a hard time growing up to be the healthy dogs that they should be. These dogs are often tired and in need of more nourishment. You can get the puppy formula for your dogs, and that will help them grow healthy bones and fur as they get bigger, as you can see here.


When you have adult dogs who are in need of maintenance diet food, you can get them the Beneful formula that will help them stay healthy. These dogs will be able to maintain their weight when they are eating this formula, and they will be able to keep their bones and teeth healthy. The chunks are made to give dogs a chance to clean up their teeth as they chew, and the big chunks give dogs a chance to work out their jaws.

Outdoor Formula

The outdoor formula is going to be most beneficial for you because you want your outdoor dog to get all the nutrients they can. These nutrients are going to make it much easier for your dog to stay healthy, and these nutrients help to prevent disease.

When you choose the right kind of Beneful dog food, you are giving your dog a new lease on life. They will be healthier, more vibrant and able to keep up with the family.


Christopher Cowdray, Industry Leader

Christopher Cowdray is the Chief Executive Officer of the Dorchester Collection group of hotels. The Dorchester Collection, the world’s foremost luxury 5 star hotels were brought together by Cowdray. This group includes the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills CA, the Hotel BelAir in Los Angeles, the Dorchester Hotel in London, CoWorth Park in London, Hotel Eden in Rome, Plaza Athenee in Paris and Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan.


In 2013, Mr. Christopher Cowdray won the Lifetime achievement award at the European Hospitality Awards in London. He was previously the manager for the Dorchester as well as managing Director of Claridge’s and General Manager of the Al Bustan Palace Hotel, Oman. He has worked for 30 years in the hospitality sector. He become CEO of the Dorchester Collection in 2007 and proceeded to establish the chain of hotels as an exceptional luxury brand. He graduated from Columbia Business School and was born in Zimbabwe.
The Dorchester hotels offer luxurious suites, 5 star restaurants, beautiful golf courses, elegant spas and many other top-notch amenities. They cater to an elite and wealthy clientele and excel at exceeding customers’ expectations. Mr. Cowdray has even placed ipads in his suites! He believes in using leading technology to keep up with the evolution of hotel management. Celebrities, artists and other distinguished guests frequent these hotels. These hotels are well known for the dazzling buildings and features. The Hotel Eden has a rooftop restaurant, which overlooks St. Peters Dome and the Eternal City in Rome.
Over the last five years he has established this group of hotels as a luxury brand. On The Caterer, it has received very high marks. They are acquiring more hotels as they go. The goal is provide the highest level of service and quality, which he has been very successful in. The Hotel BelAir was purchased in 2008, closed for two years then reopened in 2011. It was restored and has been well received, as it is known as one of the most beautiful and romantic hotels in the world, catering to Hollywood icons. The Dorchester group invests continuously in their hotels to make sure they are up-to-date and meet current standards as well as client expectations. Each hotel has a unique design, relevant to their location. They take their guest comments very seriously and continue to push the bar higher. The response shows that they have certainly outdone themselves.

Bruce Levenson Work In Athletics And Information

Bruce Levenson is a managing partner of the Atlanta Hawks, and he is co-chairman of UCG. Levenson has been working in the information accumulation business since he began UCG with a friend in the 70s. The began by starting a newsletter, but they now offer all manner of information about the oil industry through their business. They keep up with prices of oil in the world, and the hold a database of pricing information that is used to give businesses information to research the oil industry.

Levenson became a majority partner with Atlanta Spirit when the group purchased the Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta Thrashers from Ted Turner. The sale of the Hawks and Thrashers to the group put a group of owners in Washington and a group of owners in Atlanta. Bruce Levenson was the chairman, and he represented the group that lived in the DC area.

When the group sold the Atlanta Thrashers to a business group in Winnipeg, they effectively recreated the Winnipeg Jets who are now a functioning part of the NHL once again. The group held on to the Atlanta Hawks as Levenson managed to group primarily.

When Levenson discovered insensitive emails that he had written back in 2012, he decided that he should put the team up for sale. He kept Danny Ferry on staff after Ferry was known to have made similar comments. Currently, the team is 100% for sale, and there are many people looking at buying the team.

