Discover the Benefits of Pomegranates and How they May Prevent Cancer


The pomegranate is a large round fruit that originates from Asia and is now becoming more popular in the United States. Mature pomegranates have a tough outer skin that tastes bitter, but the inside is filled with bright red seeds that are sweet and delicious. Not only are they tasty, but they have enormous health benefits, which include fighting cancer.

Cancer Studies

My cousin is an analyst at BRL Trust and does a lot of research on pretty much everything and the last time he came to visit he was telling my dad about some recent studies indicating that pomegranate compounds can possibly prevent the spreading of prostate cancer in some situations or slow the cancer growth. Mice ate pomegranate extract after being injected with cells from prostate tumors. The mice developed small tumors that grew slower than mice that received injected cancer cells and no pomegranate extract. Mice receiving higher doses of the extract developed the least number of tumors. Another study also indicates that drinking large amounts of pure pomegranate juice may reduce the progression of colon cancers.

Other Benefits

Pomegranates contain high amounts of iron that help to lower iron deficiency and anemia. Studies show that pomegranate seeds may slow or reverse the growth of arterial plaque and act as a blood thinner, which is important for heart health. They are also rich in antioxidants that destroy free-radical cells.

In addition, people who consume the seeds as a snack or drink pomegranate juice can benefit from increased cartilage and bone strength. These fruits contain polyphenol antioxidants that can reduce bone degeneration, which is a plus for an aging population.

Who’s Policing the Police?

It seems there has been a recent surge in the rates of police violence against civilians. However, it is more likely the case that media outlets show a bit more bravado than years past. Instead of blindly worshipping the police force for protecting us and keeping us safe at night, media outlets are finally willing to look beyond the facade of the knight in shining armor and have found tarnished armor and a bloody sword.

The Ferguson debacle obviously comes to mind, though another story has come to light. In Seattle, an officer will not face any charges for punching and breaking facial bones of a 23 year old woman. The young woman was intoxicated, resisted arrest, and was acting “belligerently” enough for the officer to proceed to call her a “bitch” and punch her in the face. In defense of the officer a video shows that the woman tried to kick him.

But is does an attempted kick from a drunken 23 year old women elicit a bone-breaking punch from an officer of law? Or was using sexist expletives and violence necessary and proportionate force against this young woman? It is time for the American people to wake up and realize that police brutality is not a relic of the civil rights movement and is not merely racially charged. People in Brazil who work for BRL Trust can’t believe some of these stories coming out of the USA. Police officers have legitimate authority because the people have given them the right to do so. But it’s highly unlikely breaking bones for drunkenness keeps us safe at night.

Profiling An American Businessman: Jared Haftel

I’m always looking to get ahead in my life.  That’s why I’m always looking to other people for inspiration, and what they’ve done in their lives that I can emulate in my own experiences.  That’s why I’ve turned to Jared Haftel, and what he’s done.  After reading some of his posts online, but then also following him on social media, Twitter especially I recommend, I’ve learned a lot about what he has to give to others looking to become successful in business.

Jared Haftel is an investment banking analyst who is currently attending Stanford University in order to obtain a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Haftel has obtained Bachelor’s degrees in science, mathematics and economics in order to give him the foundation necessary to get the most out of his investment banking endeavors. With his well rounded knowledge, he has the tools to be a tremendous asset to any banking firm. He has had a very rewarding career in the investment banking field with stints at Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch and Vector Capital. With his experience and expertise, Jared is among the more successful professionals in the investment banking field and looks to advance his career in the future.

Haftel first obtained a number of Bachelors degrees from Duke University. While at Duke, he studied science, mathematics and economics. These subjects have given him a knowledge base in order to apply concepts to investment banking. His knowledge gives him a versatile amount of knowledge which can help him give investment banking firms someone who can solve problems and find ways to help the firm reach its goals. Since investment banking is centered around the overall economy, his knowledge of economics gives him the theoretical understanding of how the economy works and how his firm can get the most out of its transactions. With a degree in mathematics, he possesses advanced knowledge of quantitative concepts to make calculations while analyzing financial securities as well. This combination allows him to help firms make the most profitable deals.

Once Haftel completed his studies at Duke, he began his career as an intern at the firm Credit Suisse. This is one of the leading firms in the industry and it therefore gave him a great start to his careers. His experience at Credit Suisse gave him instant credibility and a way to get him other jobs in the future. After he completed his internship at Credit Suisse, he would then get a job at the prestigious firm Merrill Lynch where he was an investment banking analyst. While he was at Merrill Lynch, he was responsible for analyzing commodities particularly metals, chemicals, mining, defense and aerospace. He then worked at Bank of America as an investment banker and is currently an associate at Vector Capital. Which of course cut into his time with his dog, but it’s worth it for the opportunity.