Bruce Levenson began with a small business that he could run out of an apartment, but he grew that business into something that would allow him to purchase a professional basketball team and profit from the sale of a team that is in the number four media market in America all while managing his primary business.


Investing For The New Year with Sam Tabar

Now that the world has moved into the new year, Americans are working on keeping their New Year’s resolutions, many of which are financial resolutions. For those who are looking to increase their net worth or save for retirement, Sam Tabar shared some smart investment tips for 2015 on

Sam Tabar’s first tip for the new investor is actually a warning to be careful with commodity trading, as it is far more risky than mutual funds. To make a good investment in commodity trading, the investor needs to have thoroughly researched, and be sure to have a solid financial cushion that can absorb a potential short term loss. Tabar does, however, go on to recommend investing in private business, as it is an opportunity to make money while helping out others.

Tabar goes on to caution new investors to make sure to diversify their portfolio. Which simply means, don’t put everything into one investment. At some point, the hot stock that the investor put everything on, will stop being such a hot stock. Sam Tabar says to remember this old saying, “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.” While this is all excellent advice, Tabar says that the most important piece of advice he has to give is that there is no better time than the present to begin investing.

As a seasoned investor himself, his tips are tried and true. Sam Tabar has spent many years counseling his clients on hedge fund formation, hedge fund structure, investment management agreements, private placement memoranda, and regulatory and compliance issues during his years as an attorney. Tabar also spent a period of time as Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific Region for Bank of America.

BRL Trust – An Honest Financial Company In Tough Times

When BRL Trust Investments started out eight years ago they never envisioned how they would grow so quickly in such a small space of time. A year after their launch in 2005 they helped out individuals in Brazil with 100 personal loans. Now after expanding into managing hedge and investment funds, they oversee over $18billion BRL in assets. It is a real success story of a company starting from small roots to take on the world of high finance.


The secret to their initial success was down to the fact that they quickly realized that they needed to separate their business activities to ensure one department did not affect another. This meant if one department deteriorated for some reason, it had no affect on others in the business. This immediately helped them to build confidence among investors who turned to them. These investors knew that their money was being as safe as possible in the investment market with BRL. Between 2011 and 2012 their investment trust really took off when around $10 billion was added to their portfolio.


One of the services BRL produces is both corporate investors and private individuals are not left guessing about how their money is growing. That is because they have an online portal which allows investors to keep track of their accounts in real time. This fiduciary service allows customers the opportunity to have a look at exactly where their money is being invested and how it is performing in the financial markets. This further helps the investor to spot anything that they may think is out of the ordinary. So this transparency is another reason why customers trust BRL Trust.


One of the most complicated factors at making money through investing, is how you can explain it away to the tax authorities. This is another service BRL provides as part of their portfolio investment service. They can do comprehensive tax preparation and account reports of funds they are in control of.


While the worldwide banking system has come under criticism in the last few years for causing a global economic crisis, at BRL they try to be different. They have an ethics policy in place which ensures they abide by all Brazilian and international laws. One of their promises is that they will put ethics above personal gain and hire only the best financial advisers who will abide by these principles. How many people in the financial world can say that?


That also means that any clients suspected of fraud or money laundering will be reported to authorities even at their financial loss.


The BRL trustee Services has an Assets Control System which is referred to as the SCA. The SCA specializes in monitoring, controlling, tracking over 300 companies in various with a portfolio of over 20,000 customers. There is also more than 500,000 transferred receivables in collectibles.


At the moment there are 95 funds under administration by the Securities Commission which is monitoring accounts of around $8.20billion.


So in a world where banking and investment funds have taken a hammering politically and in terms of reputation are seen in the lowest possible way by the world , BRL pride themselves on being different.

The Street And Mark Ahn Talk Startups

Dr. Mark Ahn spoke with The Street recently about startups in the biotech industry. He is one of the leaders of a company in Pukana Partners that was once a startup. He knows what it takes to make a startup successful, and he has done research to support his theories.