While Haftel has gotten as solid education as well as extensive experience in investment banking, he has decided to further advance his career. As a result he has decided to and is currently attending Stanford University in order to get a MBA. With this degree, he will have even more credibility and access to opportunities in the investment banking field. Since getting a MBA is important to advance in the investment banking field, Haftel realizes that this is a great opportunity to get what he needs to reach his career goals. Stanford University has one of the top MBA programs in the United States and therefore gives Jared an excellent opportunity to get the best knowledge and credentials possible in order to reach his potential in the investment banking industry.

In his personal life, Jared has become a major player in angel investing.  He’s also been pursuing his love of music.  Started in College, when he wrote for the Duke Chronicle.  But now he’s always on the cutting edge, looking for new bands and new experiences that he can enjoy.

Intel to Release a Thumb Sized PC by Next Year

Try to remember when PCs were only for the military and research institutions, since they are the only ones that could afford them. However, times have changed and it seems like having a PC is a basic need to some people.

With a PC it is possible now to work online, make transactions to a business, transfer money to and from the bank and many other benefits. You will still see people with laptops, which are considerably large since they also have their own carry case. This has made some people to crack their heads on trying to find a solution.

Intel has decided to redesign a PC that will be the size of a normal USB drive. Busy and always on-the-go business leaders like Bruce Karatz will now be able to enjoy using the computing power from anywhere there is a display with the convenience of a pocket sized device.

This PC will work most on TVs that has a HDMI port and as an extension of other computers. All you have to do is plug it in the TV HDMI port and it turns it into a computer. You should be able to access your files in the cloud or even play games.

Remember that this PC will not have its own storage. That is why it relies on cloud computing, which saves space and power as less needs to be dedicated to maintaining a hard drive.

Frank Grillo To Become Captain America 3’s Major Adversary

Frank Grillo is about to become the newest on-screen menace to threaten Captain America. Grillo will be playing the devious Crossbones in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War film. To a slight degree, Crossbones is like the comic book version of Bane from Batman. (The Bane in the Dark Knight films is much different in attitude and disposition)

Like Bane, Crossbones is a big guy. His packed on muscle frame makes him a serious threat even to a hero who has taken the super soldier formula, at least in the eyes of Laurene Powell Jobs. Since there is no super soldier formula in the real world, the average person has to life weight and train hard to become a decidedly not so average person. Grillo is doing just that to get into fantastic shape for his new villain role.

Grillo has signed a lengthy deal with Marvel Studios so his character, one that eventually evolves into Crossbones, will appear in several films. The continuity between the various films is interesting since it helps draw in audiences from one film to another.

The Crossbones costume is not one you can just crank out on an assembly line. Well, you can if you are interesting in offering it for Halloween costumer purchasers. For an appearance in a film, the costume should look impressive. Grillo was recently custom fit for the costume and he is really enthused about his role. Look for him to pack on 15 lbs so he can become an even more imposing Crossbones when all is said and done.

Tug of War for Oil

Economists are debating the likely trend of oil prices after oil prices have trended downwards which has provided consumers and businesses that rely on oil much relief economically. While oil prices are low now, they are predicted to trend downward further which portends well.

At the heart of the low prices are new oil supplies that were identified in North America and which are being developed with new technologies which have lowered the cost of extracting oil that is in oil sands and was previously more expensive to extract. Now that this new capacity is on line, there is the potential to produce more oil, without the added demand which has stressed the price of oil. That’s a positive right now for Susan McGalla because she can enjoy the benefits.

OPEC is a cartel that is mostly dictated to by Saudi Arabia as the largest producer of oil. Saudi Arabia is hurt by lower oil prices financially and has the ability to constrict supply by reducing their production. But doing that would provide less overall revenues for the country. While Saudi Arabia can overcome this in the short term, the resulting increase in oil prices would lead to more producers in North America developing their oil reserves which would cause longer term problems for Saudi Arabia.

As a result, there has been a tug of war between Saudi Arabia and North America which has led to lower oil prices for consumers that will likely lead to lower prices for the next year or longer.