When Dr. Ahn works with startups, he has noticed that many of them are looking for ways to make money as fast as possible. However, the biotech industry does not provide ways for people to make money that fast. When these companies are trying to push through their next product, they may need to wait a year or more to get the product approved. This wait could drain the company financially unless the company has funding coming from many different places.

Also, Dr. Ahn has noted that these startups need to be willing to run more than one project at a time. As one project goes to market, it can help support the other projects that are still in the testing or development phase or production.

Following Dr. Ahn’s advice can help people remain solvent as they try to get their brilliant new biotech products to the marketplace and beyond.

North American Spine Helped Fix My Back

Wanted to do something a little different talking about North American Spine today.  I run into back issues all the time, so I wanted to find something that could actually help.  Turns out this is exactly what I needed to turn my back health around.

Affordable solutions, less pain help North American Spine specialists effectively treat back and neck ailments

Are you looking for spinal care that is minimally invasive? Do you want to be under the care of spine specialists who help you step by step to treat your back and neck pain.

There are a variety of spinal disorders. A procedure to fix a spinal disorder can be a big decision. North American Spine is located across the U.S. in Arizona, Florida, Minnesota, New Jersey and Texas. For treatment of spinal disorders, most patients travel to one of these locations. Patients should block out a 3-5 day period on average for the stay at one of their facilities.

Minimally invasive spinal surgery is an attractive option because of the highly specialized tools and technology used and the quicker recovery time. There is also considerably smaller incisions and less pain post surgery.

North American Spine has a number of testimonials about the organizations specialists and their attention to detail. This spinal surgery minimized tissue damage, proving to be both less invasive and less risky in comparison to traditional spine surgery operations. But the goals of minimally invasive spinal surgery are the same as the traditional.

At North American Spine, leading neurosurgeons, spine surgeons and pain management specialists help patients understand the procedure, with over 30 to treat back and neck pain. The idea of minimally invasive spinal surgery involves both decompression and stabilization. With decompression, the pressure comes off the spinal cord or nerve root, which may be pinched. With stabilization, abnormal movements or mobile segments may have caused the spinal disorder and stabilizing surgery is used to help get your spine or neck stable. Physicians can also map the pain youre experiencing and apply neurostimulation. There is also a popular procedure known as AccuraScope, which is an even less invasive alternative to minimally invasive spine surgery. In the AccuraScope procedure, a very thin endoscope is inserted. The endoscope has a high definition camera and laser, which opens at the base of the spine. This procedure is beneficial because it gives the physician enough information so that he can diagnose and treat multiple areas around the spine, with less trauma.

There are a range of conditions that can warrant minimally invasive spinal surgery. Some of these include degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, sciatica, spinal stenosis, spinal deformities (scoliosis), spondylolisthesis, spine fractures, spinal infections and spinal tumors. Even though all spine conditions cannot be treated with minimally invasive surgery, these conditions are rare. Your doctor should explain to you what type of surgery you will need based on your condition.

North American Spine is different than other providers in that it is a highly ethics-driven company. The company promotes the most appropriate recommendations for each of its patients. This is based on medical history or MRI reports.

There are several advantages to minimally invasive spinal surgery including faster recovery, less hospital time, less anesthesia and post operative pain, less scarring, less muscle damage, reduced blood loss during surgery and smaller risks of infection.

North American Spine treats a wide variety of chronic back and neck pain. The company also works with most insurance providers. For people needing the minimally invasive spine procedure, there are affordable solutions.

Patients can also watch videos and/or read messages from patients about their procedures. New patients also talk to old patients so that they can get their questions answered.

A Profile of Citadel CEO Ken Griffin

Regarding the famous business executives, I always like to do my research for what I can do in my own career.  That’s why I follow Ken Griffin on Twitter, because the dude is a total inspiration.  While I might not agree with his politics, I can’t deny what he’s accomplished in his professional career.