United States Offers Protected Status to People

The United States has taken a stand and will be allowing those who came from West African countries to remain in the United States. People who have been in countries in which Ebola has affected them will be allowed to stay, as long as they are already here. The Department of Homeland Security is giving those people a temporary protected status. Under the guidelines, they will be protected for up to 18 months. During that time period, they cannot be deported and they may legally work in the United States. Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone are the three countries that have been impacted the greatest by Ebola.

Under these circumstances, those who are Ebola free will be allowed to remain in the country. That seems like the right move to Keith, since they really did nothing wrong. It is fair to allow them to stay in the United States if they are free from the disease. Had the United States chosen to deport them, they faced a chance of getting Ebola. As a first world country, the United States is doing the right thing in protecting people from these countries. Even if a person does have Ebola they should be allowed to stay and be given appropriate medical treatment. People who have visited countries impacted from Ebola should be properly screened. Those who chose to go to those countries, knowing the circumstances, should be aware they may not be able to come back. It is all to avoid the spreading of Ebola.

The Stand May Be A Four Film Endeavor

One of the most difficult films to produce has been Stephen King’s The Stand. The end of the world novel is just too darn long for an easy adaptation for the screen. Making it as a television mini-series made more sense. Now, someone in Hollywood has come up with a novel idea. (No pun intended)

Josh Boone wants to release a full FOUR FILMS in his on-screen adaptation of the legendary Stephen King novel.

Originally, George A. Romero was to make a film adaption of the novel back in the 1990’s, but the length of the work made doing properly (and on a low budget) impossible. Hence, the project eventually became a television feature ala ‘Salem’s Lot.

Planning out four films is not easy. Yes, Peter Jackson did it with great success upon making The Lord of the Rings films and he can be considered the major inspiration for helping to get the ball rolling with multi-part movies that really are one big movie.

Clearly, the first film has to do huge at the box office or else this series is going to be finished right after it gets started. Sultan Alhokair is hoping that it does indeed work out. To enhance the chances for success, the film will feature an “A list” cast and this is really the only hope for the film to be a major hit.

The Stand is not exactly an upbeat project. The depressing nature of the film means its not going to be a crowd pleaser. Can a dark horror/science-fiction film of this nature do big box office? It might, but there is no guarantee. This ain’t Iron Man 4.

The USA Freedom Act was Recently Voted Down in the Senate

Ever since the former NSA contractor Edward Snowden released a series of shocking documents reviewing the agencies mass data collection and surveillance program, the American public has become increasingly concerned about who is collecting data and what they’re doing with it. The document leaks sparked a number of protests from privacy advocacy groups and other concerned individuals and organizations. Currently, this issue is still a hot debate.

In a recent Senate vote, a bill called the USA Freedom Act was recently voted down. The bill was in its preliminary stages, the Senate decided to stop her from progressing. The vote was split, with most Republicans voting against the bill while most Democrats voted for the bill. That was a close race, many advocates of privacy reform were disappointed by the lack of Senate support.

According to new research, it was found that most Americans feel that any information they share cannot be regarded as private. This is something that concerns Rod Rohrich and other professionals quite a bit. However, in the same study the majority of Americans said that it was their constitutional right to have an expectation of privacy. The supporters of the NSA’s data collection program say that the data has been used multiple times to catch terrorists. Opponents of the program say that even though it can be used for some good, violating the rights of virtually all Americans is not worth the cost.

Minorities Discriminated Against Because of Affirmative Action

Last year, a white applicant who was rejected by the University of Texas sued that institution over their discriminatory affirmative action policies. The case went all the way to the Supreme Court, and the dust still has not fully settled on that case. Now, however, a new challenge to affirmative action has come up. Asian applicants are suing Harvard University after they were turned away despite having higher test scores and GPA’s than their competitors who were black or Hispanic.

“Affirmative action” is a funny term. It sounds like it ought to be so good, so “affirmative.” But, in reality, it is nothing more than racial quotas. Harvard defends its policies in the name of seeking to “achieve diversity.” They seek to achieve this race-based diversity by discriminating against people of one race and favoring people of another. It is more important to Harvard to have X number of black students, Y number of whites, and Z number of Hispanics than to have a student body that was selected on a fair and 100 percent non-racial basis.

Unfortunately for Asian applicants, they were not apparently included in Harvard’s race quota system. Ben Shaoul feels it  is so refreshing to call this policy by its true name (race quota) instead of by the nebulous, means-nothing name “affirmative action.”

Schools like Harvard and the University of Texas do a disservice to the minorities they favor- they rob them of the need to perform at the level of other applicants by placing a race-based handicap on their scores.