Among the top hedge fund investment firms in the world Citadel ranks as one of the most prolific globally; among the top hedge fund investors Kenneth Griffin is one of the most well-known and respected in the industry. Griffin got his first fund up and running with a mere $265,000, which included part of his inheritance from his grandmother and invested just in time to make a fortune when the market crashed on October 19, 1987. He was only 19 years old at the time, and those brilliant decisions are still echoed in his recent purchases.

With a unique intuitive knowledge of how to produce major gains through major risk-taking he has dominated the world of investing through his founding of Citadel in 1990 shortly after graduating from Harvard. Citadels rise to success wasnt met without a challenge, however; its steady increase in assets escalated steadily until the stock market crash in 2008. Griffin rose to meet the challenge head-on, quoting, Every organization has two choices. Choice one is to grow. Choice two is to die. If you decide not to grow, its a clear-cut message to talented people that its time to leave.The crisis revealed that a true expert in the field had taken his place among the greatest investors the world had ever seen and he led the company into higher profits than it had previously acquired. Citadel has a current net worth of over $20 billion and its famous CEO a net worth of over $5.5 billion.

Like many natural-born leaders Kenneth Griffins management style has given his company a reputation as being a harsh place to work and he has admitted that hes not the easiest boss to work for. His emphasis on hard work, integrity and determination has built an extremely successful team, however. An avid fan of the retired CEO of General Electrics business managements style he modeled Citadel in the similar form of respected businessman Jack Welch by creating small groups of employees to meet for lunch every few weeks and discuss suggestions for improving the company and also listening to complaints. He once stated, I admire Jack Welch and his conviction of the role of the individual in the firm.While Citadel has been described as a demanding and unrelenting workplace his explanation is that companies that require relentless labor and loyalty are usually the strongest ones there are. The result is that while some investment firms struggle in a ruthless market Citadel strives to convert challenges into growth opportunities and it is typically successful in its endeavors.

Griffin has been described as a philanthropist, a benefactor to causes like educational reform and the arts, a political player and a man who carefully guards his privacy. For several years he avoided press coverage as much as possible but later agreed to increase his exposure to the media in the hopes that it would benefit Citadel. His strategy quickly paid off as he began giving interviews in 2001 and he has been featured in several prolific periodicals, including the Chicago Tribune, Bloomberg Magazine and the New York Times. Griffin has also appeared multiple times on the Forbes Richest People in America list; his most recent position was number 89, a jump up from his spot in previous years.

Andrew Heiberger Is The Real Deal

Andrew Heiberger is the owner and CEO of Buttonwood Development, which is a Manhattan-based real estate development firm as well as the founder and owner of Town Residential, a residential real estate firm. He had previously served as CEO of Citi Habitats, a residential brokerage in Manhattan that he founded in 1994. He is a licensed attorney in New York as well as a member of the Real Estate Board of New York and serves on it’s board of governors. The Real Estate Board’s purpose is to facilitate transactions in real estate. The board is made up of may real estate professionals.

He is also a member of the World Presidents’ Organization, which connects you CEO’s in a large network pool of people and the New York State Bar Association, which cultivates the science of jurisprudence. Some award and recognition include; being listed in Crain’s New York Business 40 under 40 in 1998 and was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young in 2001 and was a finalist for the national Entrepreneur of the Year.

Heiberger’s career started at a young age. He got his first experience with real estate at the age of 16 when he worked with is family to sell property in Long Island. He eventually graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor’s degree and also obtained a law degree from the University of Miami School of Law. At the age of 26, in 1994, he founded Citi Habitats. But ten years later her sold the company to NRT LLC, a real estate company. He has stated that he never regretted selling Citi but regrets leaving the brokerage business at all.

In 2010, Heiberger got back into the brokerage business by found Town Residential, a luxury residential real estate firm. Heiberger has enjoyed much success in his career. The 452-unit he developed on 88 Greenwich street has become one of the best selling properties in the downtown area. In one a year’s time, the company was ranked in The Real Deal’s list of top ten largest residential brokerages. They now plan to open up a new branch in London, wanting to expand their business globally. He then departed as CEO in January of 2014 but made a prompt return in October. He plans to keep running his firm and keep taking the brokerage world by storm and continue to be the best of the best in New York and soon, globally.